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Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155401 Emploi Plein temps

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"Well, as you said, it doesn't matter whether he comes or not. Anyway, he can't escape from my hands!" Speaking of this, Hong Zun proudly straightened his body, looked slightly stunned, and his hands # # # danced. With his movements, countless Shenhua surged in the distant sky, and a large number of monks rushed here like the tide. A mighty pressure, like a boundless sea, swept across the world. Not good! This is the real killing move! At the same time when a large number of monks appeared, Chen Mu and Huang Jiazhu's faces changed sharply, because they were stunned to find that in the distant torrent, most of the monks'cultivation was above the period of Jiedan, and even a few of them had reached the state of infant transformation, but these people were also expressionless and dull, just like the corpses in Hong Zun's mouth. Spell it! Chen Mu eyes flashed a trace of decisive color, not to say, flash rushed to Hong Zun, but Hong Zun seems to have been prepared, the whole person has disappeared in the light wind. Damn it, damn the art of wind escape! Huang Jiazhu saw that Chen Mu did not succeed, secretly scolded, knowing that at this time there was no room for more consideration, raised his hand to run the black seal, rushed to the distant torrent. In the torrent, a large number of people, repair for more than just the puppet monks, just a few short hours, alliance monks casualties, Chen Mu and others had no choice but to lean together, desperately resist, but the hearts of all clear, in any case, the alliance really lost this time! Hong Zun quietly looked at the expression of Chen Mu and others, feeling very happy, his dream for many years can finally come true, when he endured humiliation, not hesitate to go to the small cloud gate, is for today's glory. Old man, did you see that? From today on, the western regions will no longer exist, the whole state will be dominated by Dan Valley, all of this is done by myself, I Hongzun is the peerless overlord, I deserve anyone's respect,jacuzzi bath spa, I don't want to live in your shadow! Speaking of this, Hong Zun looked up to the sky and laughed wildly, his voice like a sharp sword tearing through the thick fog of blood, straight into the sky. Yes, Hong Zun has his own arrogant qualifications, he also has the power of arrogance, because no matter who can see, Dan Gu will win! However, as the saying goes, there are exceptions to everything. When Hong Zun looked up to the sky and laughed, a hoarse voice suddenly sounded in the sky, followed by a suffocating feeling of terror, which made people stand on their heads unconsciously. Hong Zun, perhaps you are wrong, Chen Mu is mine, Chen Feng is mine, and the whole Zhongzhou is mine. Volume I Chapter 96 The Great Battle, the End of the Map of Zhongzhou (III) Chapter 96 The Great Battle, the End of the Map of Zhongzhou (III) "Who?" The voice sounded at the same time, Hong Zunmeng turned his head and looked around, but saw in the distant sky, a group of red fog slowly floating, in the red fog, a looming figure, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,jacuzzi suppliers, wriggling back and forth, people can not see clearly. Blood? Seeing the red mist in the distance, Fei Qing, who had had several contacts with the blood, moved his expression and shouted softly. At the same time, Hong Zun also recognized the man. He raised his eyebrows and shouted in a deep voice, "Little Bloody Evil Spirit, your whereabouts are strange on weekdays. I'm worried about looking for you. It's better if you don't want to come to the door today. Ha ha, it seems that it's really God's will!" Hong Zun's voice, like a bell, explodes in the sky, and the arrogance of his words is obvious. Hong Zun, I didn't expect that I haven't seen you for many years. You are still so annoying. Since we meet again today, I think it's time to settle the old accounts! The red mist gradually dispersed, revealing a blurred figure, only to see the person wearing a black robe, wearing a black veil, people can not see the original appearance. You know me? Hearing the words of the blood evil spirit, Hong Zun was slightly stupefied. In his memory, the information of the blood evil spirit was very rare, and Hong Zun did not remember when they had met. Ha ha, of course, I've seen it, and I'm very familiar with it. Don't you think so? Wang Zun of Little Tianyun Gate, Elder Martial Brother Wang! As soon as the words came out, it was like a thunderbolt, and Hong Zun's whole body shook. At the same time, Zheng Min, who was standing behind him, also looked at the man with a curious face, and his eyes flashed a trace of thought. "Who are you?" Hong Zun was furious. Although sneaking into Tianyun Gate was the starting point of his success, he did not want others to mention it, because when he was in Tiandao Sect, he was as humble as an ant. When facing Shuangjue Zhenren, he was even more servile, which made Hong Zun, who had a strong self-esteem, unable to bear it anyway. Phoenix eyebrow flow, nibble lower lip, Zheng Min's eyes are full of thinking, a pair of fascinating eyes, kept sweeping over the body of blood, but there is no half of the thoughts. However, when Zheng Min's eyes suddenly saw each other's eyes, did not come to rise a bit familiar, it seems that they really recognize this person, but also this is not a small relationship. Suddenly, a very bold idea appeared in Zheng Min's mind, Zheng Min could not help but shout in a low voice: "No, impossible, difficult, is he Yang Zhengyu?" Speaking of Yang Zhengyu, Zheng Min grew up and suddenly remembered the weak man who would rather bear everything and end his life than involve Chen Feng. Remember that it is a withered mountain, Yang Zhengyu bent his body, quietly looking at the bottomless abyss at his feet, when he jumped into the abyss, it is with this pair of eyes, staring at himself and others, is he really the useless person who has been abolished? But, if it is really him, how on earth does he have today's cultivation? What on earth did he encounter under the abyss? "Elder Martial Sister Zheng really has a good memory!" Hoarse voice sounded again, blood slowly raised his hand, took off the black veil on his head, a familiar and strange face, appeared in front of everyone without any shelter. It's really, really him! Zheng Min let out an exclamation. No, it's impossible. How can a person whose spiritual roots have been abandoned practice again? No, it's impossible! Yang Zhengyu's appearance, completely disrupted Hong Zun's thoughts, in fact, in terms of his present cultivation, there is no need to be so alarmed. The main reason why he panicked was that when he saw Yang Zhengyu, he smelled a sense of danger in an instant. Chen Feng and Yang Zhengyu's relationship,whirlpool hot tub, Hong Zun knows, so if the blood is formed by Yang Zhengyu, it must mean that the blood will unconditionally help the Western Alliance.

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Upgrade to God _ 202002 15155401