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Who is who's who? Emploi Plein temps

29 déc. 2022 à 5h02   Aide Ouvrier   Fatick   253 vues Référence: 256
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Constantly changing and flickering blue light. Had it not been for the strong vibration in her palm at the moment, she would not have realized that it was a call from her mobile phone. The name displayed on the screen surprised Su Mo, almost a second or two of absence. Woman, where is the nearest gas station on HK Highway? Long-term interviews outside, familiar with the road situation, the man has always been impolite to use her as a living map of the city. Gas station? Why does he ask this? The HK highway is so long. Although there are several gas stations, they are far apart. Where are you now? Long fingers point to the map resting on the passenger seat cushion, skim over the landmarks of a village, and find the nearest one. Near HK West Road. It seems to be away from something. Siwei Village is not far. Siwei Village? Isn't that on the edge of Wutou village? What a coincidence. "You drive straight ahead, turn right at the second intersection, and there's a gas station about 100 meters away." "I know." He answered, as if he had no intention of hanging up. Su Mo asked naturally, "Why did you go there?" Is it difficult for a new lover to live in a place like this? "I took a project." The man on the other end of the phone answered casually. When did your design Institute reduce to letting the winner of the PC Gold Award go to the countryside to pick up the project? PC, the abbreviation of perfect creation in English, means "perfect creation". The prestigious award of the Italian architectural design industry, regardless of national boundaries, is designed to encourage some young designers who dare to break through and innovate and have unique talents. Jiang Zixi got it in the second year after graduation from school. Hearing the sarcasm in Su Mo's words,uns c70600, he smiled faintly, "An explosive group manager, benefiting the countryside, is going to build a science and technology building here." These days, anything can happen. Obviously, Su Mo, who works in the media,321 stainless steel sheet, has long been familiar with it. Have you finished your interview? Gently, the ear floated to such a sentence. Is it your own delusion? His rare gentleness was so gentle that there was no trace of evil in his serious tone. Well, it's just over. Do you have a car? I'll come and pick you up without a car. This remark was followed by two succinct words, "On the way!" Somehow, Su Mo's heart trembled slightly, trembling out, "good!" "Probably.." Be there in 15 minutes. There was a sharp pause on the other end of the phone. "I have to go to refuel first." The head has been looking at the distance. In a gray place, there are sporadic village lights. Press the Bluetooth switch and remove the headset. Heart is a container that keeps accumulating every bit about you. Although I always keep my mouth shut, my yearning is full and my eyes are wet. Because I miss you so much that I am afraid of this loneliness. If I could run to you right now, I wouldn't hesitate. Intuition that we should belong together or I won't be unable to stop every time Thinking of you has become a worry, waiting for you has become persistence, desire in the eyes is too late to hide and so honest. I have a gut feeling that we should belong together, x70 line pipe ,a333 grade 6 pipe, or I wouldn't always be lost. In the blink of an eye of the day, the breath of the night is full of messages about how much I love you and miss you. Inside the car is Zhang Xinzhe's magnetic voice, which is very suitable for such humid weather. ZIPPO opened the lid with a crisp sound and lit a cigarette gently. Smoke rose, as if it covered the dim shadows of the trees in the distance and covered its own dim eyes. The road sign of Wutou Village, from just now to now, has been quietly staying in the rain and fog outside the window. ————————————————— Row upon row of days. South to the north, all the travel, seems to be in vain. If possible, go back to the past and see how persistent, absurd and desperate we were in those years. "Jiang Zixi!" Brewing a whole class time, the voice of shouting is naturally full of confidence. The handsome boy standing in front of the blackboard looked back in surprise and looked at a corner in the back row. Because the professor who lectured on Financial Markets was sick and asked for leave, as a teaching assistant in this subject, he could only toughen his scalp to tutor the afternoon self-study class today. Everything went smoothly until just now, near the end of the class. According to the lecturer's usual practice, he asked, "What questions do you have?" Class is over if there is no problem. Jiang Zixi, I want to chase you! Sophomore Media Department, Su Mo! It's like an oath, and it's clearly signed. Then Then what? How many people asked about it and.. In fact, he himself would like to know that damn then! But unluckily, there is no then. "It is said that women chase men, interlayer yarn", but who has seen her such a novel way of pursuit? After the high-profile announcement of the declaration to pursue him, there was no news for a whole semester, or was it called staying put? Not to mention love letters and gifts, not even a figure was seen. If it was to get his attention, obviously she succeeded! People who have no chance will not meet on the road, and the campus of T University covers an area of 100 acres. But strange things always happen again and again, people who can't see her can always hear about her. It's not about anything else, it's about me and her. For example, the story of "how Jiang Zixi refused Su Mo with a sense of justice yesterday, and how Su Mo brazenly continued to come to the door today", with so many versions and twists and turns of the plot, simply makes people laugh and cry. However, the parties did not jump out to defend themselves, and of course they did not have to do so. Until one day, the sports equipment room in the playground. He finally found the instigator. So you still like Chu Ching-chieh more? "Well!" A soft promise. Someone is here? Jiang Zixi, who just wanted to get a basketball, stopped moving forward. He has never been interested in the worries of the little girls. Where is Su Mo? Or do you like Jiang Zixi? Just want to turn around and leave, I heard my name,316ti stainless steel, and. Her.. "I don't know, maybe." Ambiguous, what kind of answer is that.

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