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The inverse of heaven Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h15   Services financiers   Dakar   137 vues Référence: 371
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"Don't mention it. After you left, the instrument was also made by me. I used it to open another stone door. But after the stone door, there were three more abnormal ones. The Arthur race itself is a abnormal race, so it would set up this damn Hasto maze." "I studied for two whole days, and when I was almost able to open the stone door of the back door, the people of the eight families of Qinglong came to the stone room where I was, Xiao Linzi, I tell you, I really almost opened the door!" "Well, I believe you, go on!" Wang Lin answered smoothly, knowing Piao Nanzi's character very well, he knew that if he showed his disbelief, this Piao Nanzi would not be able to drag the topic far. As soon as I saw the eight families coming, I didn't intend to let them know my existence from the point of view of circuitous tactics. My old man was not afraid of them. He just didn't like trouble. So I turned into a thousand magic beads. As a result, I was picked up by a master of one of the families. "Originally, he seemed to put me in the storage card, but I already belonged to an alternative life form when I was combined with the magic beads. He finally had to put me in his pocket. Even the instrument I made was taken away by them. You should know what happened later. My old man used his extraordinary wisdom to take advantage of their battle with the silly dragon and finally escaped." After Piao Nanzi finished speaking, he looked at Wang Lin with a more expectant look. Obviously, he hoped that he could also talk about his experience in the past few days. Facing Piao Nanzi's expectant look, Wang Lin opened his mouth lightly and said: "My experience is rather complicated. I don't have time now. I'll talk to you later. All right, let's go!" "Hey,Wall Penstocks, Xiao Lin, you're not, tell me, even if it reveals a little." At the very least, you must tell me where we're going now! Piao Nanzi followed Wang Lin with a broken face and chattered endlessly. In the end, Wang Lin, who was annoyed, had no choice. He turned around and stared at Piao Nanzi with a thought-provoking look. Finally,lamella tube, he looked at Piao Nanzi in his heart and muttered: "Well, well, I don't have to ask. I'm afraid of you. Your character is really not cute at all!" After Piao Nanzi said this sentence, he changed into the form of a thousand magic beads, which was unreasonable to Wang Lin. Wang Lin casually picked up the thousand magic beads and put them on his chest. It has to be said that after Piao Nanzi was combined with the thousand magic beads, the shape of the thousands magic beads could also be changed according to his wishes. For example, when they were in Wang Lin's hands, they became a brilliant bead chain, and when they were picked up by the eight big families, the thousands magic beads were a brilliant and dim round bead shape. The whole passage extends in all directions like a spider web. Had it not been for the boundary spirit stone as a guiding tool, Wang Lin would probably have walked in circles for a long time. With the dark golden light of the boundary spirit stone he wore, Wang Lin knew that he was getting closer and closer to the heart of the field. Thinking that the treasure that could send out the boundary of the realm was about to be obtained by himself, Wang Lin's heart beat faster. Turning a narrow corridor, a huge square suddenly appeared in front of Wang Lin's eyes. There were ninety-nine huge steps carved in white jade. Above the steps was a hexagonal altar covering tens of thousands of square meters. Standing on the hexagonal altar are half-human animal statues more than ten meters high. Unlike the mystery of the hexagonal altar of the mother royal family, this altar gives people the feeling that it is completely cold. In the middle of the altar, Mechanical fine screen ,rotary vacuum disc filters, there is a bird's nest-shaped utensil woven with blue wire. In the utensil is a pyramid-shaped colorful spar, which is obviously the heart of the realm that Wang Lin has always wanted. Seeing the heart of the field is certainly a joy, but when Wang Lin found that next to the heart of the field, there was a big bird that was twice as big as the white phoenix, with layers of lightning around its body, the joy was gone. Like the phoenix clan, the ROC is also a legendary bird born in the birds. Even because the ROC is different from the social phoenix, they are all individuals living in a simple life. Therefore, in terms of combat effectiveness, the ROC should be superior to the phoenix. Lei Peng, who is also at the bottom of the family, is superior to the white phoenix in combat effectiveness. The stronger the Peng family is, the larger its body is. Although it is the smallest Lei Peng in the Peng family, Xin was more than two meters long when he was hatched from an egg. Now it is still in its infancy, with a length of more than 30 meters and a height of more than ten meters. The adult white phoenix stands beside it like a chicken. At the top of the ROC clan is the ROC Kun Peng, which is said to be able to reach ten thousand Li under the stretching of its wings. Between the fluttering of its wings, it can make the world dark and the earth sink. Its power is so great that even the legendary gods have to retreat. Unfortunately, the ROC Kun Peng is a legendary existence in the ROC clan, just like the so-called gods in human beings, it only exists in the rox clan. In Xin's memory, the highest level of the current ROC system is Tianpeng, whose wings stretch tens of thousands of meters and can flatten a mountain peak with a wave of its wings. Dragons, phoenixes, and ROC birds like Xin are all ancient beasts that can evolve, but the conditions under which they want to achieve purification are very harsh, so harsh that one in a thousand may not be so lucky. Peng is a relatively rare race, Xin estimates that in this world, all his people together should not be enough thousands, that is to say, the possibility of evolution, just like Kunpeng, is just a beautiful legend, Xin was born for hundreds of years, has always thought so, but today its cognition has been broken, Xin finally knows. The pie could have fallen from the sky, and it hit him right on the head. Although living for hundreds of years, but in terms of the life span of the Lei Peng clan for thousands of years, Xin is still just a child, is in the kind of playful age, strictly speaking, Yuwen Chengji actually did not provoke it, but it saw the red dragon and white phoenix chasing that person is more fun, so it also followed. It was not until he fell into the temple and was suppressed by the boundary of the temple that he began to regret it. After separating from the red dragon and the white phoenix, Leipeng began to wander aimlessly. Originally, with Leipeng's huge size, most of the labyrinth-like passages could not be passed. However, unlike the phoenix,filter nozzle, the ROC was a strange bird that could shrink its body besides its huge body. However, as the body shrank, Their cultivation will also be temporarily reduced.

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The inverse of heaven