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Wu Song _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

25 nov. 2022 à 1h53   Répétiteur   Passi   207 vues Référence: 38
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Yi Ling and others, who had just begun to attack Xia Jie with a crossbow, fled in panic as early as Xia Po's first punch. Although that Yi Ling broke a thigh, but with the remaining leg bouncing, the speed is also much faster than normal people. In a short period of time, they have escaped more than ten miles away, suddenly saw the violent explosion behind them, one by one already scared in a daze, where dare to stay in situ? Has long fled in the direction of the city of Anyi in a hurry. The sorcerer who recited the incantation and drove the ghosts and gods to attack Xia Jie flew rapidly toward Xia Jie. He held a three-foot-long black spur in his hand, which was wrapped in black smoke, and countless ghosts cried faintly. The destination of his bone spur was clearly Xia Jie's heart. If he was stabbed in the heart by such a strange sorcerer, a wisp of Xia Jie's soul would immediately turn into a fierce ghost in the sorcerer and be driven by the sorcerer all his life. Seeing Xia Jie spurting blood all over his body, his limbs were twisted at a strange angle, and it was clear that he could not move. The wizard laughed triumphantly, and the speed of rushing forward was much faster. The bone spur also suddenly trembled, as if he wished he could drink the blood in Xia Jie's heart immediately. White, whose whole body flashed with blazing white light, suddenly jumped down from a big tree like a ghost, and his sharp claws ran silently across the sorcerer's neck. With a bang, the sorcerer, who was only concerned about robbing Xia Jie's ghost essence and blood, but neglected his own defensive power, spurted a spring of blood from his neck, his head flew more than ten feet away, his body staggered forward a few steps, and finally fell heavily to the ground. White also killed a sorcerer by means of a sneak attack, and immediately rushed at the remaining three sorcerers and two sorcerers like a whirlwind. The True Qi of the white tiger on his body turned into hundreds of long spears and big swords, sending out a'hissing 'sound of breaking the air, slashing at the five witches in the distant air. For the first time in his life,die casting parts, Bai squeezed out all his strength. However, the strength gap was too big, and one of the remaining three sorceries grinned grimly. With a simple punch, the same golden sorcery turned into a huge long knife, which was wrapped with a cloud of green fire, and collided with the sword gas of the white. 'Clang 'A loud noise, white issued those sword gas have been smashed, the long knife is homeopathic, mercilessly split in the white heart. Wu Wu grinned grimly and said, "What a rare white beauty! Go to hell." 'When ', as if Hong Zhong Da Lu sounded, it was enough to split a mountain at the waist, but cut a few sparks on the white body, not even a piece of his scales. For the first time in his life, Bai became an unkillable monster. He was deeply grateful to Li Wu for his'abuse 'and'ravage'. Out of the instinct of the beast, car radiator cap ,car radiator cap, Bai clearly realized how significant his strong and abnormal body was. 'Quack 'A strange laugh, even the internal organs have not been a little shock of the white luck in the body of the white tiger true gas,' cough cough 'sound toward the five witches rushed past. The five witches were a little dumbfounded as they watched Bai jump up and down again, and suddenly there was a loud shout, and countless witchcraft spells were directed at Bai at the same time. The sky was full of clouds, ghosts, fires, golden knives, and huge stones. Countless powerful witchcraft spells exploded in the air, like marbles. They were blown up here for a while, and then blown to another place for a while. Countless flames flashed on the white body, but not even one of the white hairs was knocked down. Countless ghosts and spirits like flying in the sky, the hands of weapons like rain hit the white down, but still can only hit a piece of Mars, where can he be hurt? A Wu Wu exclaimed, "Is this true?"? How is that possible? Seeing that the ordinary sorcery spell had no effect on the white at all, Wu Wu was worried. Just made such a big noise, Anyi city guards must have come here. If you can't kill Xia Jie, then how can you go back? Then he shouted, "You go and kill Xia Jie, and I'll deal with this beast." With that, he threw himself on the body and grabbed the white long arm with two big hands. He wanted to use his overwhelming physical strength to subdue Bai first. The four witches obeyed and rushed toward Xia Jie, who was lying on the ground. Bai was so anxious that he squeaked and shot out more than a dozen swords at random to intercept the four witches, but they were all intercepted by the witches in front of him. The sharp sword gas shattered on the witch's big hand and sent out a series of explosions. White more anxious, suddenly carried all the white tiger True Qi of the whole body, gathered into a very strong white light, opened his big mouth, and shot at Wu Wu who was close at hand. Wu Wu was startled. "Crafty brute," he said angrily. Rao is his sorcery power is strong, but also dare not use fragile face to receive that white light ah? He could only use two arms to protect his head and face, and hit the white light hard. With a crisp sound, Wu Wu's clothes were blown to pieces, and the muscles on his two arms were lifted off a layer, which made Wu Wu scream with pain. Immediately afterwards, the four witches who rushed to Xia Jie also gave a frightened cry. Xia Jie took out a half-red and half-black palm-sized round mirror from his bracelet, sprayed purple True Qi on the round mirror, and shook it again and again with the black mirror toward the four great witches. The four witches trembled all over, only to feel that their souls were about to fly, and a wisp of ghosts almost drifted out of the seven orifices. How could they not exclaim at such a strange thing? The round mirror sent out a black light tens of feet long, covering the four witches inside, a huge suction, constantly pumping the soul, essence and blood in their bodies. This round mirror is the famous innate magic weapon, the mirror of Yin and Yang, but it is also the imitation of the Taoist Duobao, and its strength is a little worse. If the genuine mirror of Yin and Yang were here, the four witches would have been stripped of their souls and died tragically on the spot. However,die cast light housing, although this imitation of the goods is not powerful enough, but also let Xia Jie free up his hands. Still carrying in his sleeve, the sorcery weapon presented by the celestial sorcerer was ordered out by Xia Jie.

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