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Xing Tang Emploi Plein temps

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Li Wei put down his airs and studied modestly, asked questions immediately where he did not understand, and combined with his own point of view, when he read Zhou Li, many places he did not understand gradually came over. Of course, it is still far away from mastery, not to understand the general meaning, but also to understand the meaning of every word in it. But Li Wei has a very good foundation, is an adult, mature mind, whether he or Li Hong, talent is good, really learn up, is also very fast. Those who learn are earnest and modest, those who speak like to leave no foundation, and the day passes unconsciously. Li Wei gained a lot on this day, although he thought he had learned a lot of useless things. As dusk approached, a eunuch came over and said in a low voice, "The imperial edict of Luoyang." Oh, is Li Zhi going to summon himself to Luoyang? Li Wei walked back to his bedroom and replaced him with a eunuch, who was even older, about sixty years old. "I don't deserve it," said the eunuch. "Your Highness will accept the decree." Li Wei bent down to receive the decree. The eunuch began to open the imperial edict and read aloud, "When you were young, I hired a Confucianist to teach you righteousness, so that you would be the hope of the world.". Since the position of the East Palace, after many years, HongRu teach,Automatic Nail Making Machine, I also teach. Be lucky and cautious, and serve as your supervisor in all directions. He who supervises the country watches the ministers in charge of government affairs. Needless to say, this is the imperial edict written by Li Zhi himself, or written by Wu Zetian and narrated by Li Zhi. But come up, the words are not fierce, like a narrative. But then the conversation changed! "What is filial piety when one thinks of being submissive?"! People's filial piety, parents. The filial piety of the king is the rule of the world. What do you say? It's a waste of my heart. It's a confidant of Jingzhao country. If you lose your confidant and want to take care of Dongdu, you will disappoint me! Li Wei dizzy, oneself is not to flatter Wu Zetian, but also more or less by the way to flatter you,Nail machine supplier, why wear a big hat for yourself. Chang'an, the confidant of the country, you also know, why go to Luoyang, even if this time to eat, there was no drought before, you are not often go to Luoyang? "When you were young, I taught you to learn, and then hundreds of great Confucians taught you.". What is learning? What poem do you write? Are you a wild man in the village? Li Wei stuck out his tongue, darling Dongdong, in the past eleven or twelve years, there have been hundreds of great Confucian scholars who have taught Li Hong. He is really a prince. What a big hand. But Feng Yuxiang is not a wild man in the village. Depressed, originally wanted to repair the relationship, flatter, did not expect to pat on the horse's hoof. However, this also reminded him that in the future, it is better to write his own poems or to bring other people's poems, and never take that kind of very white. In fact, the poems written by Wang Fanzhi, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, a poet in the early Tang Dynasty, were simple and satirical, and were widely circulated, but because they were too white, they were regarded as inferior people by the orthodox. But in fact, speaking at this time is already very close to the vernacular of later generations, but it is good to write poems, Fu and memorials, and we must not reform and make a vernacular. No one accepted your kindness, but immediately swept you out of the door. But it's not intense. It's more intense down there. …… You and you love to talk about the affairs of the state, I like it. But I ask you, you are not my race, the heart will be different, you are what kind of person! When I hear it, I hate to come before you and whip you with a hundred sticks to eliminate the hatred in my heart.. The following words of reprimand are even more intense. Li Wei listened to the cold sweat, that day just said happy, is also a fact, not my race, its heart will be different. Had it not been for the support of the Tang Dynasty at the beginning, and the marriage of Princess Wencheng, who brought tens of thousands of craftsmen, how could Tubo have become prosperous and powerful later. But how did Tubo treat the Tang Dynasty? The Song Dynasty supported the Jin, yuan and Mongolia, and made them emancipate their serfs. What was the result? The Tang Dynasty trained all kinds of talents in Japan, which made Japan quickly enter the feudal era from the slave society? But forget one thing, the ancestors of the Li family Xianbei people's blood is far more than the Han people's blood. Li yuan is only half of the Han blood, and his wife is Xianbei, so Li Shimin is only a quarter of the Han blood. Most of the empress Zhangsun is the blood of the Xianbei people. Calculated to go down, Li Zhi body Xianbei people blood still accounted for three quarters. Is oneself, also accounted for forty percent of the Xianbei people's blood. Therefore, Li Shimin called the Hu people Tian Khan. However, when the Li family entered the Central Plains, they regarded themselves as Han people, and when they resettled the Hu people, they also let the Hu people live on the border and control the barbarians by barbarians. But this section cannot be made public, especially by oneself. No wonder Li Zhi flew into a rage. When the eunuch finished reading the imperial edict, Li Wei said, "I know I'm wrong." After seeing off the eunuch who had issued the decree, Li Wei was thinking with a sullen face. He doesn't know much about Machiavellian tactics, but he has read some history books and analyzed some examples. Of course, that's fur. But the mind is still there, and the more I think about it, the more wrong it is. Oneself is to copy a vernacular poem, can throw away the vernacular not topic, this poem itself is sincere, at most scold, perhaps cheap father and mother will secretly happy. Besides, it was for the good of the Tang Dynasty that he interrupted the discussion of Tubo. At most lightly said a few proposals, and did not get involved in the conclusion, more did not take the opportunity to make friends with Liu Rengui these powerful ministers, to win the hearts of the people. Could it be that the father suspected that he was ambitious? Dizzy, do you really want to defile yourself? This is definitely not possible. When you grow up, your father will be suspicious. There is no doubt about this. But generally speaking, he still wants to make a difference and never fall into the situation of Li Chenggan. Otherwise, they will not let themselves "supervise the country". As long as he defiles himself, maybe he will be really thunderous and destroy himself right away. "Your Majesty, today I will accompany you to Shangyang Palace to have a look. I heard that all kinds of flowers are blooming in Shangyang Palace, and the scenery is really charming." Wu Zetian said. I have a headache today, and I'm not in the mood to go. Wu Zetian did not make a sound, her husband's headache is getting worse and worse, and her eyes are not good,Coil nail machine, which makes her very worried. After a moment's silence, Li Zhi added, "I'm still worried. Is the imperial edict given to Hong Er a little too heavy?" "I don't think so."

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