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Wolong gives birth to smoke and locks the rivers and lakes Emploi Plein temps

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"Miss," said Jiang Yunan, "I have another thing to ask you." "Go ahead, please," said Thyme. Jiang Yunan said, "What is the relationship between the three phoenix girls and a phoenix mother in the Sanfeng Pavilion of the dismount market and the ghost lady?" Thyme said, "I heard that these people are all the trusted followers of the ghost lady.." With a slight pause in his voice, he said, "What are they talking about with you?" Jiang Yunan also did not conceal, explained the feeling of the whole process. After hearing this, Thyme fixed her eyes on Jiang Yunan's face and said slowly, "Brother Jiang, we all have to make some sacrifices in this smoky Jianghu, right?" Jiang Yunan frowned and said, "What the girl said is too profound. I can't understand the overtones." Thyme smiled and said, "Brother Jiang, there is an old trick called a honey trap." Jiang Yunan looked at the thyme for a moment and said, "Well!"! With the beauty of a girl, this plan is feasible. "It's a pity that Lady Ghost is a woman," said Thyme. "Neither Sanfeng nor her mother is a man. The beauty trick doesn't work. Now we have to change it." "What's the change?" Asked Jiang Yunan. "Change it to a beautiful man's trick.." said Thyme. Jiang Yunan understood. His face was hot and he said, "Well,fine bubble diffuser, how could there have been such a stratagem since ancient times?" Thyme said, "The Buddhists have a saying of sacrificing one's life to feed a tiger and cutting one's flesh to feed an eagle. Can't Brother Jiang give up a little affection for his colleagues in Jianghu?" "Miss," said Jiang Yunan, "I have no experience in this kind of thing." Thyme way: "This kind of thing, experience is not too important, the important thing is the condition and a set of false feelings." "I won't be insincere either," said Jiang Yunan. "But you're qualified,MBR reactor," said Thyme. "As for the pretence, you can learn it quickly. My little sister doesn't have this experience either. But I'm sure it's not difficult to learn.." He became very serious and said, "If you want to be bright, why care about this superficial hypocrisy? I believe you will do well, but I am worried about another thing." "What's the matter?" Asked Jiang Yunan. Thyme said, "I've heard that the three phoenixes are all born like flowers. I'm worried that instead of using a beautiful man's trick, you'll be trapped by someone else's beauty trick. How can you steal a chicken without losing a handful of rice?" "You mean the three phoenixes can charm me?" Asked Jiang Zhinan. Thyme smiled and said, "What little sister means is that you'd better charm them.." Jiang Yunan sighed and said, "This.." "You don't have to do this or that," said Thyme. "You need to stick to the principle of righteousness and not stick to trifles. In this gloomy day, you have to use some means." Jiang Yunan gave a wry smile and said, "Use some means. How do you use this means?" "You're a man and she's a woman," said Thyme. "What else is there to deal with?" "Alas," said Jiang Yunan! "Girl, it's easy to say, lamella clarifer ,fine bubble diffuser, but I'm afraid it's not easy to do." "Brother Jiang," said Thyme, "this isn't really about falling in love. It's about deceiving her, as long as she believes it." Jiang Yunan said, "It is because I want to cheat and deceive people that I have the feeling that I am not competent." Thyme hesitated for a moment and said, "How did Miss Sanfeng treat you?" "It's hot and cold," said Jiang Yunan. "It's hard to fathom." "When she's cold," said Thyme, "you'll be a little warmer. When she's hot, you'll be a little colder. Once a girl is in love, she has a great ability and can't use three points." "It seems that you can't say it clearly," said Jiang Yunan. "I'll have to think about it myself." "I don't have any experience," said Thyme. Smile, then said: "However, I will soon have experience, I also want to hone their own." "How are you going to hone yourself?" Asked Jiang Yunan. "Approach men," said Thyme, "and then let them fall at my feet and work for me." "Humph," said Jiang Yunan! If a woman seduces people with her own sex and is willing to serve others, it is really an inferior identity. ” Thyme smiled and said, "What's the matter?"? No way Jiang Yunan sighed and said, "Everyone has his own ambition, and no one can force it." Turn around and stride away. Thyme looked at Jiang Yunan's back and felt a sense of desolation in her heart. Although these two young men and women are both very talented people, they don't know much about things in Jianghu. Suddenly, they take on such a great responsibility, but they feel unable to bear it. Jiang Yunan returned to the ancient temple with an awestruck expression. Yan Wu and Jin had been waiting anxiously for a long time. Yan Wu heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Brother Jiang, how are things going?" "I'm at a loss," said Jiang Yunan. "I don't know how to decide." "Brother Jiang," said Jin Changjiu, "can you tell us the details so that we can discuss them?" Jiang Yunan nodded and told the story of his conversation with Thyme. Yan Wu frowned and said, "That won't work." "What do you think, Senior Yan?" Asked Jiang Yunan. "The meeting of the elders of the Beggars' Sect is a very important matter," said Yan Wu. "If we suddenly rush in, it will be very difficult to explain. Besides, we want to convince them.." "Elder Yan," said Tian Rong, "we are in such a situation that if we refuse to obey the members of the Beggars' Sect, won't we force both sides to fight for their lives?" Jin coughed lightly for a long time and said, "As far as the present situation is concerned, it is very obvious that the Lord of the Black Valley only treats us as killers and forces us to fight with the Beggars' Sect. No matter what the outcome of this battle is, it is inevitable that there will be a lot of casualties. We may still think we are smart, but they are better than us." "That's true," said Gao Tai. "The Lord of the Black Valley is just using one enemy to fight another. It's a good deal for him." Tan Lun, who pretended to be Qu Leshan, suddenly said,Lamella Plate Settler, "Mr. Jiang, it's obvious that the other side is superior. Our Iron Sword Gate has made great sacrifices under your clever words and promises. If the Beggars' Sect follows suit, it will be a tragedy in Wulin."

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Wolong gives birth to smoke and locks the rivers and lakes