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Unlimited Upgrade Contract Flow _ 20200215155714. Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 4h46   Agent De Terrain   Waoundé   157 vues Référence: 233
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"Let's go to the haunted house!" At this time, Gary suddenly found the most suitable place, that is, the resort of lovers'trysts, and also the best place to enhance the intimacy between couples-the haunted house! You Cary believed that with the courage of all you beauty, when you arrived at the haunted house, you would try your best to attack Li Yalin with moxa. When you did all kinds of intimate actions, the good feeling between each other would definitely go up. Well, it was decided here! "A haunted house?" After hearing the words of Gary, all the United States can not help but first hit a shiver, haunted house, this is so horrible, really want to go? "A haunted house, of course!" Gary said confidently, looking at the fear of beauty, Gary knew that his plan had been more than half successful. "This is not good," all by the United States is still a little hesitant, "female" children, born afraid of some demons and ghosts,faux grass wall, this is inevitable, heaven "nature" so, all by the United States will not be an exception. "Never mind, brother Yalin, are you all right?" Gary waved his hand and then turned to ask for Li Yalin's advice. "I have nothing to do," Li Yalin shrugged his shoulders, so many horrible zombies have seen,fake blossom tree, what is so strange about the haunted house? "Then let's go!" With that, Gary took the lead. She was looking forward to the trip to the haunted house. "Here.." Is it a haunted house? Before the three of them arrived at the haunted house, Yumi was stunned on the spot. Her concept of the haunted house was limited to the small haunted house made by her classmates at the Academy Festival. She could find a way out by walking a few steps. But now what appeared in front of her was a huge castle. Castle, how horrible it would be! "It's really a big city, and it's awesome," said Gary. Although it's only a small sign on the map, who would have thought that this haunted house would be so spectacular, and it would give people a sense of "dark" forest terror from the outside. Just such a "door" face has scared off many people. Now that they have come, they can't back out. Gary secretly encouraged himself. This plan can only succeed but not fail! Li Yalin bought admission tickets for three people, and with the sound of deep music, three people entered the castle through the big'gate '. The so-called haunted house trip is very simple, just follow the tips on the wall or ground, but the light inside the castle is very dim, fake ficus tree ,fake ficus tree, and some tips are placed very secretly. If you miss a tip, you may be completely "lost" in this complex castle. Of course, it is impossible for the amusement park to trap visitors in a haunted house. Every visitor will get a simple messaging device before entering the castle. If you get lost, just press the messaging device and someone will take you out of the castle. It has to be said that this haunted house is really real. As soon as the castle enters the "door", it is a very luxurious hall. The hall is divided into two floors, and there are no other lighting tools except several candles. Above the hall on the first floor, there are three big "doors." The "colors" of these three "doors" are black, red, and gray. They look closed and cannot be opened at all. Above the second floor, there is a completely circular corridor. There is nothing but the horrible oil painting on the wall. Here is the first level of the haunted house, must find new clues, can continue to enter the next level, saying that this is the intelligence to break through the game or the haunted house, who is the designer of this haunted house? How can it be so innovative? "I want to complain!" Gary was very angry, this is what "door" of the haunted house ah, but also to find clues or something, how can enhance the intimacy of elder sister and brother Yalin! But just as Gary was about to turn around and go out to complain, the big door of the castle was closed with a boom. What happened? Just when Gary was surprised, suddenly there was a voice from Li Yalin over the hall. It was a brain-damaged idiot from Yuzhongguangren! "Welcome to happy Entertainment Haunted House Adventure. I am the organizer of this game, Hiroto Yuzhong." This Hiroto Yuzhong is really a ghost. How can I meet him everywhere? It is a great honor to invite Miss Yumi and Miss Gary to participate in this haunted house adventure. Now I will announce the rules of this game, that is, there are no rules! Wahahaha.. What a brain-damaged laugh, for a moment, Li Yalin's head is full of black lines, this Yuzhongguangren has brought the realm of idiocy into full play. "Hiroto Yuzhong, what the hell are you doing?" Li Yalin's voice is very cold, this damn guy is definitely thought of what the whole idea, but also for themselves and two girls. "Haha, Yalin Jun, don't be angry, this is a very interesting game, as long as you can find the clue to leave the haunted house, then you will get the final prize, but on the contrary, if you can't find the clue, then you can only be trapped here all the time." Hiroto continued to laugh and said, the final prize? What the hell is that? "I can't get out." Gary pushed the big "door" at the entrance and found that it had been completely locked. She didn't know who he was. Why did he trap everyone? "Of course you can't get out. This castle is all made of the latest alloy materials. It can't be broken by violence at all. If you want to leave, use your wisdom and courage well!" The voice of Guangren in the imperial court came again, unable to break it by violence? Li Yalin doesn't believe in this evil. Are you kidding me? As long as you want to leave, you can do it every minute. Can you break open the big'door 'by violence? Not to mention, just a simple teleportation can leave, OK? But at this time, Li Yalin is suddenly found that his side task has been updated,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, damn, even the system is also cooperating with this idiot? Ask for a subscription, ask for a subscription to say ~ infinite wallowing.. You can see the latest chapter or Chapter 409 when the game is in progress Chapter 409 when the game is in progress

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