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Winged Shadow Unparalleled-Return of Pearl Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

5 déc. 2022 à 6h26   Indépendants & Freelance   Fatick   225 vues Référence: 208
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The main idea is that Zhao and Bi are insidious and cunning, and they are in cahoots with each other. They have done a lot of evil for many years, and they have let him go long ago. However, they only want to save people because they have important things to do. They do not intend to embarrass him for the time being. Unexpectedly, the rat generation was ignorant and stroked the tiger's beard instead, so he found time to give him a warning. Ming people don't do secret things, and prevent others from suffering, the two families have a lot of servants, although the mistress of the Zhao family is weak, unlike the Bi family, these fellows are also his disciples, at that time with the case, learned skills, according to the original intention, with these people are no match for him, the man is not at home, now the silver is not much, the night before still did not expect to come here, just to listen to a few words in the Bi family, He also knew that the master was crafty, and most of his property was scattered outside, and no one knew about it. Even if he let it go for a while, it was not fair, so he came, and all the gold and silver he had saved had been taken away. In order to come and go bright, but also want to leave a few words to let the master know,316l stainless steel pipe, so as not to teach and punish. And because the hostess was a gentle and weak woman, his costume was easy to frighten people, and he did not want to publicize it, so he woke up the whole family, old and young, gathered together, and warned them in public. When Zhao Sanyuan came back, he asked him how much money he had got from the dog officer, and according to three times the punishment, he donated it to help the poor. If you are willing to be obedient,uns c70600, it doesn't matter if you ask someone to take revenge. Just don't make it public outside and disturb the good people. For the time being, you will never argue with them before they finish their work. Silver will be used to eliminate disasters for them, and fines will also be used for this purpose. If you don't pay all the money tomorrow night, you will follow the old practice of their printing, and add ten percent a day. You can't lose a penny, but it's only ten days. If you don't pay ten days Don't blame your hands then. With that, the strange guest told several things about the two arrests who had colluded with many people who had broken the law and committed fraud. He sternly warned them and said: "If it is other rich and powerful people, it is necessary to point out the advantages and disadvantages and advise them for a while. As long as the other party can repent completely, they can be allowed to turn over a new leaf, not too much.". Zhao and Bi, however, have the habit of catching jackals and wolves, and their nature is hard to change. No matter how good the advice and persuasion are, there is no day for them to repent. What they are doing is a profession that is dedicated to bullying and endangering the common people, and they cannot be allowed to break it. It was easy to get rid of these two vicious dogs, but I always planned carefully in advance and never acted rashly. I would not do anything even if I had a little trouble. Even if I killed him, I would be convinced to kill him. Besides, it was very easy for me to kill him in the dark. But these two dog thieves were conceited, 321 stainless steel sheet ,a333 grade 6 pipe, and they had contacts with Jianghu people and knew many people. If I didn't use them as much as possible, I would only plot against them. You can't tell the enemy. Don't think I can do whatever I want because he's not at home tonight, but I just give him a message first, and I don't really do it. He is usually so arrogant and self-confident that he will never give up the theft in his own house. I am waiting for him to come and look for him at any time. When the time comes, he will know how powerful it is. Be that as it may, a wicked man like him is not without a chance of survival. If he can first resign from his job as a dog officer, and then give all the blood money he gets on weekdays, except for a little capital for changing his profession and living at home, I will designate him to help the poor. Maybe he will make an exception, otherwise he will be hard to say. Then she scolded Wu Shi, to the effect that she was unconscionable, cursed her father's early death, conspired with her husband and wife, tried their best to seize her family's property, wanted to plot against her family's disabled nephew, and relied on her husband's power to abuse her maid and oppress her neighbors. Tonight's matter can only tell the husband, if dare to leak out, do not want to live! There are a lot of assistants in the Zhao family, and more than half of them are Zhao Sanyuan's apprentices who were bribed at the age of 12 or 13. All of them have learned martial arts. There are two teenagers who have higher skills and learn to be a teacher, and often accompany them to handle cases. Under the pressure of Zhao's husband and wife and under the influence of small favors, most of them have developed servility. The sins they suffered when they were young have long been forgotten. They were frightened by strange guests first and did not dare to move until Forced into the bedroom outside the hall, the hands and feet have long been loose, for a long time, secretly pay attention to, feel that the enemy is only one person, but wearing a black suit close to the body, wearing a mask, the shape seems to be terrible, listen to his speech is still the same as ordinary people, two wings under the flank are fake, but two thin skin, attached to some long feathers, determined to be used to frighten people. In order to make a scene in Jinan, because Zhao Sanyuan had never been home since he got the letter, he had never heard of it, and he was so short. Although his tone was evil, his expression and style of speech were quite gentle, and he was very bold. When he forced everyone to enter the door, he still had a sword in his hand. The cold light was dazzling. He knew at a glance that it was unusual. They were frightened by him. The sword also had something to do with it. Later, He thrust his sword behind his shoulder as if nothing had happened. Not only did he want to please the teacher's wife to show his loyalty, but he also felt that there were more than ten people in the family, men and women, old and young. There were six brothers in the single division, and the other assistants and Zhao Zhugang, the eldest son of Sanyuan, had just been startled from the opposite room. There are so many experts in handling cases, and the cat burglar is so rampant that if he is caught, not only is it difficult for the master to explain when he goes home, but it is also a joke to say it out. The most exasperating thing was that the enemy was so proud of himself that he just threatened and warned the hostess, but turned a blind eye to the people around him. Zhao Zhu and another brother and a fellow were still standing behind him, never looking back, peeking at Zhao Zhu with a grim smile on his face and the back of his hand, as if he had a weapon, waiting for the camera to send out a difficult scene. At the same time, he caught a glimpse of the iron bar and steel knife that the Zhao brothers usually practiced martial arts not far from his side. In addition, there was a chain, all of which were ready-made weapons. He thought that he was taken by surprise just now,x60 line pipe, but now the acupoint has been untied, and the hero can't beat many people. Zhao Zhuye is ready to start. If he doesn't do it first, the master will be out of favor when he comes back. Both sides have the idea of plotting against each other.

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