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Who is not a little princess (modern rebirth) Emploi Plein temps

25 nov. 2022 à 2h12   Répétiteur   Passi   185 vues Référence: 56
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As soon as she finished, several foreign judges beside her nodded. Zhong Yu looked at the two "almost the same" design drawings and said unwillingly, "Why! Judge, I have drawn exactly the same picture! And even if you prove that this is not my work, how can you prove that I used someone else's? If you look for it, you can't have the same work as mine! I think it must be.. "Connect." Yan's sudden words interrupted the awkward atmosphere at the scene, and the host cast a look at him for help, "The meaning of Yan's designer.." "Connect to the original author." "Let me prove it to you," said the swallow with a faint smile. The author has something to say: Thank you for leaving the little angel QAQ who commented on the nutrient solution. I am too busy and tired these two days. I will put it on the list of thanks in two days. Mody chirp! Daily heart to heart! Chapter 86 the hot search of the little princess. The host was stunned for a moment and said uncertainly, "Please, wait a minute, Yan designer, do you know who the original author is?" As soon as he said this, Zhong Yu's heart also "missed a beat". There is no doubt that the original author must be Zhong Ling, but from the mouth of Yan, did Zhong Ling ever mention this design to him? "Yes, I know." "Then ask designer Yan to wait a minute." The host ran to the production team and discussed with them. Indeed,euro plastic pallet, plagiarism and even the use of other people's works is something that has never happened to the design star over the years. The work that entered the top 20 was just put up today, but the previous ones were all put on the Internet. Being able to enter this level shows that the previous works will certainly not be bad, but why did it appear to steal other people's works at this juncture? The director frowned, feeling that things were not simple. But looking at Yan's dignified expression, he unconsciously trusted him very much. The director nodded and said softly, "Plagiarism and embezzlement in the design circle is unforgivable. Since Yan said so, we should do what he said. This is a serious program,foldable bulk container, and we must not deviate from it." "Good." The host said and went on stage again. He looked at Zhong Yu, whose expression was not right, and asked, "This contestant, can you contact the original author?" "I don't know who the original author is!" Zhong Yuhong said with her neck, "If you insist on looking for it, then I want to see who stole my work!" "Good," Yan Yi nods, "I open my speakerphone first. Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed a number. He turned on the speakerphone and put the phone close to the microphone, which was very obvious in the quiet scene. Hello "What are you doing, Zhong Ling?" "Zhong Ling?!" Chen Yana exclaimed, she said in disbelief, collapsible pallet box ,plastic trash bins, "This work is Zhong Ling's?!" "Oh, my God." The scene sent out a cry of surprise one after another. I said this Zhong Yu is Zhong Ling's sister! If the original author is Zhong Ling, it's not surprising that she can take it at any time. A girl exclaimed in a low voice. I'm in the same class with Zhong Ling. She often paints in class. She draws many different drafts in a class. If she is at home, her sister will be easy to take. "But I didn't think the original author was Zhong Ling." It is said that the judge is Yan Yi. From the relationship between Zhong Ling and Yan Yi, many of her designs are understood by Yan Yi, right? "How could you copy Zhong Ling?" The chirping voice rang, but Zhong Ling's "I'm at home" quieted the scene again, holding his breath and listening to the voice coming from the microphone. Do you know about the drawings? Zhong Ling was silent for a moment. In fact, her silence was not hesitation, but anger. She just saw someone's micro-blog and knew that the current situation was that Yan was on the judges' table and Zhong Yu was on the stage. When she heard the voices of many people coming from behind, she quickly realized that she must be at the scene now. Yan called her. So Zhong Ling suppressed his anger and said softly, "I know.". Sister, you have a good talent since you were a child, but I can't imagine why you use my drawings? Obviously, you can succeed on your own. Zhong Yu broke out in a cold sweat on the stage. She thought she would make a scene with Zhong Ling's character. When the time came, she would pretend to be pitiful. Now people are the best at whitewashing and pretending to be pitiful. Unexpectedly, Zhong Ling was one step ahead of her. As soon as Zhong Ling spoke, everyone seemed to look at Zhong Yu as if they had firmly believed, and their eyes were full of blame. Zhong Yu swallowed saliva and said, "Sister, how can you say that about me casually?"? Do you have drawings and evidence that this is yours? "Yes." As soon as Zhong Ling said, Zhong Yu murmured, "How." How is that possible? You won't have a blueprint! The drawings are clearly in her hands and have been handed over to the organizers of the program! "Host, is it convenient to connect the video on the screen?" The swallow suddenly said lightly. OK All right The host looked at the director, saw that he nodded firmly, and immediately called the backstage people to open the video connection. After the swallow hung up the phone, as usual, the video connected to Zhong Ling, the screen connected to the swallow's mobile phone, and soon a very clear Zhong Ling's face appeared on the big screen. She sat on the sofa in her room, wearing a beautiful Anson's floral skirt, because at home, her hair was tied with a small twist on one side of her neck, and she still looked very beautiful with light makeup. As soon as she appeared, the people at the scene forgot that the connection was to find the drawings. Zhong Ling! Zhong Ling! "Zhong Ling, you are so beautiful." "Rub your heart for Zhong Ling!" Yan Yi helplessly raised his mobile phone a little, and Zhong Ling went from seeing Yan Yi's face to seeing only Yan Yi's hair and the audience who kept shouting behind him. Zhong Ling waved his hand with a smile and said, "Hello, everyone." "Zhong Linghao-" "Zhong Ling,plastic wheelie bins, why don't you come here? I want to see you!" "Yan Yi and Zhong Ling video, my God, Zhongshan couple life push!"

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