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Urban crisis Emploi Plein temps

3 mars 2023 à 4h53   Services financiers   Saint-Louis   78 vues Référence: 500
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Suddenly, he can wait to see a flash of a figure. He followed quietly and approached. Yang Ke, who had slipped under the eaves, threw up the rope with iron claws and grabbed the top of the wall. He Kedai cried out, "Who?"? Stop! He Kedai rushed at the figure. Yang Ke quickly grabbed the rope, jumped up the wall and climbed over the top of the wall. He jumped to the floor of the alley outside the wall. Reel up and get into a waiting car. The car sped away. He Ke waited to enter the door and go upstairs suspiciously. After entering the room, he turned on the lights and checked the rooms. Xiu Xiangzhen heard the sound and came. Mom, was anyone here just now? "No." "I saw a dark figure who seemed to be going out of our house. When I called, he ran over the wall." Xiu Xiangzhen was suddenly enlightened: "Yes, I thought I heard something in your father's study just now. I checked it, but I didn't see anyone." He Kedai rushed into the study to turn on the light and looked around keenly. He went to the safe, opened the safe and gasped, "It's over. The money was stolen." Xiu Xiangzhen rushed to the safe to look inside. Her face was pale and her lips trembled. "My jewelry is gone, too." "It's strange that Dad's papers have been turned over, too. Look, they're in a mess." Xiu Xiangzhen howled, "My God!"! How can we live in the future? "You can't even watch your home. What's the use of crying now? Why don't you report it to the police as soon as possible?" "Report a case?"? Yes, report it quickly. He Kedai picked up the phone and dialed. Xiu Xiangzhen pressed the phone and said, "I can't report the case. How did the money come from? You and I don't know. If the way is not clear,temperature scanning kiosks, it's not asking for trouble."? How can a weasel only bite a sick duck? Xiu Xiangzhen cried again. He Kedai smokes and meditates. Half a day says: "This is not general burglary, what use does thief turn over a file to have?" Yang Ke, who rushed back to the Horizon Hotel, stood in front of Jiao Dongfang: "Brother, is that the document you want?" Looking at the three documents stolen by Yang Ke, Jiao Dongfang sighed and said, "Unfortunately,digital signage screen, they are not what I want." "Then I'll find a chance to go again." Jiao Dongfang shook his head and said, "Well, now that they've discovered you, you'll only fall into the trap if you go there again. He Qizhang is a ghost. Where did he hide the approval?" On the broad hillside of the six shooting clubs, mobile targets shuttled back and forth, and the crisp sound of gunfire became one. Jiang Yuexiu, a long-haired girl in jeans in her twenties, pulled the trigger of a light machine gun and fired a string of bullets. He Kedai walked up to the girl with a submachine gun, aimed at the target and fired. Jiang Yuexiu stopped shooting, took off her earplugs and said discontentedly, "You can wait. How did you hit my target? I know you are a good marksman, so don't shake your wits in front of me." He Kedai didn't stop shooting. He didn't miss a shot. I'm sorry, I helped you to destroy it quickly because I had something urgent to say. Jiang Yuexiu pouted disappointedly and said, smart interactive whiteboard ,facial recognition thermometer, "No more fighting." Manager Huang, who has been waiting by the side, came here. Miss Chiang, don't you play? Jiang Yuexiu shook her long hair, "I saved you hundreds of bullets.". Manager Huang, how can I collect the money? You're welcome. Look at what you said. We can't invite the daughter of the police chief! Without the vigorous support of Director Jiang, the shooting club could not be opened at all. Go back and take care of Director Jiang. Welcome Director Jiang to visit us. Would you like to have a rest in the VIP room? Ye flavor is ready for you. Then sit down for a while. Go, wait. Manager Huang led Jiang Yuexiu and He Kedai into the VIP room. He asked the guests to sit down on the sofa, took out a bottle of Remy Martin and put it on the tea table, and brought two goblets. You two drink slowly, and I won't bother you. He Kedai went to the gun rack along the wall, where all kinds of long guns were displayed. There are all kinds of pistols in the glass cabinet. Jiang Yuexiu came over, holding a goblet of wine in each hand. If you have something to say, say it quickly. He Kedai took the glass, "thank you." Jiang Yuexiu hugged He Kewei and kissed him. He Kedai could not lift his spirits. He drank up the wine in his glass and poured half of it. He took out two pieces of paper from his pocket and stuffed them into Jiang Yuexiu's hand. Two deals, you get two people. The man surnamed Zhang is a fraud. He has been in the Bureau for just three days, but he can still be saved. His family is willing to pay 100,000 yuan. This man surnamed Li is a little difficult to handle. They spent a lot of money wrongly. As a result, they rode a donkey. The case was almost closed. They were sentenced to at least 20 years. The man surnamed Li asked for a meritorious service and a proof that the original materials were not true. He was willing to pay 200,000 yuan. "Oh, that's all. Bring it.". However, if you tell the family member surnamed Zhang, it will cost two hundred thousand yuan, and you can't do anything less. Now, unlike in the past, a branch office arrested three policemen because of fishing. "Well, I'll tell them, I guess it's no problem. If I don't kill them, who will?"? "But can we fish it out by receiving money from others and eliminating disasters with others?" Jiang Yuexiu's long hair was thrown again, "don't you believe me?"? Which time did not fish out the person for you! As long as we don't go to the execution ground, we can all come back to life, that is, the head can't be connected. "How else do I have to beg you? It's hard for me to get this kind of money. I can earn it or not in the future." "But wait, why don't you wash the boat in the river?"? Have the right not to expire. What you said is also reasonable. In the future, if it is less than two hundred thousand, you will not get it. The main thing is, don't let my dad know about these things. He Kedai lit a cigarette and took a few puffs and said, "Yuexiu, my father definitely didn't commit suicide. I'm investigating.". Is it all right when I need your help? "No problem, you can wait.". I wish your father was a martyr murdered by bad people, then my father would not object to our marriage! "What did your father say about our marriage?" He wondered. Jiang Yuexiu says nonchalantly: "He says his.". He can't control me. "What did he say?" He asked me to reconsider. However, there is no clear objection. He Kedai sneered. He wasn't like that before,face recognition identification, urging us to get married. Jiang Yuexiu pulled He Ke to sit on the sofa and lay in his arms acting like a spoiled child. Officialdom, it is this virtue Xing. Your father has a problem. He wants to break off the engagement. There is no friendship. Don't worry, I can wait.

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Urban crisis