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The wind is all over the world Emploi Plein temps

25 nov. 2022 à 2h15   Plombier   Passi   168 vues Référence: 60
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Born in a middle-class family, my parents' income was not much but enough to meet the needs of my family. I was promoted from primary school to university in a calm way. I graduated from the Department of International Finance of N University and worked as a small accountant in a small foreign-funded enterprise. Although I was a little bored, I liked quiet life by nature, but I secretly regarded the profession of accounting as my eternal goal in life. Looks very ordinary, very ordinary, is a person thrown in the crowd can not be found, so I have a boyfriend who looks very handsome, this handsome word is the evaluation of my friends around him, I have no opinion on his appearance, this is also a problem that makes him confused in his heart for a long time, or because I ignore him, so that he finally became my husband. My best friend is a lovely little girl who loves romance. She likes such illusory things as constellations. She once said that she knows me much more than I know myself. I don't believe it. Holding a book of constellations, the half-fairy shook her head and said, "You are a typical Aquarius woman. You have an ordinary appearance but an unusual temperament. You are calm on the surface and fierce in the heart. You are indifferent but kind-hearted in doing things. You love freedom rationally and emotionally. Sometimes you are too devoted to your feelings. This kind of too equal treatment can make him very uncomfortable." Your curiosity is so strong that it is a mess. As far as I know, the place where you work, from the amount of materials used in the construction of houses to the number of illegitimate children of your clients, you know it clearly in half a year. It's a pity that you don't become a spy. Sometimes your words are too jumpy and nonsensical. Few people can understand it except me. You are an extreme contradiction. Maybe it's because he sees you that he's not interested in those vases and sticks to you so tightly. I didn't object to her words. I shook the coffee cup in my hand. There was no denying that she knew me. However, she said two things less, rebellion and ego. I was born rebellious,plastic packing tube, but because of the limitations of the environment, from the beginning of middle school in order not to let my family worry that I learned to suppress another me, follow the wishes of my parents to do anything, knowing that his favorite is a pharmacist, but according to his mother's wishes to study finance, just because it is easy to find a job, I am selfish, always self-centered,eye cream packing tube, since the environment is not me, then I will go to the environment. No wonder I was called a spy by my best friend. I said she said it was just a little bad habit of mine. She was speechless. I am very satisfied with this kind of life, stable work, flat life, loving my husband, doing my own little hobbies when I am free, everything is so beautiful, but this kind of life is broken when I am 28 years old. What happens when your best friend tells you she's pregnant with your husband's child? A sharp curse? Break up with her? Divorce him? Find someone to cry about? At the moment I knew, I flashed through countless thoughts, but the final answer was to let her have a good rest and be careful of the child. I didn't cry or make trouble. I just quietly found a place where no one was looking for me and turned off all the communication tools. I needed to think about it by myself. He has always loved me and spoiled me. He has not changed from the beginning of dating to marriage. Unless necessary, I have followed his wishes in everything. Husband and wife get along very well. They have not quarreled in the past few years. When they quarrel, they admit their mistakes to each other without waiting for the quarrel. This kind of life is impeccable, and the child has become the fuse. The old man on both sides wanted to have children, plastic laminated tube ,tube lip gloss, and he also liked children, but I didn't want to have children. During the three years of marriage, when I mentioned this matter, I looked for a topic to avoid. At first, he thought that my mind was still small, so he let me go. Later, when he asked for his desire, I couldn't help pushing him away. Maybe the gap between me and him came into being at that time. I always had some resistance to sex. Maybe this is a kind of cleanness. Although I don't like to be the last one, I like kissing and tenderness during this period. I like to snuggle with him and look at the stars. I like to laugh with him and play together. I like kissing with him until they are intoxicated with each other. I love to use him as a pillow when sleeping, and I like his warm body temperature.. She is my best friend from childhood to adulthood, my best friend and confidant. I value her more than he does, but she betrayed me. This kind of heartache is like a knife, and I can't be cruel to her. I once said to her that you are my lifelong friend. She once said that when we are old, we will take our wife to watch the sunset together.. ... It was a week later when I reappeared in front of him and her. During this week, I cried so much that I felt dizzy. I slowly recalled the dribs and drabs of the five years with him, and sorted out my mood to face them again. Cheer up to see him and her decadent and tired expression, and see my happy concern, she hugged me tightly, kept sobbing: "Great …" You didn't have an accident. He whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry." He lowered his eyes and dared not look me in the eye. It turned out that he and she were afraid that I would take things too hard. During this week, they looked for me 24 hours a day, read the daily newspaper in fear, stayed by the phone, and mobilized all their friends to look for me, just to make sure that I was safe. Alas, the silent sigh in my heart, what should be solved should be solved, "We.." I opened my mouth slowly, trying to keep my voice steady and not let the tears in my eyes overflow: "We.." Talk about it. What's around? Water? Why doesn't it feel wet? So warm.. A wisp of silk wrapped around my body, like a silk coat. Am I dreaming? I do not understand, trying to open my eyes, ah, purple water surrounded me in it, I want to move, but unfortunately not, a little strength can not be used, hands and feet do not listen to change, how to return a responsibility ah. Looking hard at the scenery in front of me. Ah I really want to scream. …… It's a pity that my mouth is not obedient, and a white shadow is following me. There's a ghost! I think I am not afraid of heaven and earth, but I am afraid of the thing that has no legs and floats all over the sky. As soon as his eyes were black, he fainted. I heard the sound of something breaking, heard someone talking, and felt that my purple clothes were gone. Slowly, consciousness is far away from itself. …… Miss,empty cosmetic tubes, this young lady. Feeling that someone was pushing me, I was startled and woke up from a light sleep. It turned out that the stewardess was placing lunch for me. Looking around, I remembered that I was already on the plane.

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