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You can treat me if I am sick. Emploi Plein temps

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"Then they must not know that as soon as their little beast sees a woman, he can't wait to show his true colors as a stallion, saying that seven times a night is no problem." Su Zi put down the letter of complaint in her hand and pulled out another document from the side: "This is the document from above." Xu took it and swept it over quickly, silent. If you don't want to go.. He can use the connections of the Su family. Forget it Xu raised his eyes, looked at him and closed the document. "I'll go, or you can't do it either." Moreover, she also feels that there are a lot of negative emotions recently. Su Ziqian came over from behind the table and rubbed her head as she did when she was a child. How could such a stubborn little girl grow this soft hair? "Just go out and relax." "Mmm." They chatted for a while, and when Xu got up to go, Su Ziqian couldn't help asking. Did you say that to Han Siming at that time? "I said," Even if you don't open your mouth, it's all right. I have plenty of ways to get evidence. Now the upper mouth is not open, when the time comes to go to prison, oh, waiting to go to prison to let people open your lower mouth. ” Su Ziqian choked, this. "So, what's with the physical damage?" “…… It's suffocating. "Hm?" "He wanted to go to the toilet, and I told her to hold it!" Xu Hum: "Sister also said: 'If you can't hold back,PET blowing machine, I will personally help you tie a knot, butterfly oh." "She was somewhat happy to think of Han Siming's shocked appearance at that time." Fine Su Zi is modest. Xu did not wait for Su Ziqian to recover from the shock: "Let's go." Pick up the file and go. This wench is really outspoken, and her words are not shocking. Su Ziqian shook his head rather helplessly and sat back in his seat, half ringing, but still couldn't hold back his laughter. However, it is very good to speak freely. In the office where no one saw, Captain Su laughed so hard that he lost his temper. Out of Su Ziqian's office,juice filling machine, Xu pretended to be free and easy, and the whole person wilted, and his listless appearance attracted the attention of other colleagues. Xiao, what good is it that Su's male God is looking for you? The relationship between Xu and Su Ziqian is no secret in the Bureau, and many colleagues are quite optimistic about them, hoping that they can develop into lovers. It's a pity that these two people have worked together for so many years, but they haven't been able to create any sparks. In fact, when he was young, Xu Zhen had some fantasies about Su Ziqian. After all, Su Ziqian is really handsome and takes good care of her, and Xu is a typical face-judger, so it is inevitable that he is in love. She has also done some very girlish things, Vegetable oil filling machine ,Beverage packing machine, such as knitting scarves for him, or giving him chocolates on Valentine's Day. Su Ziqian accepted everything and did not refuse her, but he never said much or expressed much. Then out of the society, those young youth sprout as if with the busy work also gradually fade away, now she for Su Ziqian, also did not have those thoughts. Although he still takes good care of her as before. However, Xu thought that this was more similar to the brother-sister relationship that grew up from childhood. A good thing, a great thing! Xu threw the document in his hand to his colleague Xiaojiang to satisfy their curiosity. 'Documents On Special Teachers of Provincial Medical Profession '.. Let you be a teacher? Xiaojiang read the document notice: "Go to teach with pay, there is also a salary for teaching, but also with travel allowance.." Ao Ao Ao-it's really a good thing. How can it not be my turn to do such a good thing? God Su is so partial! "People's hearts are biased." Huang Jie came out of the tea room, just in time to hear Xiaojiang's words, and unceremoniously complained about Xiaojiang's lack of common sense: "Next time when you dissect a corpse, take this boy to learn more." Xiaojiang touched his nose shyly, and the people on the side could not help laughing. What are you so happy about? Shen Meng pushed the door from the outside and said, "I heard your laughter as soon as I came in." "Shen Meiren, we're talking about your elder sister." Xu and Shen Meng are among the few female police officers in the male-dominated police station, both of whom belong to the forensic department. Shen Meng has long hair and big eyes, just like a model coming out of a magazine. Looking at her appearance alone, it's hard to believe that such a beautiful girl is actually a forensic doctor. Shen Meng is a top student in the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Provincial Medical College. Forensic medicine is more difficult than ordinary medicine. It requires theoretical courses, including physiology, biochemistry, pathology, disease, parasites and so on. Forensic medicine students have to complete all the theoretical courses in three years. During this period, there are various opportunities to practice in the forensic clinic. When they are senior, they can practice in the forensic department of the police station. During the summer vacation of Shen Meng's junior year, he began to practice in Jiangcheng Police Station. Now he practices in his senior year and learns from Xu. Xu felt that the girl was outgoing and active, and she was also good, and her ability was quite comprehensive. Xu would take her with him when he went out of the scene. If there was no accident with Shen Meng, Shen Meng would officially become a member of the Jiangcheng Police Station after graduation in half a year. Shen Meng blinked his eyes. "What's wrong with Master?"? What's the big discovery? "No." Xiaojiang said, "Your master is really going to be a teacher this time." "Teacher?" Shen Meng was surprised. "What's the matter?" Xu Nu saw the document in Xiaojiang's hand: "The superior has orders and has to follow." "It looks very good." Shen Meng closed the document and put it back on Xu's desk: "Provincial Medical University is a very good place." Xu: "Xiao Meng, I will handle the cases I have on hand first these days, and transfer the cases I have to follow up to you, and you will be responsible for them, OK?" Before and after, Xu has been with her for more than a year, and he has also affirmed her ability. However, a qualified forensic doctor should not only have excellent theoretical knowledge, but also have indispensable practical experience. It is better to believe in books than to have no books. Well,water bottle packaging machine, I'll try. If there's a problem, there are so many seniors here who can take me. Xu nodded: "Yes.". I will talk to Wang Ge and let him take you in the next few months. If you don't understand anything, you can ask Wang Ge or send me an email.

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You can treat me if I am sick.