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Yuan Lai is you -- Quan + Fan Emploi Plein temps

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[Nearby] Leng Qingfeng: I didn't ask them to kill you. They did it themselves. I didn't stop them. [Nearby] yuan Lai is you: Do you think I will believe it? [Nearby] Leng Qingfeng: I can only say I'm sorry. If you haven't calmed down yet, I'll stand here and let you kill me. [Nearby] yuan Lai is you: You don't have to let me, but I want to tell you that you can never win the first place in the PK contest. Then Liu yuan gave up the idea of returning and continued to go to the strange pile to brush up the task. But the cold breeze is taking the remnant wind that has already recovered from the state of immobilization to break the moon, quickly disappearing in Liu yuan's line of sight. Very not easy to brush enough 8000 task strange, Liu yuan rubbed slightly sour shoulders, called out the mount to run toward the city. Back in the city just handed in the task, Liu yuan saw his friend column flashing up. As soon as I clicked on the message, it turned out to be from Hua Ying. Hua Ying: Sister Xiaoyuan, congratulations. yuan Lai is you: Congratulate me what ah. Hua Ying: (^ _ _ ^) Hee hee.. Just now, Yan Bingge was dragged out by the boss to go shopping, saying that he was going to your house. When will we get married? I want to have a wedding feast. Liu yuan blushed slightly and hurriedly replied. yuan Lai is you: It's still early, but it's you and Yan Bin. Are you two getting married soon? Hua Ying: Sister Xiaoyuan, you bully me. yuan Lai is you: I do not have, hehe. Hua Ying: But you have to be careful. According to Yan Bingge, the boss is going to move the supermarket home. yuan Lai is you:. Come on, it's so horrible. Hua Ying: I don't know if it's horrible or not, but I know the boss really loves you. yuan Lai is you: You are not the same, Yan Bin does not love you? Hua Ying: Let's not talk about this. Is Sister Xiaoyuan free? Help me with the plot. yuan Lai is you: Why don't you ask your husband to help you. Hua Ying: Yuck! Are you going to help or not. yuan Lai is you: help, how dare not help ah. Where are you? I'm going to find you. Hua Ying: Ma Yi is here. yuan Lai is you: Oh, I said, so this is the plot,Agate Slabs Countertops, and it will come soon. In front of Ma Yi's mother-in-law, Hua Ying has already been waiting there, see Liu yuan came, busy applying for a team, two people entered the plot copy together, Ma Yi's mother-in-law's plot is not difficult to play, as long as all the monsters in the copy are destroyed in the prescribed time, but these monsters all belong to the thing to prevent monsters,grey marble slab, and only two people are allowed to form a team. So for Yan Bin, who is a thunder warrior, it is very difficult to fight, and in addition, Hua Ying is a moon spirit with no attack power at all, so the plot is not easy for her. Not big kung fu Liu yuan then took the flower shadow to solve the copy of the strange, just left the copy, Liu yuan heard a key outside the door to open the door, should be parents back. Liu yuan hurriedly said hello to Hua Ying and hurried off the line. Arriving at the living room, Liu's father and mother had already come in with two big bags of things. Liu yuan hurried up and took the bag from Liu's mother's hand and put it on the table. She said with a smile, "Dad, Mom, why did you buy so many delicious food?". Liu Dad smiled aside and said, "Your mother wants to buy everything, but she bought such a big pile as soon as she bought it." Hearing this, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Marble Granite Price, Liu Ma seemed to be somewhat unhappy. She squinted at Liu's father and said, "What's wrong with me buying so much? It's all for you to eat." Hearing this, Liu's father laughed and said, "Yes, yes, what my wife said is true. So how to deal with these things now?" Then he pointed to the two big bags of things on the table. Liu Ma looked up at the time and turned to Liu yuan and said, "Xiaoyuan, it's more than 4 o'clock. Did you call Haoxuan and ask him to come home for dinner at night?" Liu yuan said with a smile, "Yes, I guess he will come after work." "Come on, then you come to give me a hand, in the evening I want to do a few specialty dishes to Haoxuan taste." Then Liu Ma picked up the things on the table. Liu yuan nodded and hurried forward to help Liu Ma clean up together. Liu's father saw that he had nothing to do with himself, so he took out the chess manual and played chess alone in the living room. Chapter 38 Liu yuan and Liu Ma are busy preparing dinner together, watching more and more food on the table, Liu yuan's heart can not help but have a conspiracy to succeed like a smile, it seems that the life experience of Haoxuan said some miserable, or useful, this is not already inspired Liu Ma's heart of maternal love! Looked up at the time, already more than 6 o'clock in the evening, just when Liu yuan some doubts how Haoxuan has not come, outside the door came a rapid knock. Coming, coming. Liu Dad put down the chess manual and went to the door to open the door with a smile. Open the door a look, Haoxuan is holding a few big bags of things standing outside. See Haoxuan took so many things in his hand, Liu's father took some over, some complained and said: "You this child, come on, why buy so many things." Haoxuan said with a smile: "I just went to the supermarket, and I don't know what my uncle and aunt like to eat, so I bought some." See Haoxuan came in, Liu yuan busy from the kitchen, some embarrassed to say: "You come, sit first, I and my mother is preparing dinner in the kitchen, and then you can eat." Haoxuan smiled and nodded, put down the things in his hands, and said respectfully to Liu's father: "Uncle, there are still some things in the car, I'm going to move now." Hearing this, Liu's father was a little surprised and said, "How many things have you bought, child?". Come on, I'll get it for you. Then he went out with Haoxuan. Moved back and forth a few times, Liu dad this just pull Haoxuan sit together in hair up and down to rest. You kid, why don't you just move the supermarket to my house? Liu Dad said with some panting. Haoxuan some embarrassed scratched his head and said: "I didn't expect to buy so much at once." Liu Dad nodded slightly: "Well, next time people come on the line, do not have to do so polite." "That's the way it should be." Haoxuan said with a smile. Liu Dad's face showed a satisfied smile, light said: "Go to say hello to your aunt,Porcelain Marble Slabs, she has been busy from the afternoon until now." Haoxuan a busy stood up from the sofa, walked quickly to the kitchen, respectfully shouted: "Auntie."

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