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Zhuge Qingyun Bloody Sioux City Emploi Plein temps

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Zhu Jiafeng stamped her feet and said angrily, "Don't say that!" Qin Yi gave a wry smile and said, "Well, if you don't say it, don't say it." Zhu Jiafeng asked faintly, "Is Mr. Li the son of the Lord?" Qin Yi gave a noncommittal "hum". Zhu Jiafeng answered, "Isn't your surname Cen?"? Why is his son surnamed Li? Qin Yi hurriedly answered, "You'd better not ask about these." Then he said with a smile, "Dad still has something to do. He has to go. Mrs. Bian is alone with the hostage. She feels very lonely. You'd better go and accompany her." This was naturally a good opportunity for Chu Chia-feng, but she pretended to be very reluctant on the outside. After pondering for a moment, she nodded and looked up and asked, "Why is there only one hostage?" "How many people do you think there will be?" Asked Qin Yi with a smile. Zhu Jiafeng answered, "Aren't Chen Hong'e and Gu Yinghong two hostages?" Qin Yi answered with a smile, "But Gu Yinghong is the only one here." "Then." "Where is Chen Hong-e imprisoned?" Asked Chu Chia-feng. Qin Yizhengrong answered, "This is not something you should ask about. In fact, I don't know that Chen Hongye was imprisoned there." "Really?" Asked Zhu Jiafeng. "Of course it's true," said Qin Yi with a wry smile. "When did Dad lie to you?" After a slight pause, he sighed softly, "The Lord has always been elusive in his work. He won't let anyone know about many things except himself. Besides, it's still a mystery whether Chen Hong-e has really been hijacked by us." "Oh," said Zhu Jiafeng, "If Chen Hongke had not been hijacked by us, who would have hijacked him?" Qin Yi pondered and said,gold shaking table, "Things in Jianghu are true or false, false or true. It's hard to fathom. In a word, at present, it's an era that requires both strength and ruthlessness, as well as a battle of wits. It's dangerous and changeable. Therefore, it's better not to think you're smart enough to guess about things you don't understand." After a conversation, he immediately answered, "Good!"! I'm leaving. You'd better go to Mrs. Bian first. "Yes!" When Zhu Jiafengjiao answered,magnetic separator machine, Qin Yi had already shot away. She took the opportunity to meditate and memorized the relevant positions around her before walking to the quiet building. Although Qin Mei had explained everything about Jing Lou very clearly to her, she still walked slowly and carefully. Entering the gate, a big man dressed as a guard bowed to her and said with a flattering smile, "Hello, Second Princess!" Zhu Jiafeng gave a casual hum and asked, "Where is Mrs. Bian?" "" Go back to the Second Princess, "the big fellow replied respectfully." Lady Bian is in the underground chamber. To enter the underground chamber, there were three tight guards, but Zhu Jiafeng, with the instructions of Qin Yi and the identity of the "two princesses", was not obstructed. When she entered Bian Qinglian's room, Bian Qinglian was surprised. "The second princess is just in time," she said. At present, although this room is a basement, it has excellent ventilation, no stuffy feeling at all, sodium cyanide price ,Portable gold trommel, and the interior furnishings are extremely luxurious. Zhu Jiafeng deliberately turned her face away from the light and asked with a smile, "What can I do for you, madam?" "" I want you to sit here for me for a while, "said Bian Qinglian with a smile. This matter, for Zhu Jiafeng, can be regarded as a great opportunity. Therefore, she could not help feeling ecstatic, but on the surface she looked very calm, and asked in reply: "How long will Madame be out?" Bian Qinglian smiled and said, "I won't be back until dawn." Zhu Jiafeng then asked, "It's going to take so long. What if something happens?" "Nothing will happen," Bian Qinglian answered with a smile! This is the switch of the alarm bell. If anything happens, you just pull the rope. "Then what?" Asked Zhu Jiafeng with a smile. "Then," said Bian Qinglian with a smile, "if you are tired, you can sleep with the door closed. ” Zhu Jiafeng frowned and said with a wry smile, "How can I do that? If the hostages are rescued, I'll only have one head!" Bian Qinglian said with a smile, "I might as well tell you the truth. Even if Yang Tianyou comes in person, we don't have to send out a single soldier. He can only be bound obediently." Zhu Jiafeng asked with a smile, "Madam, can you use the immortal method?" Bian Qinglian smirked and said, "It's not an immortal method, but it's more effective than an immortal method." Zhu Jiafeng stamped her feet and said, "Madam, don't keep me in suspense." "Well," said Bian Qinglian with a charming smile, "I'll tell you. Actually, it's very simple. A poisonous word includes everything." Zhu Jiafeng's heart sank. "Madam," she said, "the cloth in front of Gu Yinghong's room is highly poisonous." "Yes." Bian Qinglian answered, "This is a strange poison that only one person can cure in the contemporary martial arts world. But that one person is already dead. So if we set up this poison array, it means that Jiang Taigong has no taboos here." Zhu Jiafeng asked with a smile, "Madam, when you say that the man who has already died, do you mean Zhang Jinqiu, the'miraculous doctor in hell '?" Bian Qinglian nodded: "Exactly." Zhu Jiafeng said with a wry smile, "Since the protection is so safe, why should Mrs. Labor be in charge here in person?" Bian Qinglian smiled mysteriously and said, "I'm here not to guard against the enemy, but to guard against my own people." "One of our own?" "What do you mean?" Asked Zhu Jiafeng. Bian Qinglian put on her lips and said with a charming smile, "At present, this hostage is a famous beauty in the martial arts world, but our Lord is a hungry ghost.." "Oh," said Zhu Jiafeng, "I see." Bian Qinglian answered, "Now, can you rest assured that you can sleep?" Chu Chia-feng added, "What if the Lord comes?" Bian Qinglian said with a smile, "With me here, the Lord won't come. But I want to warn you that you must not go to the next room to see Gu Yinghong out of curiosity. Otherwise,small gold wash plant, if you are poisoned, I can't save you." "There is no antidote on Madame?" "The antidote is only available on the'poisonous doctor ', and I'm going to accompany him now."

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Zhuge Qingyun Bloody Sioux City