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Tianxin is angry Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 7h18   Nounou   Fatick   146 vues Référence: 170
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It is different from Yatianmen with a detection Hongguang. Tianmen is almost fully armed, its periphery, not only has billions of seven-level purple high-level soldiers, but also the latest military equipment of the alliance, such as Star Fortress, which is hard to see, all under the command of Tianmen. Only the testing instruments for the purple warriors and purple warriors tested inside are in the hands of the important military and political officials of the alliance. An alternative giant! Such a defense, I'm afraid the alliance has regarded Tianmen as its own nerve center. The dark sigh of the heart of heaven suddenly stopped, and at the moment when the light nerve wave field "saw" everything clearly, the battle came! Although the hidden magic formula can hide the body shape here, the light nerve wave field also tends to be physical. Evaded detection. But the activity of Tianxin's brain can not hide the induction magnetic field of Tianmen in any case. The huge magnetic field of knowledge and energy roars happily, converging on the brain domain of the heart of heaven it senses. This is a breath of non-destruction, like the strange medium of Yatianmen, coming to Tianxin, just asking for communication and information sharing. But where does it know, this time, it is wishful thinking! Hiding in the center of the Tianmen constant magnetic star field, Tianxin has the experience of sub-Tianmen. Pang Chong's divinity also gushed out, forming an invisible wall of divinity outside his body. What makes Tianxin laugh bitterly is that Tianmen, which is similar to the magnetic field of divine consciousness,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, does not mind the resistance of Tianxin at all. It seems to have a lot of experience, while slowly immersing itself in the wall of divine consciousness. Write the huge amount of information it carries into the divine consciousness which only has the function of peeping at this time. Just as a person's emotions will be gradually assimilated into unintelligible enthusiasm under the cheers of all the people. The heart of heaven has this kind of feeling at this time, the divine consciousness released is to get information, which knows that people are very generous, inch by inch to write information into your divine consciousness, of course, inch by inch to record the information contained in the divine consciousness. Is this an exchange? An alternative opponent. But it won't work. I accept your gift,Brushless Gear Motor, but I can't give you anything. Tianxin hummed, knowing very well that he would not stop until the magnetic field of Tianmen's knowledge penetrated his brain and fished out the things in the sea of his knowledge. His most effective resistance is to release more blank divine consciousness and give it to the magnetic field of Tianmen to engrave, instead of showing hostility and provoking the strong magnetic light attack of Tianmen's constant magnetic star field. Now, fortunately, he was in the center of Tianmen, and it was understandable that there was something strange here. Otherwise, if a large number of cognitive magnetic fields converge, the glittering brilliance will attract the attention of the alliance. What are the achievements of a civilization? Tianxin never thought about it. But when the magnetic field of Tianmen consciousness, which spans hundreds of light-years, gradually sends huge information into the divine consciousness of Tianxin, Tianxin feels that the divine consciousness is not enough. Until the Tianmen can recognize the image of the four Kaya people covered with purple mist. Only then did Tianxin realize that he had made a mistake. It is also necessary to detect the direction of the tester with the Yatianmen energy magnetic field. Because the divine consciousness he released was so vast that it was almost several light years around, and it did not contain any information, plus the body could bear it, so the Tianmen Consciousness Magnetic Field wrote all the information it had, Vending Machine Motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, regardless of each other, and only copied it first. Instead of filling in professional information in their brains while reading through them according to their direction, as with other purple warriors and purple warriors. This ghost gate of heaven is really boring! The heart of heaven groaned. This guy probably had nothing. Now he began to write the information of the purple warrior who had been tested in the gate of heaven into his divine consciousness. This is good, cut and cut, pull and pull, wait for the purple warriors to finish the message, do not know what it will bring a mess of information, this man is not afraid to support me to death, dry. The heart of heaven felt the crisis for the first time, and the sea of knowledge kept churning. The whole body was chaotic and the magic formula of heaven turned faster and faster. The huge energy flowed uncontrollably to the brain, supplementing the digestion and storage of Tianmen information and resisting the immeasurable consumption caused by Tianmen infiltration. It seems that the magnetic field of Tianmen is also a little angry. I'm afraid it's been decades! But this constant magnetic center. There's always a little spot that doesn't penetrate. No, it's not even close. Brain tumor! A brilliant light shone, ninety-nine and eighty-one giant stars moved, and a destructive light energy began to close to the center of Tianmen. "Hey, are you really going to treat me like a brain tumor and perform a surgical resection?" Tianxin is not afraid of the material blow, and Tianmen this period of time like the spirit of the confrontation really let him have a kind of exhausted feeling. The complex information of Tianmen. Maybe only he can bear it. If it were the Purple Warrior, the Purple Warrior would have been propped up as a single person. As long as you look at the movement of the chaotic gods and the earth, you will know how much consumption there is. The seven-color alliance is already so powerful that the ten races of the universe in their mouth are not. The blow came in a flash. Tianxin shook his head, tried to press the idea of using no power to fight, and gave the battle task to Shenying's Xuanwei Guanghua, only in this way would it not disturb the seven-color alliance. At the same time, he also wanted to see how far the baby had gone. The timer showed that he had stayed in Tianmen for thirty years, plus ten years in Yatianmen. In these forty years, the baby's practice had never stopped, although he had not grown up. It's still ten light years, but it should be more than three axes. The battle was silent, the nine hearts were bright and the nucleus turned, the baby smiled, the five fingers of the Xuanwei giant hand were shot, and the Xuanwei light needle was shot out. Tianmen Constant Magnetic Star Site Destroys Light Energy, Meets Opponent, Decomposes Quietly Under Xuanwei Light Needle. Then it is absorbed by the chaotic Tianshen formula of the operation of the Tianxin body. Hit by the enemy, Tianmen constant magnetic star field is furious. At this time, this vast field, which already had its own consciousness, understood that it had a powerful ability to invade. The star field shook for a moment. Who are you? Why did it invade my body? "It's good to have communication!" The heart of heaven thought to himself, and a friendly message came from the divine consciousness. A curious person, dear friend, thank you for your hospitality. I was ready to leave a long time ago, but your door was closed. “…… It's good to leave! The constant magnetic star field of Tianmen was silent for a long time. "I can't beat you, but my endurance is better than you, you go!"! This is my place. "Well, good-bye, my dear friend." The heart of heaven sensed that the boundless starry sky suddenly appeared to open a hole,brushless gear motor, and another wave of knowledge spread to, "Curious friends, see you later."

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