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Treasure Flag and Jade Flute-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 6h25   Indépendants & Freelance   Waoundé   218 vues Référence: 206
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The Taoist sighed and said, "You can't ask anything." Ouyang Zhao hesitated for a moment. He gazed at the Taoist and asked, "Uncle, do you know the truth about the murder of Zhao's parents?" The Taoist shook his head and said, "Uncle, I don't know. But one day, you will understand everything." "One day, it's just an unknown, and I don't know what day it will be." Ouyang Zhaojian frowned slightly and said to himself. "Zhaoer, that day won't be long," the Taoist comforted him. "Listen to your uncle. You can't go wrong." The Great Sage with a Thousand Hands, Shi Bufan, also said, "My good nephew Ouyang, listen to Uncle Lao Dao. Don't 22531 to Zhuo Yu." There can be no mistake. When Ouyang Zhao saw that the two fathers were good friends, he asked him not to ask Zhuo Yusu about the enemy who had killed his mother. Knowing that there must be a profound meaning, he had to nod and say, "Since Uncle Shi and Uncle Shi both said so, Zhao'er obeyed. Zhao'er once asked Qin Zichao for a double sword of Yin and Yang in the future. It was said that Zhuo Yuwang went to Tianxin Village in the night of the tenth day to look for him and inquire about a case." "If you don't go, won't you end up breaking your promise?" "How many more days?" Asked the Taoist. Ouyang Zhao replied, "The day after tomorrow." The Taoist hesitated and said, "Well, the night after tomorrow, I'll ask your uncle Shi to explain it for you." Ouyang Zhaojian frowned slightly and said, "I'm afraid that's not very good." Shi Bufan, the Great Sage of a Thousand Hands, seemed to understand the meaning of Ouyang Zhao's words. "It doesn't matter," he said with a slight smile. "Uncle Shi is just going to explain for you, but he won't fight with them." When Ouyang Zhao heard this, he said no more and kept silent. Miss Wu Juanjuan looked at the old Taoist and asked, "Uncle Taoist, when will you cure the stagnation in your body for your third brother?" "After tomorrow," the Taoist said thoughtfully, "we will leave for another place and begin to heal him." "Why go to another place after tomorrow?" Wu Juanjuan looked at the Taoist and asked. The Taoist said with a smile, "Because tomorrow you will go to Tianxin Village to watch the arena. Another reason is that it is too close to Tianxin Village and it is not very safe." Wu Juanjuan smiled happily and said, "Oh!"! Old Uncle Dao, you are so kind and thoughtful. The Taoist smiled at her and said nothing more. The Great Sacred Stone with a Thousand Hands glanced at Ouyang Zhao and said to the world, "Is there any stagnation of true strength in Zhao's body?" The Taoist nodded and told Shi Bufan about the situation. After hearing this, the Great Sage Stone with a Thousand Hands learned that the Taoist's method of treating the true power in Ouyang Zhao's body must be to import the true power of his internal strength into Ouyang Zhao's body, guide his true power of stagnation, pass through 36 passes, go through 72 orifices, turn stagnation into vitality, and make it merge with the true power in Ouyang Zhaos body. However, from a conversation with the Taoist just outside the temple, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Pietra Gray Marble, he already knew that although the Taoist's internal skills were profound, he had not lost his martial arts since he was severely injured fifteen years ago. However, because he had not been able to find the immortal elixir to take, he had been struggling for fifteen years only by relying on his profound internal skills. So far, he has not been able to recover, and his internal skills are true. It is far less than 15 years ago, and it has been greatly discounted. As a result, the Great Sacred Stone with a Thousand Hands was locked on both sides of his eyebrows. He looked at the Taoist and asked, "Do you want to guide and treat him with your own internal strength?" "Mmm." The Taoist nodded and said, "Add the power of the three ice soul pills made by the Lady of the Ice Soul." Shi Bufan, the Great Sage of a Thousand Hands, still locked his eyebrows and said thoughtfully, "The Ice Soul Pill made by the Lady of Ice Soul is a wonderful medicine in the martial arts world, but.." Without waiting for the words of the Great Sage of a Thousand Hands to be finished, the Taoist said, "Brother Shi thinks it's a bit risky, doesn't he?" "It's too risky," said Shi Bufan, the Great Sage of a Thousand Hands, nodding his head. The Taoist smiled and said, "Brother Shi, why do you worry so much? Don't you know yourself? Don't worry." When the Great Sacred Stone with a Thousand Hands heard him say this, he kept silent. The Taoist said to Ouyang Zhao and the other three, "Zhaoer, tomorrow you and your eldest brother and second sister will go to Tianxin Village to watch the arena. You'll be back soon. Uncle and your uncle Shi will be waiting for you here." Ouyang Zhao replied respectfully, "Zhaoer obeys my uncle's orders." The Taoist nodded his head and suddenly remembered something. He looked at the Great Sage Stone with a Thousand Hands and asked, "Do you still have Brother Shi's Transfiguration Pill with you?" The Great Sacred Stone of a Thousand Hands replied, "Yes, I don't know which one I want." The Taoist looked at Ouyang Zhao and said thoughtfully, "Zhaoer will go to Tianxin Village tomorrow to see him. Although his image has changed greatly from when he left Tianxin Village three months ago, it is still not difficult to recognize his facial features with a little careful identification. In order to avoid trouble, it is best to make his facial features difficult to be recognized." When the Great Sage Stone with a Thousand Hands heard this, he took out a small silver box from his bosom and opened it. He picked out a blue transfiguration pill from it and handed it to Ouyang Zhaoxiao, saying, "My good nephew Ouyang, if you smear this transfiguration pill and some water on your face, even those who are with you every day will not be able to recognize your true face." Ouyang Zhao took the transfiguration and thanked him. "Thank you, Uncle Shi." The Taoist said to Ouyang Zhao, "There is water in the teapot. Apply it now." Ouyang Zhao nodded, stood up, went to the corner, poured a little water from the teapot on the broken table, opened the pill, and smeared it on his face. In an instant, the handsome face turned into an ugly face with hanging eyebrows, slightly protruding cheekbones, and slightly askew jaw. After Wu Juanjuan saw it, Xiumei frowned slightly and said,White Marble Slabs, "How did it become like this? It's really ugly." Then he giggled again. The Great Sage of a Thousand Hands laughed and said, "Miss, do you want to become like this? Do you want to? Uncle Old Thief will also give you a change."

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