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The strongest hacker Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 7h10   Menuiser Bois   Saint-Louis   233 vues Référence: 159
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"To" Zhao Fei also directly loudly promised. " The object of your protection is Luo Tianshu. Vice President Luo, er, Vice President Luo has a lot of trouble. Anyway, as long as a stranger tries to do something without the consent of President Luo, you will destroy him and I will be responsible for it. The reason why Zhao Fei was sent to Luo Tianshu, Zhang Yang is also the trust of Zhao Fei's strength. Luo Tianshu's troubles are really many, especially in H City, where there are many people who want to move Luo Tianshu. During this period, Zhang Yang heard Chen Xiaowei say several times that there are several people in the company. Understand Zhao Fei nodded and then stood behind Chen Xiaowei as well. By the way, they can act as your drivers by the way. You don't have to hire special drivers. If I remember correctly, you can use them as omnipotent people. They are all university graduates. Zhang Yang shrugged his shoulders, but he did not talk nonsense, Zhao Fei they are all graduates of the military Academy, just in the secret branch school under the military Academy. In fact, Zhang Yang is most afraid of Luo Tianshu's opposition. Chen Xiaowei estimates that she has no opinion. She also estimates that she will become no opinion. She is the president of the company. If the president does not set an example, Zhang Yang's order can not be implemented at all. Anyway, Zhang Yang is still the largest shareholder of the company. Chen Xiaowei knows this. And Luo Tianshu this person, came to the star group, very dedicated, especially Luo Tianshu's ability is not under Chen Xiaowei, some aspects are even better than Chen Xiaowei, in the future a star group CEO must be too busy, this kind of talent can not be casually let go. However, Luo Tianshu unexpectedly did not say anything,65 inch touch screen, I do not know if the publicity of the words let Luo Tianshu silence down, or Zhao Fei's calm let Luo Tianshu rest assured, she did not resist. If these two men don't resist, it's easier for the others to say. Li Yingjie, Keqing is also familiar with you, you are responsible for the safety of Keqing, the other president Chen Xiaowei will be assigned to you, their fighting strength is almost the same, and the company's security work is also temporarily handed over to some of them,touch screen interactive whiteboard, especially in the technical department, we must refer to their opinions, buy all the warning equipment needed, don't worry about money. If our technology is stolen, we will lose more than we gain. Zhang Yang believes that Chen Xiaowei knows what technology means. It's better to give these security jobs to professional people. As for the security guards of the whole building, they are no different from those who eat idle meals. Zhang Yang did not believe them, Chen Xiaowei and Luo Tianshu did not refute, the rest of the people are much simpler, soon, the division of labor of eleven instructors is completely completed. Several instructors with tasks went to carry out their own tasks, and the office soon left Chen Xiaowei, Keqing, and Luo Tianshu, of course, Zhao Fei and several of them. Chairman Zhang Da, did you really decide to have a bodyguard next to a department manager? This is a big test for the company's finances. When the others had left, Chen Xiaowei looked at several bodyguards standing in an inconspicuous place in the room, smart board touch screen ,touch screen whiteboard, paused, and asked. Since the manager-level people are equipped with bodyguards, it is natural not to favor one over the other. Some male department managers must also have bodyguards around them. Now the company is small, but when the company is big, the number of bodyguards alone is probably quite a lot. This is the welfare of our company. Don't worry, there will always be money. The resistance of your own people is ineffective, and you must be matched. Others, those who are willing, can be matched, and those who are unwilling can not be matched. Zhang Yang thought about it, forced bodyguards, will certainly cause some people to resent, first protect their own people, such as Li Yuxuan, Ouyang Xin, summer January these girls, Zhang Yang of course can not see them have any accidents. Even so, I'm afraid there will be a lot of numbers needed in the future, and you are not enough. Chen Xiaowei said helplessly. Zhao Fei, can you still contact people like you? But Zhang Yang remembered that last time in that nameless cemetery, there were many people coming over, and there were many people dressed in very ordinary clothes. Yes, I can't guarantee the number. There are probably dozens of them. Zhao Fei thought about it before answering. Zhang Yang is a little surprised, did not expect the number of this group of people actually so much, but think of the many tombstones buried in the cemetery, Zhang Yang will be relieved, light sacrifice has four hundred people, naturally more alive. You see, the problem is solved, you are all our own people, I am not afraid to tell you, in fact, they are all my brothers, I owe them several lives. Zhang Yang hesitated for a moment, or a general explanation, Chen Xiaowei and other people's faces flashed a trace of astonishment, eyes can not help but look at Zhang Yang and Zhao Fei I them, soon Chen Xiaowei nodded and said: "I understand." "It's good to understand. By the way, I forgot to ask. How is Wu Bo's progress after such a long time?" Wu Bo is now in the technology department of Star Group. Star Group has spent nearly 20 million yuan to purchase servers, at least more than half of which are being used by Wu Bo's team. Speaking of this, Chen Xiaowei's expression immediately became excited: "Now it's near the end. The whole software is almost finished. We have calculated that the cost of making the same movie will save more than 90% of the money needed to make special effects for the movie. More importantly, our effects are more realistic than some 3D effects and so on." "How long will it take to finish?" Zhang Yang immediately asked excitedly, if this software is made, you can think about how much impact it will have on the film industry, when Hollywood's money will flow into their pockets. Zhang Yang's saliva is almost flowing down. More importantly, Star Group is a domestic company. Domestic movies have always been a pain in the hearts of Chinese people. Compared with Hollywood's special effects, it is simply a heaven and earth. If Star Group can make this software perfectly, as long as domestic film special effects production is willing to spend money, it will definitely be able to keep up with international standards, at least not worse than Hollywood. In fact, the domestic scriptwriter, as well as the director is not bad, the difference is only the special effects, some Hollywood blockbusters,interactive panels for education, what is the reason for the box office? It's not his plot, it's not his director, it's the plot.

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The strongest hacker