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Upgrading with space _ 20200215155403. Emploi Temps partiel

20 févr. 2023 à 5h43   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   21 vues Référence: 345
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In this way, a person and an animal pulled up the separatist war, love to laugh, of course, it is impossible to relax vigilance, after all, the hope of the space of fire is likely to be on the body of this little thing, so that the eyes are like torches, without a little hesitation. As for the little thing on the other side, it seemed as if she wanted to give up, but the carrot was so attractive to her that she could not resist the temptation and turned around again. See the game, love to laugh more vigorously, "little thing, come here, sister has a lot of this delicious good things." Laughing is like a wolf grandmother who coaxes Little Red Riding Hood, holding a carrot that many people and many animals despise and making an obscene gesture, trying to lure cute little things to take the bait. The little thing shook his head at Aixiao, and finally seemed to have made up his mind, and his whole body appeared in the sight of Aixiao. Rabbit Love to laugh to see is really a rabbit, that shape is an ordinary cute rabbit, but not a cute little white rabbit, but a little red rabbit. The rabbit was apparently frightened by the sound of the laughing "rabbit", as if it was followed by a real tiger, and immediately shrank and refused to show up again. Love to laugh and want to kill their own hearts have, this clearly know how cautious this little thing, why do you want to shout loudly? Even if you dare to play strange to its shape, there is no need to cry out? However, love to laugh is to blame oneself again, the red rabbit still did not appear again,Coil nail machine, even though the feet of love to laugh have piled up a lot of carrots. There is no way, love to laugh can only be entangled in the same place, and then look at the direction of the rabbit's disappearance, trying to find something wrong, which is really because of the eyes of love to laugh. Where the rabbit disappeared, there was no gap. How did she disappear? Aixiao is sure that with his present eyesight, he is not wrong about this matter. Love laughter can no longer control their own feet, although the movement will be tingling, but not to the point that they can not move, so love laughter moved to that place at a slow speed. When Love laughed in front of that place, he was once again sure that what he saw in front of him was not wrong, because there was really no hole, not to mention the gap for rabbits to pass through, there was not even a small hole the size of a finger for Love to laugh. How on earth did the rabbit disappear? Love laughs and tries to turn his brain, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Nail machine supplier, but he still can't find the answer. Is the rabbit itself too magical? Or is there something wrong with the soil in this place? Laughter can only think of these two possibilities. For the rabbit, love to laugh is not seen for the time being, then, this soil? Aixiao carefully touched the earthen wall with his hand. As soon as his hand touched it, he quickly drew back. This is not to say that Aixiao thought there would be something dangerous in the earth. It was purely that Aixiao worried that if the earth was too loose, the inexplicable pit might collapse. At that time, Aiximao would have no way to cry. As soon as the smiling hand touched the earth wall, immediately, the sound of rustling came, and the earth seemed to fall down like a brush squeezed by gravity, and before I had time to blink my eyes, the earth wall had landslide a large piece. This When the rabbit disappeared just now, there was no sign of it. Aixiao carefully observed that the soil was only in the place where his hand had touched, and there was no other place to sprinkle on the side. How on earth did the rabbit disappear? Can a rabbit come and go without touching the earth? Red rabbits, Tatun volcanoes, loose soil. Ai Xiao suddenly thought of a possibility. This rabbit is really my goal here this time. She is the legendary volcanic creature Fire Rabbit. At the thought of this, the smiling hand was out of control of the brain. He grabbed it hard on the earthen wall. A black hole appeared in front of the smiling hand. Holding the luminous pearl in his hand, he looked into the hole with a smile and was shocked. Pieces of skeletons stagger here and there, and many skeletons can not see what the circle is, because they have been in the long years by the earth, or, love to laugh, those missing arms and legs should be burned by the eruption of the volcano. Look carefully again, love to laugh almost can not find a complete skeleton. Ai Xiao remembered that before she came to Taiwan, she had found information about the Tatun Volcano Group from Du Niang. 2.8 million years ago, the Datun volcanic area was just above the plate subduction zone, and magma gushed out along the cracks of the fracture, forming an earth-shaking volcanic eruption. Volcanic eruptions in this area lasted for more than 2 million years and did not stop until 200,000 years ago. Ai Xiao did not know which creatures had existed on the earth 200,000 years ago. However, looking at the series of skeletons in front of him, Ai Xiao was sure that there were many creatures living and growing happily here at that time. However, it is clear that they did not escape the frequent eruptions of the volcano, one after another in the paradise that nurtured them to go to death. In fairy tales, more than 200000 years ago, it should be the time when those legendary creatures were frequently active. I don't know if I should believe in the truth of those fairy tales when I grew up in the 21st century. However, I believe that those legendary creatures basically existed. They once wrote their own glorious page at a certain stage in the history of the earth. Because there is not only space for love to laugh, but also the corpses of creatures that have never been heard of in space, as well as medicinal materials that can only exist in fairy tales. In addition, love to laugh has the most favorable proof, Jiao. In front of the bones of these animals, love to laugh not too much sadness, there is only a touch of sadness, no matter how powerful creatures, in front of nature, they are always how small, then,Nail machine manufacturer, now the Mayan legend, the language about the end of mankind is really not any truth? Love to laugh now is not like before just looking at the smile, her heart suddenly that may really come to the end of a little worry. The Battle between the Text and the Fire Rabbit A contest with the fire rabbit.

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Upgrading with space _ 20200215155403.