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The Road of Female Companion's Honor and Favor (wear quickly Emploi Plein temps

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In the tree Su Su-su a listen to be stupefied, this is clearly Zhao Jingcheng's voice, he left the palace? Looking for people, are these people to find just her footprints? Thinking of trance, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the people below who wanted to ride away. She hurriedly called out, "Zhao.." "What man?" One of his men reacted smartly and immediately threw a backhand dart straight to the target. Su Su-su was frightened by this cold drink so that her feet slipped, and before she could grab the branches to stabilize her body, she involuntarily fell down. Chapter The author has something to say: It should be the countdown to the end of the first story. Finish finish finish finish o _ O I'm going to pick up the pace.. Chapter 34, break up on bad terms.. The expected pain did not come, Su opened his eyes and saw Zhao Jingcheng looking down at her with a smile, his arm firmly caught her falling body, looking very relaxed and contented. Just had been frightened, Su Su-su was still in shock, subconsciously hugged Zhao Jingcheng's neck, "you finally came!"! Do you know I'm scared to death, Zhao Jingcheng? What on earth are you doing? Section Reading 24 "I'll settle down later, and the third brother will talk to you in detail." The latter effortlessly carried the man in his arms onto the horse, and Su Su sat on the horse and was surrounded in his arms. In front of so many people, he had to suppress the doubts in his heart. The procession moved forward in the dark, leaning in the arms of the people behind her, and feeling the body temperature of the people behind her, Su Su-su had a feeling of peace of mind at this time, and she fell into a deep sleep when she was tired. I don't know how long I walked,carnosic acid price, but when I woke up again, it was blue sky and white sun. Su sat up from the bed, turned over and got out of bed, and found that the room layout here was almost exactly the same as that in Yongle Palace, which was the scenery outside the window. In the place where I used to live, when I opened the window, I saw all the magnificent buildings, gold bricks and jade tiles in the palace. Now in this place,jujube seed powder, when I opened the window, I saw only endless bamboo forests. Princess, you're awake. Qingbi, who was standing by the bed, woke up and was surprised to see Su standing in front of the window. She quickly took a coat and put it on her. "It's cold in the morning. The princess is careful to catch cold." "Where is the emperor?" Su asked, tightening her lapels. "Back to the princess, the emperor has been watching you here all night last night.". The emperor left early this morning, and he will surely come again later. Qingbi told the truth, not noticing the subtle change in Su's facial expression. Then Su asked Qingbi where they were now, but this time Qingbi could not say clearly, hesitating, seeing this, Su asked no more questions, let Qingbi prepare for a hot bath. Just after breakfast, Zhao Jingcheng arrived. After retiring, Su Su-su and Zhao Jingcheng talked face to face in the room. Where the hell is this place? As soon as she saw the man, Su opened the door and saw the mountain path. Zhao Jingcheng pulled people over and sat in his arms. "It's the third brother who specially found a place for you to live. The layout here is also arranged by the third brother according to your preferences in Yongle Palace. How about it? Do you like it?" "None of that matters." Sue didn't want to play charades with him. "The important thing is, phycocyanin spirulina ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, what do you want to do when you bring me here?"? Zhao Jingcheng, are you going to let me live like a canary from now on? "Hidden in the Golden House?" Repeated softly, Zhao Jingcheng suddenly chuckled, "the third brother likes it.". Do you know? I have always had a crazy idea in my mind. "Let's get down to business!" Su interrupted his imagination, "Zhao Jingcheng, I'm really angry if you do this again!"! You don't want to fool the past like this, I tell you, if you don't make it clear today, you don't have to make it clear in the future, let's get together and part, the road to the sky, go.. Well.. Before he had finished speaking, he was kissed by someone who pinched his chin. Trapped in her arms and kissing, when her lips and tongue were intertwined, Su felt the breath of that person between her mouth and nose. At the end of the kiss, Su, who had been released, was almost out of breath. Remember to breathe, you little fool. ” Zhao Jingcheng calmly scraped the bridge of her nose, "you want to know what the third brother is doing, I can tell you, the premise is that I said, you are not allowed to be angry with me." "Then say it quickly!" Su Su-su originally wanted to get angry, who let Zhao Jingcheng dare to kiss her so casually. But the latter was so cunning that she threw a bait after the kiss, and her attention was taken away by the latter. Come on in. After clapping his hands, Zhao Jingcheng raised his voice. In a hurry, Su struggled to break free from his arms and stood two feet away from him. The people outside pushed the door and came in, and the footsteps were getting closer and closer. After waiting for the person to go around the screen, Su Su-su, who saw the face of the person, was stunned. Because this person is none other than Shen Changbai, Shen Sile, who struggled to protect her safety last night and led the enemy away. Shen Si Le- Exclaimed, and then look at the side of the lips with a smile Zhao Jingcheng, Su Su suddenly suddenly enlightened, "you.." Zhao Jingcheng said in a deep voice, "Did you find any clues about that group of people last night?" "Back to the emperor, caught two alive, but both committed suicide by taking poison.". I will do my best to trace it again. Shen Changbai did not squint at the answer, at the moment in Su Su's attitude is just normal but respectful to the master. Su Su-su remembered that when they first met, Shen Changbai had taught her how to do music. In retrospect, this person was always more polite than ordinary people. He cared about the great defense of men and women, and had an indescribable unconditional obedience to her attitude. Now, it all makes sense. All this is arranged by Zhao Jingcheng, everything is in his hands, he does not even worry, in the process she will really fall in love with Shen Changbai. Moreover, she was very hypocritical to ask if she liked Shen Changbai, and if she did, she would help them. Say so at the outset, marry now get a person to come over, this is really "I know,ghana seed extract, Shen Sile, you go down first." Now that the desired goal had been achieved, Zhao Jingcheng ordered the irrelevant characters to exit.

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