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The night does not speak the mysterious file 1-4, oneself painstakingly arranges, as of July 18, 2011. Emploi Plein temps

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Yang Junfei also did not entangle on the topic of oil painting, "I do not understand a little, since Huangfu Samsung is the boss of the night Xuan plus the main sponsor, excavated things, almost all of them are his, why steal?" Things belong to the state, and if he wants them, he can only steal them. I often heard the second uncle say that he had an inexplicable crazy worship of the tea saint Lu Yu, so I would suspect him. I pondered and murmured, "But if he really stole it, why did he commission a black market auction and spend another $100 million to buy it back?"? I really can't figure it out! "Let's think about it the other way around. What if he did steal from himself?"? Since it was bought on the black market, he could hide it quietly, and even if he was caught, he wouldn't be in too much trouble. Yang Junfei laughed. My eyes lit up. "Like money laundering?" "Not bad." "Damn it." I laughed, too. "In order to wash a corpse, I threw $100 million into the black market exchange for nothing.". That smelly old man is really rich. Looking at the sky with a layer of fish belly white, unconsciously almost mixed up all night. I stretched and said wearily, "It's almost dawn. I'll go back to catch up on my sleep.". Hey, middle-aged man, in fact, you are quite talkative. It would be better if the two of us were not in a hostile position. "I haven't seen you as an opponent." Yang Junfei's face showed that kind of strange smile, to be honest, that kind of unruly and a little resolute look, really a little handsome, no wonder Yuxin that little girl will never forget. The sun gradually pierced through the clouds, slanting to the extreme low angle,saw palmetto extract, shining on the earth, and a new day began. Will there be a new mystery today, or will it be the end of all events? Alas, there are so many things to worry about that the brain can't handle them, maybe it really needs to relax. With the sound of "Taishang Laojun", a drop of nectar from the sky falls right on your lips! You saw five gold coins in a trance. The ninth chapter is pure heart What is the Book of Tea? For a long time, historians and tea ceremony enthusiasts have honored it as the first holy book of tea, like the Talmud beloved by Jewish businessmen. It is the first book on tea industry in China that summarizes the origin, technology, tools and taste of tea in the Tang Dynasty and before the Tang Dynasty. It is also the first book on tea in the world. It makes the tea industry in China have a relatively complete scientific basis and plays a great role in the production and development of tea industry. It can be called an encyclopedia of tea ceremony. The Book of Tea is divided into three volumes and ten sections, with about 7000 words. Volume I: The origin of one, talking about the origin, name and quality of tea, introducing the morphological characteristics of tea trees. Two of the tools, ghana seed extract ,naringenin price, on the collection of tea utensils. Third, make, explain the type of tea and the process of picking. In the middle of the volume: Four vessels, describing the vessels for cooking and drinking tea. Volume II: Five Boils, talking about the cooking skills of tea and the advantages and disadvantages of water quality in different places. Six of drinking, talk about the origin of tea drinking fashion, spread and tea drinking customs, and put forward the method of tea drinking. The seven stories describe the stories, origins and efficacy of tea in the past Dynasties. Eight, described the advantages and disadvantages of tea produced in various places, and divided the tea production areas of the Tang Dynasty into eight major tea areas. Nine brief, explain the tea set that can be omitted. The picture of ten is about the matter of writing tea with plain silk. In fact, what many people do not know is that the most detailed version of the Book of Tea has long been destroyed in the war, and what has been handed down now is not complete, and many of the contents have been added by later generations. But unexpectedly, I mistakenly found the original written by Lu Yu, if taken out, I do not know what kind of sensation it will cause! I wanted to give myself a day off, but when I got up at noon and picked up the newspaper, I saw two headachy news. The first one is that a fire broke out in the city's antique market last night, but strangely, only one house was burned down in the disaster, and it was very short. The shop, which was closely connected with the house, was intact. According to nearby neighbors, the house was originally inhabited by a lonely old man over seventy years old. He was very lonely and had a strange personality. He never associated with people nearby at ordinary times. He just lived a hard life by selling some antique books. The cause of the fire has not yet been identified, and authorities are searching for the owner of the house. I looked at the picture in the newspaper and was stunned. Isn't this the house of the old man who gave me the Book of Tea? He told me that it would be dangerous to get the book, but he just lost the book and lost his life, which is really weird! The second piece of news is only a small piece, a few numbers. It says that the city appraisal office was broken into by an unknown person last night, and that person didn't steal it. Anything of importance is simply the destruction of all that remains to be identified. Sources allege that the man is suffering from severe mental illness and has been detained by the police for further investigation. The more I looked, the heavier my face became. When I got to the research room, I asked, "Have you all read today's newspaper?" "Of course I've seen it, or why did I put it on the table on purpose?" Yuxin curled her lips. "You, young master, never read the newspaper." I was too lazy to talk to her. I looked at Zhao Qianer and said, "What do you think of the news from the appraisal Institute?" As if she understood my hint, she suddenly turned pale and said in surprise, "Do you mean that the man destroyed the identification mainly to steal the tea I took for identification?" I nodded and said, "Probably.". The best way to hide a leaf quietly is to hide it in the forest, and the opposite is true. "Brother Saya, I think you think too much." Yuxin disagreed. "Who would do such a stupid thing?"? Why would they do that? Don't forget,pumpkin seed extract, there are at least two forces peeping at Lu Yu around us now. They have been looking for opportunities to steal the results of this excavation! I went to the empty coffin and stroked it gently with my hand. "As you can see, there are many magical and strange places in the body of this tea saint. Although we don't understand it, it doesn't mean that the other side doesn't understand it either.".

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