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The Nine Tripods Emploi Plein temps

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It was in the palace where I first met the God of Yunmeng Station. Yunmeng Zhanshen is holding a book and looking at it carefully. Here comes Aoyama. Yunmeng Zhanshen smiled and put the book on the table in front of him. "Haha, it seems that you have found Yunmeng Ginkgo. It's fast to have birds and monsters. Let me look for it. I'm afraid I can't find it for a year and a half." Teng Qingshan and Mu Yu both walked over. "Find the wild team.". Not much Teng Qingshan shook his head. Yunmeng Zhanshen's heart sank and he was worried. "What's the matter?" He asked. "I found Yunmeng Ginkgo, but this Yunmeng Ginkgo is not ripe, or green peel." Teng Qingshan sighed "What?" Yunmeng Zhanshen was slightly startled. Don't worry Yu Meng Zhanshen immediately laughed and said, "It's not too late to pick it again after waiting for a few years." Teng Qingshan is unwilling to wait for a few years? According to his own plan, after reaching the virtual realm, he will return to the land of Jiuzhou! If you wait for yourself to reach the virtual realm, and the cloud dream ginkgo is not yet ripe, it will be troublesome. Teng Qingshan did not know the growth cycle of Yunmeng Ginkgo. Some spiritual fruits may last for decades or even over a hundred years. Some spirit fruits can be fully ripe in a few months. How many years will it take? Teng Qingshan Zou Mei. Brother Teng, how big is the Yunmeng Ginkgo you see? Next to Mu, he opened his mouth. "The size of this glass?"? Or half the size of a fist? "It's almost as big as a fist." Teng Qingshan even arrived, "should not wait too long." "Close to the size of a fist?" Next to the cloud dream God of war revealed the color of joy, "that is almost mature, it is estimated that at most the first half of the year can be." "Ha ha.." Yunmeng Zhanshen stood up with a smile, "Aoyama, you are helping me a lot.". Immediately,Magnesium Sulphate producer, you take me to Yunmeng Ze to see where Yunmeng Ginkgo is! Of course, I mean what I say! After seeing Yunmeng Ginkgo, I collected six pieces from my Mu family. Emperor Yu personally carved the stone inscription of "Thirty-six Styles of Mountain Opening" to lend to you. "Congratulations to Brother Teng." Next to the big elder Mu also said with a smile. Teng Qingshan's heart is also a burst of joy. Six stone carvings? A piece of let oneself have great progress, these six stone carvings, perhaps can let oneself completely step into the void! Tomato is a little stuck recently, and the whole person's mental state is not very good. I know the following plot,potassium sulphate fertilizer, but it's like squeezing toothpaste. There is only one chapter today. Please forgive me. Tomato owes everyone chapters, once again accumulated to seven chapters! Tomato will make up for the deficit after passing this tube card. Small. Say t Xt-Tian/Tang Chapter Eight Chapter Twenty-five Monster Mountain In the ancient city of Yunmeng, in the palace of the residence of Yunmeng Zhanshen, Teng Qingshan, the Great Elder and Yunmeng Zhanshen talked for a moment. Aoyama, where does Yunmeng Ginkgo grow? Yunmeng Zhanshen asked. Teng Qingshan immediately took out a thread-bound book from his bosom, opened it to the pages of the map, and then identified a certain page, pointing to a certain point on the map: "Senior, look.". The place where Yunmeng Ginkgo grows should be here, about twenty or thirty miles west of this'Erui Mountain '. Three thousand miles cloud dream Ze, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, too vast! Even the firm of the rising sun did not have a very detailed map, but only marked some prominent mountains and lakes to judge the location. West of Mount Eri? Yunmeng Zhanshen Company looked carefully, then shook his head and sighed, "This map is really too rough, just look at the map, I really don't know where it is." "It's in a snake mountain cave." Teng Qingshan went on to say, "Last night I was on a low mountain in the middle of a lake. There were countless snakes on the low mountain. Among them, there was a snake king, a monster comparable to the congenital golden elixir, a two-headed purple ring snake.". Later, "Yunmeng Ginkgo" was found in its cave. "Shit!" Yunmeng Zhanshen's face changed greatly. What's the matter? Teng Qingshan was taken aback. Aoyama, did you kill the two-headed purple snake? Yunmeng Zhanshen even asked. No, Teng Qingshan shook his head. The God of war of Yunmeng turned pale with fright and said bitterly, "Aoyama, Aoyama, you are wrong. You entered his cave and found Yunmeng Ginkgo. This two-headed purple ring snake is no worse than human beings. It knows that if you find the immature Yunmeng Ginkgo, it will definitely come to pick it later. With the personality of the monster's flaws, it will definitely destroy the Yunmengginkgo and then leave the Snake Mountain!"! Aoyama, you should have killed it at that time, and then destroyed the cave and hid Yunmeng Ginkgo tightly. That's right! Don't worry, senior. Teng Qingshan said, "The two-headed purple snake must think that I didn't find Yunmeng Ginkgo." Oh Yunmeng Zhanshen frowned. Brother Teng, are you so sure? Mu Yi also surprised Yi way. Teng Qingshan nodded: "The stone in the cave is dark at night. In fact, it's me, and I can't see the cave clearly.". And the cloud dream ginkgo is also hidden by the two-headed purple ring snake very carefully. It can be said that.. I went in a hundred times, and I'm afraid it's hard to find. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find it by coincidence. I pretended not to find it and left the cave. With the wisdom of the two-headed purple snake, I must have thought that I had not found Yunmeng Ginkgo, so I would not be willing to destroy Yunmeng Ginkgo. "It's hard to find out if you go in a hundred times?" Yunmeng Zhanshen smiled in surprise. "It seems that Aoyama is lucky." Teng Qingshan grinned. In fact, Teng Qingshan has dark vision, but also accidentally discovered. If you don't have dark vision, it's really hard to find it a hundred times. Without further ado! Before something bad happens. Let's go now. Yunmeng Zhanshen opened his mouth and said, "Mu, you and Aoyama take the bird monster and rush to the monster mountain.". And I will use my skills to go to the Monster Mountain with you. The back of the gale eagle is not big, and sitting on two people is already the limit. "Yes, teacher,diammonium phosphate fertilizer," Mu said respectfully. Aoyama, you just came over and I let you go again. I hope you don't mind. "Yunmeng Zhanshen smiles at Teng Aoyama." Don't worry Teng Qingshan asked in surprise, "is Brother Mu going with us?"

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The Nine Tripods