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The phoenix wears the broken man Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 7h14   Coiffeur à domicile   Gandiaye   204 vues Référence: 163
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When Guo Jia and Mi Zhu first heard that Cai Ji was known as "everything is impassable", they looked at each other in surprise, but laughed in unison, "What a maverick!" Peter said cai Ji and mi Zhu, country two people are chatting to rise, but see not far away tardif led a more than thirty years old QingJun scribes walked toward this side. But look at the scribe's face is quite strange, it seems that he is not from Donglai County, nor is he a local talent. Is tardif's friend? Tardif would make friends with the scribes, which made Cai Ji a little surprised. To know tardif since in the east Lai county after the official, the whole day is not in the barracks training ranks, is with a large group of people to wipe out bandits. He seldom socialized with people, let alone scribes. However, just as Cai Ji was wondering, he heard Guo Jia muttering to one side, "I never thought Liu Yixun of Beihai would come to Huang County." "Mr. Fengxiao knows this man?" Cai Ji turned his head and asked. Liu Yixun is a famous scholar in Beihai. I met him once when I was on a study tour. Guo Jia then added, "However, two years ago, because he had already thrown himself into the door of Kong Wenju." It turned out to be Kong Rong's people. Cai Ji was suddenly enlightened and nodded, followed by a flash of inspiration in his mind as if he had thought of something. However, before she could straighten out the thoughts in her mind, tardif came forward to salute, "I've seen master,classroom interactive whiteboard, I've seen Mi don't drive." Then he pointed to the scribe behind him and said to Cai Ji, "Master, this is Liu Yixun, a famous scholar in Beihai." "Liu Yixun has seen Cai Fujun and Mi Bie." Liu Yixun shook his long sleeves and bowed respectfully to Cai Ji and Mi Zhu. But when he looked up and saw Guo Jiazhi standing behind Cai Ji, he couldn't help exclaiming, "filial piety!"! You are here too. But Guo Jia bowed with his hands and laughed loudly. "Brother Yixun, how are you?" But now Liu Yixun smiled bitterly and sighed, "Well,interactive touch screens education, it's a long story!" Cai Ji just listened to the introduction of Guo Jia, thought Liu Yixun this trip may be for Kong Rong as an envoy. But never thought the other side came up with such a deep sigh. Then a look at Liu Yixun beside tardif is also a preoccupied look. Cai Ji immediately realized that something was wrong. So she immediately raised her hand and pointed to a bamboo pavilion not far away and suggested, "The sun is scorching here. It's better to go to the bamboo pavilion to talk about it in detail." As a result, they went to the bamboo pavilion to spend the summer at the suggestion of Cai Ji. After a group of people sat down according to the guest of honor, Guo Jia took the lead in asking Liu Yixun, "Brother Yixun, what happened?" But when Liu Yixun heard this, he said dejectedly, "In filial piety, Kong Rong, the Satrap of Beihai, beheaded Chengzu three days ago." "Kong Wenju killed Chengzu!" "Chengzu?"? But Qingzhou celebrity Zuo Chengzu! At first hearing what Liu Yixun said, Guo Jia and Mi Zhu both showed a look of horror. You should know that Kong Rong, the prefect of Beihai, was born in a famous family, spoke elegantly, digital touch screen board ,interactive flat panel display, and was famous for his thirst for talents. How could the 20th grandson of Confucius kill celebrities?! This is simply sensational! So now Mi Zhu hurriedly asked, "Mr. Liu, what happened to Beihai?" After listening to Mi Zhu's questioning, Liu Yixun wiped his face and calmed down a little, and then told the whole story to the crowd like pouring beans in a bamboo tube. It turned out that not long ago, the yellow turban thief, who was so hungry, came out of the mountains again to attack Beihai County. Without the help of tardif, Liu Bei and others, Kong Rong naturally retreated to Duchang after repeated defeats. Although Kong Rong later blocked the attack of the Yellow Turban Thieves by relying on the thick and tall walls of Duchang. But the north sea county force is weak, lack of hay, the problem of isolation and helplessness is also highlighted. So Zuo Chengzu, who was Kong Rong's aide at that time, advised Kong Rong that Beihai was located in the cracks of yuan Shao, Cao Cao, Gongsun Zan and other forces, and should choose a larger force to rely on, so as to protect itself. However, after listening to Zuo Chengzu's advice, Kong Rong did not accept his suggestion. On the contrary, he said that Zuo Chengzu was a spy sent by other forces and immediately beheaded him. Liu Yixun, who was also an aide to Kong Rong, usually had a good relationship with Zuo Chengzu, and their views on the world situation were very similar. Seeing this, he dared not stay in Beihai any longer. As a result, on the second day after Zuo Chengzu was beheaded, Liu Yixun fled Beihai County with his family. After talking about the incident, Liu Yixun once again bowed to Cai Ji and said, "Don't hide it from Cai Fujun. Liu has fled in a hurry and is homeless.". Hearing that General Ziyi was serving in Donglai, Liu had the audacity to come here to make friends. "Don't worry, Mr. Liu.". Sir, if you come to Donglai, you will be the guest of honor of Donglai. Cai Ji gladly wooed the way. After listening to what Liu Yixun said, Cai Ji finally understood what the image he had just flashed was. According to historical records, Kong Rong did kill Zuo Chengzu because he advised Beihai to accept yuan Shao or Cao Cao. As for the specific circumstances, in view of the heavy charges of killing Kong Rong by Cao Cao in history, even when Chen Shou wrote the History of the Three Kingdoms in the Western Jin Dynasty, he did not dare to write a biography for Kong Rong. Therefore, there are not many historical materials about Kong Rong. However, according to Liu Yixun's description, Zuo Chengzu not only died unjustly, but also made Cai Ji sigh at the moment. You should know that Zuo Chengzu's advice to Kong Rong is simply a copy of her original deception of Duan Kui. No, in contrast, Zuo Chengzu's advice is more vague, he only mentioned a few forces, as to who to take refuge in that has to be decided by Kong Rong himself. At that time, Cai Ji explicitly proposed to recognize yuan Shao as the suzerain. What if I had traveled to Kong Rong's territory at that time? Will it also make up a plan to size up the situation like fooling Duan Kui? The answer is clearly yes. After all, influenced by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, later generations generally believed that Kong Rong was generous and pure. In the face of the "treacherous court official" Cao Cao may also be alert,interactive digital whiteboard, but in the face of the "loyal minister" Kong Rong will not consider too much. They may even think that they are easy to fool. However, if he really said something similar in front of Kong Rong. Isn't that the result. Thinking of this, Cai Ji could not help but feel a chill in his neck.

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