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Yulou Spring + Fanwai-Schoolbag Network book Bao Emploi Plein temps

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Si Jichang passed the imperial examination at the age of seventeen, and his aptitude was excellent. According to the regulations of Dachu, Juren also had the qualifications to be an official. Only Juren can only be a minor official, and his official career is worse than that of Jinshi. As the lintel of the Si family, he naturally hoped that the children of the Si family would pass it on in front of the palace, so he continued to study and prepare for the examination. Unfortunately, after getting married, I lost the diligence of my youth in the past two years. He often hangs out with the playboys in the capital. The old man also heard about it and was quite unhappy about it. Seeing that he was now asking about his son again, Huang was afraid of being reprimanded for telling the truth, so he quickly covered up and said, "I heard that the emperor has already ordered the establishment of an Enke this year?"? Most of the time, I was studying at home to prepare for the next spring's exam. Si Changhua took one look at her and said noncommittally, "It's good to know how to continue to make progress.". Isn't there a Chuang Tzu in our home in Jiangning County? The place is quiet. If he thinks the city is too noisy to study, he can take his wife there to study hard, by the way. After a pause, he said kindly, "Jichang has won glory for the Si family.". I used to be busy, and I didn't have time to think about it. Now that I was free, I thought of it. From tomorrow, transfer the Chuang Tzu to Jichang. In the future, when the family is separated, it will not be counted. In the past,Inflatable indoor park, the Si family was gradually declining, but somehow it had some foundation. In the nearby suburban counties, there are still several Chuang Tzu of different thicknesses. Among them, Zhuangzi in Jiangning County is the best. The place is big, and the annual output is also rich. Huang had long been somewhat concerned, but he only knew that it was just a fantasy. Unexpectedly, suddenly a good thing was coming, and the old man would take the initiative to open his mouth and put Chuang Tzu on his son's head. He was overjoyed. She looked at her husband and thanked him. Si Changhua waved his hand and said with a straight face,Inflatable 5k obstacle, "My children and grandchildren have made great progress, and I am also relieved.." You keep in mind that although there are times when lips and teeth fight, only in the eyes of outsiders, they grow on the same face. Lips and teeth depend on each other, lips die and teeth are cold, this truth does not need me to say, you also know? The marriage of the big house is my own decision, and I will never change it. The good of the Si family is your good. Even if I leave in the future, I will never treat you badly. If.. "If I know that out of injustice, you dare to do something that hurts your brothers, even if you say something you shouldn't say.." He stopped. The eyes that had been looking at the shadow suddenly shone, passed over his son's face, and finally stared at Huang, squinting slightly. With a shiver, Madam Huang pulled her husband and said, "Don't worry, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable outdoor park, Dad.". Father's teachings must be firmly in our hearts. Si Changhua murmured. "Just remember," he said. It's getting late. You should go down and rest early. ~~ Huang and her husband went back to their room. Before Si Kou Xin had turned the corner, he was puzzled and said, "What's wrong with Dad tonight?"? Why did you suddenly say those words to Chuang Tzu again? What exactly does that mean? "If you were half as good as your father," Huang said coldly, "I wouldn't have to work so hard with you! What do you mean? It's just a slap in the face to tell us not to go out and say something we shouldn't say. You just wait and see what happens. ~~ Xu Ruolin, the military governor of Zhongjun, will marry next month, and the woman is also from the Si family. But that young lady's life experience is quite strange. It was the youngest of Mrs. Si's three children who was said to have died in infancy, and now she knows that she has also been raised. He was just instructed by an expert and sent to the nunnery in the name of death. The news soon spread all over Jinling and became the new focus of discussion among the wives and grandmothers. Began to keep someone in the name of Daoxi on the door of the house, to ask Wang for details. So the follow-up news spread again. She said that this young lady, who was seventeen this year, looked exactly like the elder sister who had married the second son of the Xu family because she was a compatriot of the same mother. Only now she was still in the nunnery, and she had to wait until next month to pick a good day to take her back to the house to be married. ~~ Sanhua Nunnery is a hundred miles away from Jinling. Chu Nian was quietly sent here and has been living here for half a month. In a twinkling of an eye, it is early October. Si Chuyi These days, she did not know how many times she had silently recited the name in her heart. The sister who died early, the sister who had no impression in her memory, suddenly came back alive like this. She remembered clearly that on the day she left Wei Guogong Mansion, when she looked back for the last time, what she said to herself was that she would never step back here again in this life. Obviously, at that time, she could not imagine that one day, she would be sent into the door again in someone else's skin, to face the familiar faces of the old people inside. When Chu Nian was still half leaning against the window in a daze, he heard the voice of Jingyun, the maid who had recently been bought to serve him, outside: "Girl, the wife is here." When she was sent over, Chi Su Yunping and others, who had been used to serving her before, did not follow her. Not even one of the girls of the Si family. She knew that from now on, there would probably be no chance for them to continue to accompany her around-even Si Chunian would be gone, let alone those people and things related to the name? Mother was afraid that she could not get over it. These days, she was not afraid of the long distance, so she came to visit her every three or five times. The first read sighed, turned around, looked at Wang Shi to come toward him, called out "Niang.". Wang Shi went to her side, looked at her face carefully, and said, "Jiaojiao, I just heard that girl say that you haven't had much to eat these two days." He sighed, "I've been busy with your marriage these days." I have to think about what your grandfather said that day, and I think it makes sense. Jiaojiao, this is your problem. Although I am not satisfied with this marriage, what else can I do? It's a hundred times better than marrying in your own name. Mother is afraid of you twisting. Please think about it earlier, so that you can live on. Chu Nian smiled. Mother, don't you know who your daughter is? The most useless. At most, like that day,Inflatable indoor park, I couldn't help shouting twice in front of my grandfather. Is it really possible to make a drama of hanging by the neck? Grandfather scolded me right. My own life, my own Hom. If you all want me to marry, then I will marry.

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