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Wu Song _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise Emploi Plein temps

23 févr. 2023 à 2h32   Banque   Dakar   224 vues Référence: 389
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"Of course, we don't expect you to understand what cloning is, but you just need to understand that it's a great invention that is equivalent to a miracle," Han Tunguras said with a little reserve. Only an incarnation made of our body can deceive Satan-Augustus! The old man, whom Thor called his great-grandfather, shrieked, "Well, Lord Tunguras, let's not waste any more time.". These guys are here to save us. We have to get out of here! He squinted at Xia Jie and screamed, "Do you have any way to save thousands of us?"? If you can get us out of here, then the deal is done, and the fortress of doom is yours! First of all, I tell you that Doomsday Fortress is built by six of us. Without us, you can't control Doomsday Fortress completely! Duobao Taoist blinked his eyes, took out the white cloth, and put the thousands of people in it. Cain looked at all this coldly, trying to suppress his surprise and anger. Seeing the Taoist Duobao put Han Tunguras into a strange white cloth bag,endless swim spa, Cain couldn't help sneering: "These damn things, they, they can still survive?"? They completely betrayed the glory of God, completely betrayed their father! They all deserve to die! Cain slowly raised his hand, as if to give the order for an all-out attack, but he hesitated for a moment,best whirlpool tub, slowly lowered his arm and sneered, "You have achieved your goal. What else do you want to do?"? Do you really want to die with us? I must warn you that the defenses of Atlantis are not as weak as you see them! Large groups of werewolves and blood clans emerged from the streets. It seemed that all the residents of Atlantis had turned into werewolves and blood clans. Only a few sea warriors appeared. The sky and the ground were covered by heavily armed werewolf warriors and blood warriors. Tai Yi waved his wand a little impulsively. He shouted in surprise, "My dear son, shall we rush to kill him?"? Hey hey, very easy arrived on this island, do not toss about a meal, how be convinced? Xia Jie a burst of nervous thinking, Cain or Pan Geng, they put on such a defensive posture, is to do? Is there anything important in the temple of the sea? Do you want to force your way in? However, their own so few people, to save tens of thousands of people is still easy, endless pool factory ,hot tub wholesale, to storm into the temple of the ocean, how much to pay? Can Tai Yi and Xin resist the joint siege of more than one thousand Wu Wu above Jiuding? Looking around at more and more werewolves and blood clans, Xia Jie frowned tightly and tightly. However, a group of barbarian witches suddenly rushed straight from the direction of the open sea, so that Xia Jie made up his mind: "Don't create complications, let's go!"! With Fortress of Doom, we have time to take care of them! With a long roar, Xia Jie patted Xuanwu on the head and rushed in the direction of the mainland. Tai Yi and Xin used their killers at the same time. The void around them trembled. Countless blood clans fell to the ground like rain. Countless werewolf warriors on the ground were smashed into pieces. Even the barbarian witches who had been reinforced were suddenly killed by hundreds of people. Xia Jie and his party quickly broke away from Atlantis and walked away in the direction of the mainland. Have rescued the people they said, there is no need for any more right and wrong, as long as the total acceptance of the doomsday fortress, the army of Daxia in the ground and sky at the same time occupy an absolute advantage, this continent, will completely belong to the rule of Daxia, other countries, or submit, or destroy! A group of people with a relaxed smile, flying rapidly on the sea. Suddenly, from the island of Atlantis, a huge and majestic force with great power suddenly came out. A cold, extremely evil voice suddenly sounded in the ears of the people: "Wait!"! You'people 'who dare to offend me, Thanatan Augustus! I will crush you to death one by one! Today, I will show you the power I have mastered! An irresistible and terrible power fell from the sky and hit Xia Jie fiercely. Xia Jie's soft dragon skin armor was shattered in an instant, the purple light of the purple ribbon fairy clothes was forced back to his body, and the basalt armor that Xuanwu had blessed him in a hurry was also shattered, Xia Jie snorted, only felt a sharp pain all over his body, the skin on his body exploded inch by inch, the muscles exploded piece by piece, and the bones on his body made a terrible noise that was almost blown to pieces. The huge body turned into a shapeless meat sauce and plunged into the sea. Even Taiyi had no time to lend a helping hand. Xin's face turned green at that moment, and the anger in her eyes turned into two groups of faint ghost fires that rushed out of her eyes and burned. She was about to rescue Xia Jie with the power of Yimu sorcery, when another terrible pressure fell from the sky and went straight to Xia Jie. The evil laughter of Thanatan Augustus kept ringing out: "Strange, he has a very strange treasure inside him to protect him, otherwise he would have been turned into pieces.". But what's the difference? It's just that I waste a little more. Ah, damn it, I knew it, this thing is not easy to control! The second wave of pressure grazed Xia Jie's body and disappeared abruptly with the voice of Satan Augustus, just as he appeared abruptly. Xia Jie's back was swept by the pressure, a piece of flesh and blood splashed, Xia Jie's spine was broken a few pieces,indoor endless pool, from his back can see his internal organs in the rapid beating. Xia Jie, who was already completely out of shape, failed to hum and fell into the sea with a thump. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 159 anger (I).

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Wu Song _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise