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Through the event book Emploi Plein temps

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"In a word, it's better for Sister Lingge not to go out of the house during this period." The dog officer saw that I still had doubts in my heart, but he smiled and refused to say more. "It's getting late. I'm leaving for my brother." "Lord Ji, walk slowly and be careful on the way." I saluted. The dog officer stopped and turned around and raised half of his eyebrows. "Did you mishear me because of my brother?" Secretly rolling his eyes, I whispered, "Brother Yan ran, walk slowly and be careful on the way." The dog officer immediately laughed and said, "Thank you for your concern, sister!" Then he took a big step and went away with a smile. Now that there is a death penalty fugitive in the city, I, who cherish my life, will not go out of the house again. Especially since I came to the ancient times, the events around me have continued. I don't know whether Yue Lingge has been so unlucky since he was a child or because our "combination of soul and flesh" has been punished by God. In short, it is right to endure a moment of restraint in exchange for long-term peace. When I got up early the next morning, I found that Yue's father and son had already gone to work. Yue's father was an official of the Ministry of Punishment. It was reasonable for him to be busy directing the arrest of fugitives early. You said that your brother Yue was pretending to go out early and come back late! Is there a new body waiting for you in the autopsy room every day? The two men were not in the house, but I was happy and relaxed. I was planning to steal a few leisure books from Yue Qingyin's study to kill time, when I heard a message from the girl that Tian Xinyan and several ladies from the house had come to visit. I was startled: those young ladies do not know also just, it is reasonable to say Tian Youyu should also be like Yue Qingyin to warn Tian Xinyan not to go out is ah! How dare she run all over the street? Hurriedly ordered them to come in, I just want to go to the front hall to meet, but see four or five gorgeously dressed daughters of rich families under the leadership of Tian Xinyan fragrant to my small courtyard. These daughters all looked familiar, and they all showed up at Tian Xinyan's birthday banquet. They must have had a close relationship with Yue Lingge, but I didn't recognize any of them, so I had to smile and salute. Make green water green smoke a few hurriedly make tea, while this group of people talk and laugh to find a place to sit, I gently pulled Tian Xinyan asked: "Sister.." Didn't Brother Yu say he wouldn't let you go out? Tian Xinyan also whispered, "Why didn't you say that?"? I made a scene with him when I went back yesterday. I agreed to fulfill my wish today, but who knows what kind of weirdness he did. He forbade me to go and didn't ask me to go out today. It happened that these girls had just married and went to play with me,water filling machine, and when they talked about you, they all clamored to come and see you. I didn't want to go out, but I couldn't beat them and they pulled me out. I don't know how to be scolded by my brother when I go back at night! So, fortunately, they are several people married, but also not out of any danger. Just as we were talking, we heard a young lady say, "Soul song!"! Where's your marriage cat? Would you like to take it out and let everyone open their eyes? Um. Hey, this Tian Xinyan, also said that when chatting about me, I am afraid not to talk about me, but to talk about my cat bell?! Had no choice but to go back to the inner bedroom to take out the bell for them to see, several people around the comment exclaimed. Sitting idly for a while, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,PET blow moulding machine, feeling bored, originally Yue Lingge is not a talkative person, these young ladies must not often come to play with Yue Lingge at ordinary times, today is specially to see the bell, now the bell has seen, naturally there is no fun. Listen to among them one person: "Idle is afflictive, if we go out to stroll, be good?"? "I've heard that a new troupe has come to the full moon building, and the performance is full of splendor. Today we're going to feast our ears!" This proposal was immediately echoed by all the people. I hurriedly said, "I can't accompany you to go out today. Because of the coming of the moon, it's not convenient for you to move. The sisters are happy on their own." If I stop these people from going to the street, I'm afraid I'll arouse their suspicion for a while, and they won't listen, so I'll just let them go, and they'll have to bear the same good or bad fortune with or without me. But I still grabbed Tian Xinyan and whispered, "Since Brother Yu won't let my sister go out, I'll stay here for a day. When my brother comes back, I'll let her send you back. I'm sure Brother Yu won't be angry, okay?" As soon as Tian Xinyan heard Yue Qingyin, she was a little moved. Just as she was hesitating, she heard a young lady say, "Even if you can't move yourself, don't hold on to Xinyan. That troupe is from where Xinyan's mother came from. It's rare to hear the local accent in Kyoto. If you want to hear it again tomorrow, you won't be able to hear it!"! The troupe will go to the south of the Yangtze River after the last performance in Kyoto today. Don't regret it then! Tian Xinyan could not resist the temptation of the local accent and said to me, "Spiritual songs, why don't you go with us? It's rare to hear a play." I thought to myself that with so many of them together, nothing would probably happen, so I stopped forcing them to stay and said, "Sister, go. I'm really not feeling well today. It's not convenient for me to accompany them." Hearing this, another young lady next to her could not help laughing and said, "The spiritual song is a little different from the usual one today. As usual, when the moon comes, as long as the sisters are playing in the same place, they will follow. Now it's more and more delicate. Can't we invite you, the true God, even with the face of so many people?" The woman was so mean that she didn't bother to talk nonsense with her. I saluted lightly and said, "Sisters, have a good time. Forgive me for sending spiritual songs far away." The woman chuckled and beckoned to the crowd, saying, "So we don't dare to disturb you too much. Let's leave." Then he went out of the door. Seeing these noisy women walking away, I went back to the house and ordered them to clean up the teacups and other things. Suddenly I felt something was wrong. Just as I was thinking, I heard the messenger girl saying outside the door, "Miss,water bottling line, just now those young ladies were outside the door and ordered the maidservant to give you a message: The marriage cat is in their place at the moment. If the young lady wants to go back, she should go out quickly and meet me at the full moon building." -Cat bell! No wonder it feels like something is missing! I, I strangle those damn women! Cherry Alley "Didn't you want this bell long ago?" "Put it away and cherish it."

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