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The White Moonlight Substitute wants to get over it. Emploi Plein temps

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Yu Tang once looked forward to having a father, but he didn't expect to have four. Yu Tang:.. "All right, Tang will listen to his adoptive father." Although the other three fathers are dissatisfied, but now can only be so, in short, must not let Yu Tang and Zhao Che live together, that is too improper! Men of this age are thinking about something, and the four fathers know better than anyone else. Bai Mochi glanced at Zhao Che and saw that Zhao Che was still blindfolded. It was hard to avoid gloating. He said to Yu Tang, "It's not too late. I'll pack up for you as a father." Zhao Che: ".." These four people are so annoying. In Guanghan Palace, Shu Fei led a group of palace maids to pick up the fallen petals in the flower garden. When Emperor Yan came over, from his point of view, Shufei's side face was covered with sunlight, and the snow was greasy and white, tender enough to pinch out water. But she was not as heartless as usual, but she was secretly worried. Emperor Yan knew that Shu Fei had been wronged these days. She liked to toss about, and Emperor Yan knew it, so he did it according to her. In fact, Shu Fei today in the Longevity Palace tricks, where would he not know? People are very strange. When you hate a person, everything he/she does is unpleasant. But once you like a person, no matter what he/she does, he/she is extremely eye-catching and vivid. Emperor Yan waved back the palace people around him and walked straight over. Concubine Shu stood up and looked at him sideways. She was not in high spirits and did not salute. She only asked lightly, "Why is the emperor here?" Emperor Yan held out his hand, but Shu Fei did not cooperate with him and did not give him her hand. Yan emperor inevitably brushed face, but this is not the first time, he has long been accustomed to, simply came forward to catch the hand of Shu Fei, led her out of the garden. Seeing that Shu Fei's dress was stained, Emperor Yan reprimanded her in a low voice, "My beloved concubine, why are you still like a child?"? Let me take a good look. I've lost weight these days. Shu Fei let him see, homeopathy encircled the waist of Yan Di. As a matter of fact, the men of the royal family of the Zhao family are all excellent in appearance. Although Emperor Yan has reached middle age, he is slender and well-proportioned. Although he is not as good as a man who practices martial arts, he is the best among men of the same age. Concubine Shu touched Emperor Yan's waist and commented, "The emperor has a good waist." Emperor Yan: "… …" Every time the beauty mentioned "waist", she always had something to do with the harem. Emperor Yan had been widowed for several months. He had to prove his "innocence" by himself. He said, "My beloved concubine, I have never been spoiled/lucky/bystanders/people recently. My beloved concubine should believe me. What I have said to you always counts." Concubine Shu blinked her eyes, and her unconscious movements were also very nifty. She said with a smile, "Your Majesty, I'm not jealous. You should know that there are three thousand beautiful women in the harem. If everyone in the harem is lucky, stainless steel 304 pipes ,precision welded tubes, the rain and dew will be shared equally. It's not good for the body." Emperor Yan: "… …" Beauty, is this a hint that he can't? As soon as Shu Fei lowered her head, she buried it in the chest of Emperor Yan. In a place where Emperor Yan could not see, she hooked her lips and said to herself, This dead man clearly suspects me. Who can I see like this now? Emperor Yan thought that Concubine Shu was throwing herself into her arms. He was overjoyed. He bent over and picked her up. His breathing was not smooth. "Concubine, you miss me too, don't you?" Concubine Shu was indeed a little lazy. She didn't want to walk back to the palace by herself. She was very good at using all the things or people she could use. She took advantage of the situation and encircled Emperor Yan's neck. "Your Majesty is joking," she said. "The sisters in the harem who don't miss your Majesty?" Emperor Yan laughed twice and got great psychological satisfaction. After entering the hall, Emperor Yan took Concubine Shu in his arms and went directly into the inner hall. When he placed her on the couch, Emperor Yan immediately began to take off his shoes and socks. Emperor Yan was about to do something when Concubine Shu held him down and climbed on top of him. She put her hand on Emperor Yan's big palm and did not allow him to continue. She said, "Your Majesty hasn't been to my palace for several days. Let's talk to my concubine." Emperor Yan: "… …" He really doesn't want to talk much. How can he just talk at such a time? Can be so "overbearing" trapped by the beauty, Yan Di also enjoyed it, then satisfied Shu Fei, long arms around her, sniffed the fragrance of the beauty's head and heart. Guanghan Palace always has the charm of calming Emperor Yan's mind. Here, he doesn't feel the power. Every time he came to Guanghan Palace, Emperor Yan slept soundly. "What does my beloved concubine want to say to me?" Asked Emperor Yan. Shu Fei's hand rubbed the man's chin, as if playing with it, and repeatedly scratched on the Adam's apple of Emperor Yan. Shu Fei was bold and presumptuous, which made Emperor Yan very useful. "Your Majesty," she said, "in fact, Concubine De's sister has been used. Otherwise, she wouldn't have targeted her concubines like that. The four princes befriended the five princes. I really don't want to see the two brothers in discord. The emperor will forgive the sister of the imperial concubine this time. Emperor Yan lowered his eyes and looked down at the beauty lying on his body. Following her words, he said, "My beloved concubine is magnanimous. She is no longer a virtuous concubine.". What I should punish must be punished. Only What is the meaning of what the beloved concubine just said? Shu Fei's lips are hooked. This man knows everything, but he still plays dumb. Men are unreliable. At this moment, Shu Fei knew very well in her heart that Emperor Yan wanted her to go on, so she continued: "Sister De Fei has no reason to frame my concubine, and the people involved in this rumor are not only my concubine, but more importantly, the four people, as well as His Highness the King of Jin.". Once Miss Tang married the King of Jin, if the four were really Miss Tang's father, wouldn't they all become the father-in-law of the King of Jin? In this way, the power of the king of Jin can be imagined, and now the most afraid of the king of Jin, should be the queen and the East Palace. Emperor Yan wanted to keep the throne. And the prince wants the throne. However, the most legitimate heir to the throne should be Zhao Che. In this way, several interest lines are linked together. Emperor Yan stroked the big palm on the back of the imperial concubine and suddenly stopped. Concubine Shu knew that Emperor Yan was displeased, but she still said, "The Liu family and the empress want to get rid of the King of Jin. In this way, there will be no one in the court who can stand up to the prince.". And this palace and Miss Tang are just innocently involved in it. "Now, the eldest grandson of the Liu family was suddenly summoned to the capital by the queen mother, presumably the Liu family has begun to move.". Empress Dowager empress is the Liu family,aluminium coated tubes, naturally toward the east palace. It's not that I'm protecting Miss Tang and the King of Jin, it's just. With the third uncle of the King of Jin, the Liu family did not dare to make a mistake for a while.

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