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Wife disaster Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h43   Banque   Dakar   152 vues Référence: 403
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Small grass sees them a few do not have demur, begin to submit an account: "Sell a watch to follow a stock, add up to earn 28673 8, returned 6 thousand of Taoist priest, still have 280,738 money.". In addition, there are about fifteen thousand yuan in the daily floating reserve fund, which adds up to 295738 yuan. The restaurant and the canteen still have to keep some working capital. You can see how much you can keep. The rest is divided into four parts. He Tianliang asked, "How much reserve fund do you think is appropriate for restaurants and canteens?" Grass says: "This also does not have a fixed number, much more handle affairs, little less handle affairs.". Some time ago, Sanli put all the money on the stock market, and we still survived. The latter sentence is obviously stimulating Sanli. Bao Ya immediately interjected: "Without Sanli putting the more than ten thousand yuan on the stock market, where did he earn more than thirty thousand yuan?" The grass gave her a sidelong glance, but there was no stubble. He Tianliang thought for a moment and said, "I think that's it. All the money is divided into four parts, and none of it is left." The grass looked at him in a daze and did not understand what he meant for a moment. Sanli asked, "It's all divided up. Is this catering center still open?" He Tianliang smiled and said,Ceramic Band Heater, "It's not interesting to do it like this. After today, you have the capital to do some business by yourself. You are all friends. Don't make everyone unhappy because of these things in the future." Sanli blushed and stopped talking. Grass also understood the meaning of He Tianliang, immediately said: "In this case, we will divide the money once.". I have reported the account just now, and the total is 295738 yuan. At this point, he took out his calculator and pressed it for a while, "295738,Alumina Ceramic C795, divided by four is 73934 five cents, and then you calculate it right?" Sanli hurriedly said, "Don't forget it. Is there any mistake?" Grass said: "It is better to calculate clearly, and do it today, so as not to have to look for the back account." He Tianliang handed Sanli a cigarette, Sanli took it, took it in his hand and played with it, but did not light it. He Tianliang lit a cigarette and took a deep puff. The smoke he exhaled fumigated his eyes. He narrowed his eyes and said calmly, "Anyway, we've been working together for more than a year. We're lucky to have earned such a sum of money. Now that we've earned the money, it's good for us to get it earlier.". In the future, if there is any business, I think it's better to do it this way. If you can do it together, ceramic bobbin element ,10g Ozone Generator, you can do it together. When you finish it, you can share the money. Brothers can settle accounts clearly and save a lot of trouble. If you don't have a business that you can do together, you can make a living by yourself. It's your own business to earn more or less, and no one else can control it. When Baoya saw that she could really get the money into her hands, she was so angry that she explained, "Dawn, don't be oversensitive. It's not that I don't believe you. When you get down like this, it seems that I have disturbed your business.." He Tianliang interrupted her: "OK, Baoya, don't explain. I didn't say you stirred up our business. In fact, even if you did, it's not stirring up our business. Isn't stirring up us equal to stirring up yourself?"? I have figured out that a good friend must not touch a word of profit, which will not be a real good friend. It's not easy for me to have a friendship with you when you are young. If we really fall out because of the uneven distribution of profits in the future, is it worthwhile to throw away the friendship for half a lifetime because of a few yuan? So as early as possible, let's not mix together, each do their own thing, so that we can keep a feeling, and there will be a place to visit and chat with each other in the future. So, I think it's better to take advantage of the money and happily take the share that we deserve. When Sanli heard this, he did not know what to say. He hung his head and kept silent. He put his crutch on the ground, as if someone was digging a tunnel in the room. The grass was busy writing a check. When the check was ready, she asked He Tianliang, "Are you going to get it now?" He Tianliang says: "Take so much cash at a draught, the bank may not give, you took them first 3 stand, we later say again." The grass said, "I just opened it for them.". ” He Tianliang said to Sanli and Baoya, "OK, you can go with Xiaocao to get the money. Be careful on the way. Don't let people stare at you." The grass suddenly remembered and asked, "How to deal with the remaining goods in the canteen?" He Tianliang said, "What else is there to deal with?"? It all belongs to Baoya. Xiaocao said to Baoya, "When will you take time to come over and clean up the goods and pull them away?" Bao Ya hesitated for a moment, nodded and said, "That's OK. I'll deal with the goods. I'll cut the money to you after dealing with it." Grass said: "No, so little goods can be worth a few money?"? Come with me to the bank to get the money quickly, and the bank will be off duty for a while. Baoya followed the grass out of the door. Sanli got up and wanted to say something to He Tianliang, but his mouth moved and he only said "***" and limped behind Baoya. As soon as they left, he Tianliang felt that the whole yard was empty and his heart was empty. He took out a bottle of Erguotou from the counter, opened the lid, and poured a big mouthful of burning liquid from his throat to his heart. Money is a ***ing good thing. Money, money, *** you. He murmured curses and took another gulp of white wine,ceramic bobbin heater, this time the burning feeling was much weaker. Twenty-six He Tianliang was awakened by the cold water. He opened his eyes with a headache as if he had just been hit by a blow. The dim light of the bulb made the room look like an old photograph without color difference. He was in a trance, and for a moment he couldn't figure out where he was or what time it was. There was a smell of food in the room and a faint sound of cars passing in the street outside. Are you awake? The grass's question brought him back from chaos, and he lay in his bed. Then he also saw the grass. The grass was putting a watering can on the table. The watering can was dripping from his pillow to the table. He judged that he was awakened by the water in the watering can.

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Wife disaster