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The uncut jade startles China Emploi Contract

20 févr. 2023 à 5h28   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   129 vues Référence: 331
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Hearing this, Xia Yuhua guessed what her husband wanted a small piece of Tianyu for. She nodded happily and said, "Keep the rest of Mr. Tianyu. Maybe your master's illness can also be used.". If it's not enough by then, I'll find some for you. "Thank you" this time, it is Ouyang Ning's turn to say thank you, if he can really let the master stand up again, then Yuhua is the greatest hero. For Ouyang Ning's unconditional trust and understanding, Xia Yuhua was very grateful, and when her husband said thank you to her, she felt even more guilty. Compared with what her husband had done for her, it was a little reluctant to get Tianyu even a favor from the refining stone. After all, it is not difficult for her to get Tianyu now, on the contrary, she has to count on her husband to study the detoxification prescription for so many years to complete the transaction commitment to Zheng Moran. When she left, Xia Yuhua thought about it and finally made an extra request, asking her husband not to tell anyone about Tianyu. Even if he used this thing to cure his master, he should not mention the existence of Tianyu to others, lest someone trace the origin or something else, which would be a troublesome thing for her after all. Ouyang Ning was not an eventful person, and he knew what kind of impact it would have on Xia Yuhua if it spread, so even if Xia Yuhua did not specifically tell him how to deal with it. He will always keep this secret for Yuhua, so that she can suffer less unnecessary troubles. The next day,plastic pallet box, Ouyang Ning and Xia Yuhua according to the appointed time to the five princes mansion, for their arrival, Zheng Moran is obviously very welcome, but also full of expectations. According to what Xia Yuhua said last time, when his husband came back, it should be the time when he completely ended his long years of illness and pain. "Sir, can I really get rid of all these years of pain this time?" Zheng Moran seemed a little urgent for the first time, and Ouyang Ning asked directly before he could sit down. People are often like this,plastic wheelie bins, the more they come to the present, the more unbelievable they are, so they want to get a positive answer again to make themselves more down-to-earth. Ouyang Ning naturally understood, so he nodded with a smile and said, "Don't worry, the five princes. Yuhua has already given me Tianyu. After I give you a thorough examination, I can start to remove the residual poison for you." Hearing such a positive answer, Zheng Moran was very excited. He nodded repeatedly, and then asked as if he thought of something: "Dare to ask, sir, how long will it take to remove the remaining poison, and how many times of treatment will it take?" "It won't take long. It can be done once today.". After the examination, I will first prepare the medicine and decoct it, wait for you to drink the medicine, and then apply the needle to assist the residual poison to be discharged from the body. If there is no accident, plastic bulk containers ,euro plastic pallet, it will take two hours at most. Seeing that Zheng Moran was still a little worried, Ouyang Ning explained a little about the process of detoxification. So soon? I didn't expect that after so many years of treatment, it can all be solved in less than two hours. have the name of master and apprentice but were better than master and apprentice, and for a moment there was an indescribable feeling. Mr. Ouyang is already twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old this year,  me as soon as you start to feel pain, because that's the best time for acupuncture to detoxify. "I see, Mr. Lao." Zheng Mo ran nodded, indicating that it was time to start. Seeing this,spill plastic pallet, Ouyang Ning handed over the medicine and said again, "It will be more painful during acupuncture, so I will seal your acupoints in advance. Please forgive the five princes."

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