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Time was only left for you. Emploi Plein temps

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Wen yuan felt embarrassed, because after so many years of school, he did not make a few real friends, and now they are not around. Su Xian went abroad, only to enter the army, the university two friends home is not in B city. May be God also pity her, this day early in the morning Wen yuan received a phone call from Zhou Biao. Zhou Biao's voice on the phone could not stop jumping for joy: "Wen yuan, your family actually lives in the military compound!" Wen yuan was confused. "Where are you?" "Guess!" Say so, but the next second exposed, "I came to B city, think of your home in B city, come to see you by the way!"! I didn't expect you to live in such a heavily guarded place, Gao Gan! What a mess. Wen yuan held back his breath. "Are you at the gate of the courtyard now?" "Yes!" Zhou Biao complained, "Come and pick me up quickly. The soldier brother at the gate said that no one would let me in!" After hanging up the phone, Wen yuan reacted for a while, changing his coat and telling Grandma Cheng that he was going out. Grandma Cheng was also very happy. "Are you a classmate?"? Be sure to bring it home for dinner tonight, remember? Wen yuan answered casually and went out. Far away from the gate, I saw Zhou Biao wandering there. By the way, I accosted the recruits on guard and saw her waving to her in a hurry. Wen yuan trotted over, just in time to hear Zhou Biao say to the recruits standing guard: "Handsome boy, take a photo together, I am a military supporter,impact beam tubes, standard uniform control!" Recruits are estimated to have been pestered by her for a long time, although they are on duty and can not talk to her, but their faces are already red. Wen yuan pulled Zhou Biao away with some helplessness: "What are you doing?" When Zhou Biao saw Wen yuan, he hugged her happily and said, "I've come to see you. Why don't you welcome me?" Originally wanted to say that she forgot her friends, but Wen yuan still couldn't hold back his laughter. He said hello to the soldier on duty and pulled Zhou Biao away. "How do you know my home is here?" Zhou Biao winked: "You forgot I am a monitor, know your home address this kind of thing is not a piece of cake!" Wen yuan smiled with arched eyebrows and eyes. "Well, monitor, I'm honored to have you here. Let me do my best to be the host. Where do you want to go? Just do it!" It has to be said that Zhou Biao's arrival swept away the haze in Wen yuan's mind these days. In the past few days,Precision steel tubes, there was a medium-sized economic forum meeting in B city. Zhou Biao's boyfriend, Xiao Zhao, who worked in GP, was ordered to come to B city with the leader. Zhou Biao was free to follow. The meeting lasted for half a day, which was relatively short, and Zhou Biao loved shopping, so Wen yuan took Zhou Biao to sweep several shopping malls in B city, and when he couldn't walk, he found a coffee shop to sit down and chat. Wen yuan, what do you think is a good gift for meeting your future mother-in-law for the first time? The key point of this sentence sounds to Wen yuan that it is not a "meeting gift" at all, but a future mother-in-law. She came forward excitedly and gossiped, "Why, are you going to see Xiao Zhao's parents?" Zhou Biao, who has always been careless, was finally shy. "Yes, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, I graduated anyway. It's time to settle down. Otherwise, I won't even have time to have children when I get on the right track in a few years." "It's fine." Wen yuan sincerely wished her the best. Don't talk about me. What about you? Zhou Biao also came over, "Uncle is supposed to be so old, should he be worried?" "Who are you calling uncle?" Wen yuan stared at her with a red face and muttered, "Is he that old?" Zhou Biao couldn't help laughing. "Well, that's Mr. Wen.". I have an intuition, Wen yuan, that you must be the first of the three of us to get married, believe it or not? Wen yuan couldn't help smiling bitterly. At present, whether marriage can be accepted or not is a problem. However, this is too tortuous to be clear in a few words. Zhou Biao also saw that her face was not right, and when he wanted to ask again, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a car coming outside the window, his eyes suddenly brightened, and he hurriedly pushed Wen yuan's arm. Wen yuan Wen yuan, do you think that's Mr. Wen's car? Wen yuan was so surprised that he suddenly turned his head. I saw a black car driving slowly to the hotel next door. It should be his Bentley, but Wen yuan didn't dare to confirm it, because the man didn't mention anything about coming back today on the phone last night. It was not until she saw the license plate that she stood up, pushed open the door of the cafe and ran out. As soon as the car stopped, the parking doorman quickly came up and opened the back door. The man took his time and thanked him politely. When he was about to walk into the hotel, he seemed to notice something and turned his head, just in time to see Wen yuan, who had just stood firm and was still panting. Wen Xingzhi stood in place for a moment, raised his eyebrows unexpectedly, looked at the hotel, and turned to her. It was nearly evening, the night wind was biting, and the tip of Wen yuan's nose was red with cold. She came out in a hurry and left her coat in the coffee shop, so she only wore a sweater and a down jacket, which was very thin. Wen Xingzhi looked at her dress, and the first reaction was to frown. How do you- "" After only three words of reprimand, he was blocked by a girl who threw herself into his arms. Stunned, he bent over and wrapped her in his overcoat and hugged her. Wen yuan, however, deliberately grabbed his shirt to climb up. Mr. Wen had no way out. He patted her on the back and whispered in her ear, "Your classmate is watching." I don't care! No matter, no matter! Unrelenting posture, but rarely let him laugh out. He wrapped her hands in one hand and kissed her messy but soft hair. Wen yuan nestled in his arms, as if he had suddenly lost his strength. When Wen yuan calmed down, Zhou Biao stepped forward with her coat. Know perfectly well in front of this person is the big boss of prospective husband, but still cannot help laughing: "Mr Wen is good, this is the thing of Wen yuan." Wen Xingzhi calmly took it, turned around and put it on Wen yuan, and did not let her move a finger, even the buttons were buttoned by him. When he woke up, Wen yuan, who already felt a little ashamed, already felt embarrassed enough, not to mention that he was still surrounded by Zhou Biao. She glared at him. "What are you doing?" "Next time, don't run out in such a panic that you forget to put on your clothes." He said,side impact door beams, "Now that I have come back, naturally I can't run away." Wen yuan cut and muttered in a low voice, "It's not because I saw you."

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