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Wolf relatives and friends (all bl, grave robbery) author: engu (end of VIP) Emploi Plein temps

1er mars 2023 à 5h07   Electricien   Saint-Louis   88 vues Référence: 477
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This guy speaks in the same tone as Xia Wei, and it sounds annoying! Duan He stretched out his right hand to Yang Xiaokong, "Hello, Xiaokong." Yang Xiaokong hesitated and did not dare to stretch out his hand. His hand was the most allergic because it touched the paint the most. It was red and swollen with a piece of peeling. It was quite a person. He was afraid to stretch out and frighten his new friends. Duan He was stupefied and looked doubtfully at Bai Weiyu. Bai Weiyu shrugged his shoulders. "He's afraid his hands will scare you." Smiling, Duan Heqing grabbed Yang Xiaokong's right hand and shook it vigorously, "Xiaokong, I will often go to the opposite Porcelain Workshop to be a friend in the future." Yang Xiaokong nodded shyly. Duan He turned the back of Yang Xiaokong's hand over and observed it for a moment. "Your allergy is too serious. You should avoid lacquer for a while." "He has been avoiding for half a year, and some things can't be avoided, so he can only face them." Bai Weiyu happily hooked Yang Xiaokong's shoulder: "He has no new rash these days. It seems that he is gradually adapting to the big paint!" Duan He patted Yang Xiaokong on the shoulder, "I have studied medicine, and I will give you some medicine for adjuvant treatment. As long as you don't have a rash, you will recover soon." Just as Yang Xiaokong was about to say thank you, Le Zhengqi rushed in with a whirlwind of Jishibang and shouted, "Duan He!" Duan and Yile, "Xiao Qi, school is over?" Jishibang Feitianpu: "Meow!" Duan He dodged aside, "keep this monster away from me!" Bai Weiyu stopped Jishibang, hugged him in his arms and touched him. "Jishibang, Dr. Duan is afraid of you. Don't scare him." Jishibang licked his paws resentfully. "Meow, meow, meow." Le Zhengqi then shouted, "Where is Xiaoman?" Duan He's smile stiffened. "How do I know?" He coughed. Le Zhengqi was disappointed. "Isn't he with you?"? Wei Yu said that you would go on your honeymoon during the Spring Festival. Duan He managed to keep smiling and said gently, kindly and politely, "Don't listen to Bai Weiyu's son of a bitch fart!" Bai Weiyu turned pale with fright: "Brother Duan, you, you, you!"! You should say rude words and curse people! Duan He said coldly, "It's good to curse people. If it were my brother,chrome washing machine, he would only beat people." As soon as Bai Weiyu heard Duan Sha, he shivered and asked tentatively, "What is your brother doing recently?" "What for?" Duan He raised his eyebrows and said, "Go to work." Bai Weiyu felt guilty for no reason: "How is your brother?" "Very well, thank you." "Didn't your brother have any bad luck?" "No." Duan He looked suspicious: "Why are you talking about my brother?" "I.." Bai Weiyu scratched his neck unnaturally. "Where do I have it?" Yang Xiaokong: "You have." Duan and Yile: "Say, my elder brother's police rank has been promoted, and now he seems to be a third-class police inspector..." “……” Bai Weiyu ran to his room in a huff, slammed the door, and silently pulled out a small grass man full of needles from the drawer-let you be in good health, let you get promoted and rich, I prick me prick me prick, I don't believe you can't be killed! Cao Lao and Duan He chatted and were very congenial. I'm afraid no old man would not like a calm and knowledgeable young man. Cao Lao did not praise Duan He as a flower. Then he looked at Bai Weiyu, a flea, and Yang Xiaokong, a doormat. He hated that iron could not become steel. From time to time, gold cil machine ,Carbon in Pulp, he thought of it and scolded him: "Look, they are not much older than you. How sensible they are!"! How steady! Yang Xiaokong accepted modestly: "Cao Lao, what you said is that I will try to correct it." Bai Weiyu curled his lips and said, "Bah!" Cao Lao never mentioned the exchange of students again. The rash on Yang Xiaokong's body grew like an outbreak for more than half a month, and his sensitive constitution was naturally immune. His skin began to recover gradually, getting better day by day, and slowly scabbed. For others, there is no resistance to learning lacquer painting, but for Yang Xiaokong, it is really a chance to lose several layers of skin. Apart from going to Zhuangbi Hall to practice making technique boards, the warehouse behind the Porcelain Workshop is Yang Xiaokong's most frequented place. In Bai Weiyu's opinion, this junior fellow apprentice can always amuse himself. What's there to play with those broken porcelain pieces? Yang Xiaokong was thinking about Du Youshan's promise to lend him a lot of books about porcelain. Every time Du Youshan went to the porcelain workshop, Yang Xiaokong hoped that the other party would take the initiative to mention it. Unfortunately, Du Boss, a busy man, seemed to have a bad memory and completely forgot about it. I can't help it. You can't ask for it after others, can you? Yang Xiaokong had to give up this idea, plunged into the pile of porcelain pieces to figure out what he did not understand, and asked Wei Lao. Although Wei Lao suffers from Alzheimer's disease, once he talks about porcelain, he doesn't talk nonsense and speaks clearly and logically. Because he could not see with his eyes, the way he taught Yang Xiaokong to recognize was particularly different-by touch-described by Wei Nanhe and Le Zhengqi. However, Wei Lao does not agree with the touch of this thing, not accurate! Regardless of other artifacts, anyone who knows anything about porcelain knows the importance of touch. Du Youshan, Wei Nanhe, Le Zhengqi, Duan He, and even several potters in the porcelain workshop have mastered the key to identifying porcelain by "looking, touching, knocking and weighing". The magic of Wei Lao is that he only needs to touch. After decades of tempering, once his fingers touch a piece of porcelain, he can immediately tell the true and false and the year, without any theoretical basis, which can only be sensed but not expressed in words, a mysterious and mysterious ability, which he calls opening the eyes of heaven. Wei Nanhe disdained this superstition, but he could not deny that only his father could identify the things he made, even if the result of carbon 14 identification was genuine, Wei Lao would be exposed as soon as he touched them. Wei Lao is Wei Lao, Yang Xiaokong is Yang Xiaokong, Wei Lao's skill is the myth of the antique world, Yang Xiaokang wants to learn this skill. It's a joke. So when Bai Weiyu asked Yang Xiaokong at the dinner table what he had gained from studying the porcelain pieces, Yang Xiaokong said that he had a little feeling when he touched the porcelain pieces. Le Zheng Qiyi laughed, and Wei Nanhe was too lazy to laugh. Duan He bought a Chevrolet Lechi. He barely managed to pay the down payment with his savings. It was still a little hard to pay the mortgage for his internship salary. He had no money but to call his brother to ask for it. He was severely scolded by Duan: How can I buy such an ugly car? He looks as stupid as you. Duan and the submissive on the mouth, in private: "Stand to talk without pain,coltan ore processing, handsome car and the price is proportional, who like your salary is so high, but also can do seven do eight out of the provident fund to pay the car mortgage?".

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