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Travelers are boundless Emploi Temporaire

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Ebian is a square with a tall tower in the middle, straight into the clouds. At the base of the tower, there are statues of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel, sitting in a dignified and serene manner, looking as if they were doing great things. If it is said to be the bottom, people must look up. After looking up, they looked up again and saw clearly that there was a statue standing at the top of the tower. Who could it be? Even kings and queens were watching over him and waiting on him in such a low place. Was he God? The clouds were floating around him, and he did not care at all. He only looked up and looked into the distance. The distance was full of the vast blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea, and his eyes were all across the Mediterranean Sea, sharp and dim. I guessed immediately that it could only be him, Columbus. Ask, and sure enough. When I knew it was him, I was so excited that I raised my head and walked around the tower. Suddenly, I found that there was a door on the bottom side of the tower to enter, and then I knew that there was an elevator to reach the top of the tower. Tower body is not big, the elevator should be very small, stretch out a look, can take two people, but two people have to stand very tightly. This elevator looks very old, not the current popular high-speed elevator, it takes a long time to go up. In a short period of time, I stood closely with a stranger and went to heaven and earth. It would be very embarrassing to have nothing to say to each other, so I hurried out to find our partner. She was soon overjoyed to see Windia and asked her to take the elevator up with her, and she was even more excited. Said to reach the top of the tower,artificial coconut palm trees, in fact, the end is still a little far from Columbus's feet. There is a circle of small windowsills that can only accommodate the body. At this moment, the wind is strong, the tower body is trembling, there is no one to depend on, and the solitary sign is very terrible. Windia was not afraid of heights, but today she did not dare to stand or look down, and we soon came down. I have seen the overall situation above. The Tower of Columbus was in line with the street of the vagabonds, and the navigator was the leader of all the vagabonds on the street. In other words,silk ficus tree, he is the first vagrant here. Actually, it's not just here. He was the biggest wanderer in the world. In order to strive for wandering, he first wandered, looking for support among the governments of various countries, supported by the royal couple who are now squatting at his feet, and then he really went to sea. No one has traveled this road, and he has only heard it from others. But he carried Marco Polo's Travels with him and yearned for China. He found a continent and went into history. But to the end of his life, he did not know what continent he had discovered. Thinking of this, I suddenly realized what is the nature of wandering. Columbus made it clear that he did not care about his feet, but only about the front. This is also the declaration of Wanderer Street. With him ahead, we are assembled. The whole street became his follower, so the street also entered the sculpture and became the performance art behind the main sculpture. Two questions in Spain Just because it is particularly honest. Spain is full of bullrings, some magnificent, some quaint. I knew it was a pity not to watch the bullfight in Spain, so I went to the bullring with the motorcade several times. As a result, the door was closed and it was deserted. No matter how I rang the bell, there was no response. I could only see the sculptures of the famous bullfighters outside the stadium. Finally, artificial plant wall panels ,fake ficus tree, I asked a staff member at the gate of a venue, and he said that the bullfighting period had just passed. I was glad in my heart because I found a reason not to see it. Of course, I know that many outstanding works of art are based on bullfighting, and some writers I deeply admire, such as Hemingway, have studied bullfighting deeply. Of course, I also know that this game of life and death has a primitive aesthetic feeling, and this bloody dance can best express the charm of men. But in any case, I do not like bullfighting. Among the thousands of animals, the cow has never been an enemy of man, and has diligently provided the most thorough service. In the scorching fields, sweaty farmers are most afraid to face up to the eyes of cattle, where infinite grievances flash into infinite taming. Whether it is agricultural civilization or animal husbandry civilization, human beings can not leave the hard work of cattle, the company of cattle and the service of cattle. It is probably the most unfair thing in the world that cows are tired for many years until they are finally eaten. I remember when I was a child watching the killing of cattle in the countryside, the cattle were tied up and silently shed big tears, and the big eyes of tears were familiar to us on weekdays, so a group of children shouted and stood up to stop the hand of the cattle killer. Of course, it was not the man who killed the cow but the child who was stopped in the end. The adults who came to stop him did not scold him, but shook their heads gently. When I grow up, I know that there are too many cruel things in the world. No matter how much kindness I concentrate, I can't manage myself. It's not my turn to be a cow for a while. However, even if the heart has become so hard, it can not face the bullfight, because it clearly turns the ingratitude of human beings into a bloody enjoyment. From driving it for many years to cutting it once, it is the ingratitude of opening one's eyes and closing one's eyes, which is nothing, but to provoke it, sting it, incite it, and try to create an excuse to kill it. All the vicious scenes are designed, arranged and arranged by who. The bull knows what, but it wants to blame the cause of the life-and-death struggle on its head, at least pretending that both sides are responsible, as if the crazy horns forced the matador to attack. People's intelligence is high, cattle will not defend, in this congenital injustice, even if the hero will not be human, can only be cattle. But people killed it and pretended to be heroes. Heroes in the world should really cover up their shame for this. Take a step back, kill it, but gather so many people to heckle, with bursts of shouting to cover up the bloody plot. Some people argue that this is a kind of vitality competition stripped of moral logic and should not be demanding. If you want to compete in vitality, why don't you find a more vigorous lion and tiger to have a hard time with the cow, just because it is particularly honest. The old door of the alley Half of Spain's flavor is contained in flamenco dance. At night, the city is calm, and the alleys extend faintly. We went on foot to find a place, and as we walked, even the friend who was leading the way began to wonder: the name of the road is good, and the house number is already close, why is it still so silent? The house number was hung on an old wooden door, which was closed. With three taps on the back of his fingers, the door opened and there was a thin man. We said we had called to make a reservation, and he politely bent down to welcome us in. There was a very old wooden wall at the entrance, which only allowed us to turn around,large artificial blossom trees, but when we turned around, we saw the scene behind the wooden wall, which really surprised us.

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Travelers are boundless