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There is room for a reborn legitimate daughter Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 4h54   Sécurité & Sureté   Saint-Louis   80 vues Référence: 501
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Prince royal Highness for the first time in public, yuanzhen dare not accept, however, she looked at oneself already more than half a hundred of zhengfu, see zhengfu is a face of anger stare at her, want to know, her zhengfu this is to blame her before too much. When we get back, Masao is sure to lose his temper. yuan Zhen came forward with a headache, put her hands together and bowed, "I thank the prince for his reward." "Well, take it down. Tonight, take him back. This is also my gratitude to you for your hard work for the country and the people over the years." Su Huaining waved his hand and never dared to look at yuansheng again, for fear of spitting out what he had just eaten into his stomach. When yuansheng saw that she had given herself to an old woman, her face turned white and tears fell down, "Your Royal Highness." The voice was so long that Su Huaining shivered all over and had goose bumps on his arms. Duan Xuting held his hand and glanced at yuansheng with displeasure. At that glance, there is no fluctuation, but let the fate of life from inside to outside, instantly the whole person is like falling into the ice cellar as cold. yuan Sheng scared white face, no longer dare to intercede with Su Huaining, obediently follow yuan Zhen down. yuan Zhen sat back in place, yuan Sheng pitifully stood behind her, did not dare to sit, also did not have his seat, yuan Zhen Zhengfu mercilessly glared at him, ordered his little assistant minister to pass the flagon to yuan Sheng, let yuan Sheng pour wine for him. yuan Sheng did not dare to refute, lowered his head, waited on Zhengfu, and secretly took a glance at yuan Zhen while Zhengfu was not paying attention, hoping that yuan Zhen could say a good word to him, but yuan Zhen seemed not to have seen it, staring at Su Huaining, staring. yuan Sheng suddenly felt extremely aggrieved. Su Huaining, who had thrown away a trouble, was very happy and said with a smile, "Sister Zijin, as the saying goes, it is impolite to come but not to go. Since Sister Zijin gave me a great beauty, I have to go back to a great beauty." "Otherwise, I owe Zijin's sister a favor, and I won't be able to sleep when I go back to the bedroom at night." Chapter 1740 "What I hate most in Su Huaining's life is that I owe favors, so the favors I owe are usually returned immediately." Su Huaining meant something. Your Highness, the prince, is just a beauty. There is no need for your Highness to worry about him. Knowing that Su Huaining was not a person to be trifled with, Zijin restrained a little and dared not do too much. Su Huaining still didn't want to let her go. Su Huaining said with a smile, "a fairy like my sister would be too lonely if she didn't have a beautiful woman to accompany her at night. As it happens, the beautiful woman who came up to dance is good. After a while, my sister will take her back. Tonight, she will take her back to the house, so that the beautiful woman won't be too beautiful and you can't bear to say it." "How can I do this? These beauties are specially chosen by the courtiers for the prince to enjoy. How can I brazenly ask for the prince's beauties?" Purple brocade repeatedly waved, Interactive digital signage , dare not accept. Su Huaining's face sank. "Why, the beauty you gave to this palace was accepted by this palace, but the beauty you gave to my sister was refused by my sister?" "I dare not." "I dare not, but I won't." Su Huaining sneered. Next, more than a dozen men came up to perform dancing, singing, playing the piano and so on. All of them were beautiful, with white skin and red lips. They were even more beautiful than women. These beauties were originally prepared by the ministers to warm the bed for Su Huaining, and it was also the ministers and the queen who wanted to use the beauties to keep Su Huaining, but after Zijin did not know whether it was intentional or unintentional to spill the beans, every time a man came up, Su Huaining would take the lead in sending people out. Send the object, are over half a hundred are the first grade minister and the second grade minister. Until all the men were sent out, received a lot of complaints, Su Huaining on the pretext to go to the toilet, after leaving with the Queen, led Duan Xuting away. Su Huaining walked on the front foot, and a group of ministers knelt down one after another to complain to the queen. The queen waved her hand and said with a headache on her face, "All right, get up. Since the prince has been rewarded, you can all take it home after the banquet. Remember, you must obey the orders of the prince. When you go back tonight, you should take people home first.". ” "Queen, the prince is unruly, ruthless, and has no sense of belonging to our daughter's country. Look at what he did in public tonight. Queen, she is a red fruit to humiliate our old courtiers." yuan Zhen knelt on the ground and begged. yuan Zhen looked at her and scolded, "I said at the beginning that we should find out her temper first, and then seduce him step by step. But you are good. On the first night she came, she arranged so many men for him. Can she be happy?" "Don't forget, she didn't grow up in the daughter country, she didn't receive the teaching of the daughter country, she received the teaching of the people of the South Phoenix country on the land, all his food, clothing, shelter and transportation follow the South Phoenix country, not the daughter country. Therefore, in her heart, the status of a man is the most important, her husband is the most important, and she has to remember one thing all the time when she was young." If a woman does not marry two husbands, she must still be in her husband's family with three obediences and four virtues. "Do you think it's realistic for a man who has been in a rut for more than ten years to suddenly become a dandy who is immersed in beauty and wine?" Chapter 1741 Unrealistic. But, so what. Now that people have come, what will happen in the future is not up to their old courtiers. If the prince wants to succeed to the position of the queen smoothly, some things have to be arranged by their old ministers. And the reason why they can't wait to place their own people around the prince, is not to think that their own people can enter the eyes of the prince, in the future, good about the prince's thoughts. It's just, looking at what the prince did tonight, it seems that this man is not easy to control. Queen, I am too impatient, thinking that since the prince has come to the daughter country, everything has to be done according to the customs of the daughter country, thinking that the prince will get used to the customs of the daughter country as soon as possible, but it seems that the prince does not like the customs of her country, but the prince is the future queen of her country, and all the customs in her country will be used sooner or later.

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