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The spirit bead makes the flood and famine Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 6h36   Jardiner   Dakar   297 vues Référence: 152
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Although two already had an experience, but the spirit bead that time did not feel at all, so, this time the spirit bead is greatly powerful, seems to want to make up for the regret of the last time. Also do not know how long, the shower began to stop, Lingzhu comfortable lying on the Queen Mother's bed, and the Queen Mother has dressed, get up and dress up. Looking at the Queen Mother in the mirror, a dignified face, there is a feeling of high above, unexpectedly let the spirit beads have a kind of illusion, as if just with their own crazy is not a person at all. Looking at that face, Lingzhu suddenly jumped out of bed, hugged the Queen Mother behind him, greedily smelled the smell of the Queen Mother, and touched her hands honestly. The Queen Mother clapped her evil hands off her chest and said, "Don't make a scene. You have messed up your hairstyle again." Lingzhu said in her ear, "Second Sister, in fact, you don't have to dress up like this. In my eyes, you are always so beautiful. It doesn't matter whether you dress up or not." The Queen Mother gave Lingzhu a white look. "Oh,juice filling machine, it's no good not to dress up. Who told people that they are not attractive? They just have to play tricks." Lingzhu knew that she still had a little bit of resentment towards herself, and she didn't care about her strange tone. She said ingratiatingly, "How could I? A fool would not want such a beautiful person as Second Sister. You see, I am fascinated by you now." Hearing what Lingzhu said, the Queen Mother was actually very happy and said, "Well, don't say anything nice. I don't know who you are. You are a big lady-killer, but your mouth is a little sweet. Alas, I regret being cheated by you now." To this,CSD filling line, Lingzhu just giggled a few times. Don't move any more. I have to go to court. I just finished the Peach Fair. There must be a lot of things to do. I'm going to be late. You want people to see my jokes. The Queen Mother said firmly, although her eyes were a little blurred under the claws of Lingzhu. Hearing what she said, Lingzhu stopped fooling around. As soon as her body shook, a suit of clothes appeared on her body. "I haven't seen what it looks like in court yet. I'm just going to have a look. Hurry up. Don't dawdle any more. Women are trouble." Walking on the way to Lingxiao Hall, Lingzhu seemed to think of something, suddenly changed into a child's appearance, and jumped into the arms of the Queen Mother. Seeing Lingzhu turn back into a child, the Queen Mother's eyes were a little blurred. It seemed that she remembered what had happened before. Lingzhu urged, "Why are you in a daze? Why don't you go quickly?" The Queen Mother came to her senses and found that it was really quite comfortable to hold the spirit beads, but to let the Queen Mother hold the spirit beads like this to go to court, the Queen Mother was really a bit embarrassed, but the Queen Mother was finally defeated by the two eyes of the spirit beads, pitiful eyes, so she went to Lingxiao Hall with the spirit beads in her arms. To the Lingxiao Hall, all the people have come together, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,PET blowing machine, even the Jade Emperor Haotian is no exception, it seems to be waiting for the Queen Mother, see the Queen Mother actually holding the spirit beads to court, immediately a little uncomfortable, "third brother, I didn't expect you to come ah, rare you have this interest ah.". Second sister, you're late today! Lingzhu found that when Haotian spoke again, he really had the spirit of a bastard. If he had a little use for others, but for Lingzhu and the Queen Mother, it was purely useless. "Well," said the Queen Mother apologetically, "I've been delayed. I'm late. I'm sorry to have delayed everyone's time." Although the Queen Mother said she was embarrassed, she didn't look embarrassed at all on her face. She was really strong. Spirit bead is a face casually said: "Alas, recently idle panic, nothing to look around, see if there is anything interesting." Then he rubbed against the body of the Queen Mother, which made the male immortals swallow their saliva and wish they could replace the spirit beads, which was really enviable. Some people who didn't know the spirit beads quietly asked the people next to them, "Who is that? He is so lucky and so awesome. Is he the catamite of the Queen Mother? I didn't expect that the Queen Mother has this hobby. It's true that people can't be judged by appearances.". ” "Don't talk nonsense if you don't know," said the man next to you. "Don't get me into trouble even if you want to die. What a catamite! That's Nu Wa's favorite spirit bead. If we offend him, we'll suffer." Is he a spirit bead? Are you kidding me? I'm a person who has participated in the Peach Fair. That's a knowledgeable person. How can Lingzhu be the child in front of me? Don't lie to me. "Still have knowledge, people are originally children, it is said that they are playing with the Jade Emperor and Queen Mother from childhood to adulthood.." …… . Regardless of their comments, a fairy slave stood up and said, "If you have something to do, play early. If you have nothing to do, retire." Hearing this, Lingzhu, who was still half-squinting in the Queen Mother's arms, suddenly became interested and looked at the immortal slave maliciously. "How can this sound so familiar? Isn't this the position of a eunuch often seen on TV?"? Could it be? Hey, hey. .” When Lingzhu was thinking about it, the following people spoke one after another, saying that the construction of heaven was very good, how many buildings were built yesterday, how many people came to invest today, and how much income will be increased tomorrow. In a word, all the speeches revolve around one theme, that is, the development of heaven is not bad, the conditions outside are not bad, how much happiness can be enjoyed in heaven, and how much suffering will be suffered outside. Listen to listen to, the spirit bead a little want to sleep feeling, this is really too boring, these words sound so familiar, this is not every night at seven o'clock must broadcast the plot. Just then, one finally stood up and told the truth. Lingzhu looked around and saw that it was an old man with a white beard. Through the understanding just now, Lingzhu already knew that he was the famous Taibai Venus of later generations. Your Majesty, is there a demon in the lower world? In order to practice evil skills,liquid bottle filling machine, he has slaughtered people wantonly, which has aroused the anger of heaven and people. I hope Your Majesty can send his troops to conquer and return peace to heaven and earth. It seems that the appearance of Taibai Jinxing is really good, and it has a taste of righteousness.

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