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Underbelly black little crazy queen: Evil king, please take it Emploi Plein temps

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After leaving Cang College, it was still Emperor Jiuchen who drove the car, carrying Jiang Louyue, and went straight to Jiuding Auction House. Lou Yue, go to see the Lord later. You stand behind me. Do you hear me? Emperor Jiu Chen's God'color 'is very serious, just like the black'hole' general eyes flashing with turbulent and repressed complex emotions. OK Jiang Louyue knew that he was now emotionally unstable and did not refute him. In case the Lord has any aggressive'sexual 'behavior, you go first, and I will break up later. You just turn around and run, and don't look back. Emperor nine Chen repeatedly exhorted. Chapter 168: Lou Yue, Chen and Yin meet. Don't be so nervous, Elder Martial Brother. , Latest Chapter Access:.79 xs.СоМ” Jiang Louyue stretched out a hand and grabbed the arm of Emperor Jiuchen. She felt that his body was tight and stiff. "I've met the Lord twice. Although he's a little dark, he's not a tyrannical man. He won't kill innocent people." "It's hard to say. There are no clean people in the royal family. Emperor Que is also known as a benevolent monarch. He can still kill his wife and children with blood on his hands!" Emperor nine Chen is very stubborn, black eyes become more and more dark. Jiang Louyue sighed lightly, and she knew that at this moment, even if she said anything, it was useless. Elder Martial Brotherther's heart knot is too deep to be resolved in a few words. Driving all the way forward, the car arrived at its destination a quarter of an hour later and stopped at the gate of Jiuding Auction House. Sure enough, as soon as they got out of the car,Vegetable oil filling machine, they saw the old star face to face. Yo, Mr. Lou, Mr. Di, please come inside. The old star smiled all over his face and was very polite, making an invitation gesture. This childe has already done what the Lord wants. Not only is the Lord busy today? Jiang Louyue asked with a smile. Old Xing laughed and said, "Of course there is. But the Lord said that you were the only one." "This," the smile on Jiang Louyue's face faded. Emperor Jiu Chen glanced faintly at the old star and said,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "Go and tell the Lord that I rewrote his play book." The smile on the old star's face stiffened, and a pair of muddy eyes crossed the'color 'of panic: "Rewrite?"? You took the liberty of rewriting the script?! He knows something about it. After all, with Prince Yin these years, he is also one of Prince Yin's confidants. "That's the script ordered by the Lord. How can you rewrite it without authorization?" The old star seemed to be an unacceptable expression, staring at Jiang Louyue and Emperor Jiuchen for a while, and then a heavy sigh, "You two wait here, let me go to report to the Lord, hey!" A quarter of an hour later, the old star appeared again in front of Emperor Jiuchen and Jiang Louyue. Gentlemen, Lord, please summon. Star old God'color 'slightly haggard, dusty face, is likely to have just been scolded by the master. Emperor Jiu Chen and Jiang Louyue immediately faced a formidable enemy. The two of them followed closely behind the old star and climbed all the way to the top of the Jiuding Pavilion. Came to the very luxurious dark'hue 'of the room. The door creaked open and the two of them stepped into the room. A dark and luxurious throne, bottle blowing machine ,Beverage packing machine, a tall and blue and purple figure with its back to them, and a waterfall of hair that reached the ground. Lord of the cabinet. Jiang Louyue bowed her head and called out, "The first part of The Disaster Country has been completed. Please have a look at it." She took out six sets of phantoms and was about to come forward. Emperor Jiu Chen stretched out a hand and stopped Jiang Louyue's footsteps. Jiang Louyue raised her head and cast a questioning look. Emperor Jiu Chen, with dark eyes, took the six sets of phantom plays from Jiang Louyue's hand, blocked them in front of her, and took a step straight in the direction of the mysterious cabinet owner. Let Mr. Lou bring it himself. Emperor nine Chen just took a step, a very cold dark voice, from the luxurious throne came up, with an indisputable command of the mouth'kiss'. Jiang Louyue's heart "missed a beat". Cabinet Lord is back to them, unexpectedly saw through their little action, is not behind the long eyes? This man, as expected, has the capital to make people afraid. Jiang Louyue immediately empty, stretched out his hand, want to from the hands of the emperor nine Chen, to bring back the six sets of phantom play. But Emperor Jiu Chen refused. He stubbornly pushed Jiang Louyue away and gave her a warning look. You have no right to choose for her! The words of the mysterious cabinet owner were slightly sullen, and the air pressure in the whole room dropped below freezing point in an instant. Emperor Jiu Chen doesn't move. A pair of black eyes, like a black'hole ', stared at the back of the mysterious cabinet owner. Not him, not Dique! Just by looking at his back and listening to his voice, he could tell. But if it's not the emperor, who should it be? There is more than one royal prince or prince in the palace who is about twenty or thirty years old and is very tall. Emperor Que has many brothers, old and young, adding up to at least thirty or forty, of which the powerful can also count out a dozen. The elder prince will surely give birth to a prince in his twenties. For example, Di Ning Wei, who lives next door to him, is the little'daughter 'of Lord Su, who also has a son in his twenties. Give it to me, Elder Martial Brother. Jiang Louyue made a look at Emperor Jiuchen, she did not make a sound, just compared to the mouth shape, she knew he could understand, "he only let me close, I go to see what the Lord looks like!" Emperor Jiuchen clenched his fist. Jiang Louyue took advantage of Emperor Jiuchen's inattention to snatch the phantom play in his hand, and then rushed to the front of the mysterious cabinet owner. She had never dared to cross that chair before, but this time, for the sake of her brother and herself, she was also fighting! Jiang Louyue jumped over, and then When she saw the front of the cabinet, she was completely stunned. What is that?! The pale and incomparable face, the two horns on the top of the head,liquid bottle filling machine, the pointed ears, the red eyes, and the ferocious fangs make people angry. Prajna mask? Jiang Louyue's eyes widened in disbelief. Are you kidding me?.

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