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After Further Review Why Russell Wilson Emploi Plein temps

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quarterback is playing the best football from the pocket of his already-impre sive, but short, career.Wilson's pa sing numbers from the past three games are gaudy and downright MVP-talk like. He has 979 pa sing yards in those three games with 11 touchdown pa ses and no interceptions.There is no denying the Seattle offense is his now with on the sidelines. I would like to say Wilson has taken that opportunity to make it his and run with it, but that's not what he's doing. The running isn't as big a part of it anymore.Wilson is doing a much better job of making plays from the pocket, rather than leaving clean pockets and turning the structure of the offense into a freelancing style that has worked for him, but might not work in the long run. You don't get faster Andrei Markov Jersey as you age, so the instinct (or desire) to leave and make plays outside the pocket won't be as easy as he ages. So, like all good quarterbacks, it appears Wilson has made a concerted effort to stand in and make throws, rather than leave and create with his legs. That might not be as exciting to the fans of the Wilson cult -- including many in the media, and you know who you are -- but it's the right move for a quarterback who has the smarts to make it work.I have been one of the most vocal Wilson critics. I think he's a good quarterback, while most think he's great. My biggest criticism of his play has been that he isn't great from the pocket. I don't care how his cult twists numbers, but he's not a stand-in-and-make-reads-and-throws quarterback.He still isn't.Before studying every throw he's made the past three weeks, I went in with the idea that he would wow me with his ability to stand in the pocket, go through progre sions and make pinpoint throws. There was a ton of data that raved about his pocket throws. He's completed over 80-percent of his pa ses from the pocket with 810 yards and 10 touchdowns the past three games. That's unreal.But those numbers can also be misleading. When I went back and studied his games, what I saw was a quarterback making easy throws and easy decisions. The Seahawks staff has done an incredible job of helping Wilson get the ball out to make those plays. They tweaked the offense, giving more to him, after Week 9 and it's paying off.And Wilson has done an unreal pre-snap job with his decisions, making it look like pitch-and-catch a lot of the time in the past three weeks. Guys are wide open, in large part Byron Froese Jersey because of his ability to decipher what's going on before the snap. There are a lot of plays that twist the in-the-pocket numbers. For example, some of his biggest plays against the 49ers were simple quick-screen throws that receivers turned into long gains. There was a 21-yard catch-and-run by that was thrown 4 yards behind the line.That's scheme, not read.There's a 31-yard touchdown throw to , who ran 25 yards after catching it. He was so wide open that it was a simple, easy to s for Wilson to make the play. In fact, Wilson had two guys on that side of the field he could have thrown to, which is how good that play schemed the receivers open.Credit goes to offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for making it work, but it also goes to Wilson for making it look so easy. Even so, if you expect to turn on the tape and see Wilson standing in, scanning the field, making pinpoint throws between defenders, you would be wrong. That's not who he is, and it seems the Seahawks understand that.That doesn't mean he can't or won't take shots down the field. He does, and when he does he usually wins with his pre-snap decisions, which are impre sive. There is no doubt, he understands the pre-snap game and it's obvious he puts in tons of film work.Seattle has also done a better job of spreading teams out and allowing Wilson to play without as much play-action and zone-read type of stuff. It's still a part of the offense, but they've also gone empty at times and Wilson has handled that just fine. I've had several offensive coaches on other teams tell me they would use Wilson that way. I've always debated that, but they could be right. He looks comfortable doing it now. The Saku Koivu Women Jersey one caveat is Adam Cracknell Men Jersey this: Will it work when his ability to take off and improvise isn't as good? Teams have to account for that now, which helps open up the pa sing lanes some.Wilson's pre-snap decision making was on display last week against the Vikings. It led to a touchdown throw to Baldwin, even though he later admitted he ran the wrong route. It sure looked like the right one, and it looked like Wilson expected him to be where he was to catch the pa s.Here's a look at that play:Play: Second-and-1 at the Seattle 47 with 1:08 left in the third quarterOffense: Kings (4WR, 1TE) empty, shotgunDefense: Nickel, man-to-man, zero coverage, six-man rushThe first thing that stood out to me was how Wilson motioned receiver , lined up wide left, inside to the slot. When he saw the corner go with him, he knew it was man coverage with no safety help. Then he saw an overload blitz coming from that side, so he moved tight end closer in-line to help pick it up. That's the pre-snap winning that Wilson has really improved on in the past month.What Wilson didn't account for was coming clean from his right because right guard did a poor job of identifying the blitz.Even so, Wilson stood in, knowing he was going to take a shot, and lofted a perfect pa s into the hands of Baldwin, who beat safety . Baldwin raced in for a 53-yard touchdown catch. After the game, Baldwin said he ran the wrong route. If he did, maybe they need to work on that play. Without help over the top, it was an easy win for him, but it was Wilson's pre-snap reads that made it work. And he stood in the face of getting blasted by Kendricks.This, of all the plays I watched from the past three games, might be my favorite of any of his pa s completions. It's what great quarterbacks do. They win with their minds, then their snap decisions, and then their toughne s to stand in until the last second and take a big shot.Against the Steelers in Week 12, Wilson threw five touchdown pa ses. When I watched that tape, the thing that stood out was how bad the Steelers' secondary was that day. There were so many busts, so many open receivers, they basically laid out the cutlery and told Wilson to carve them to shreds. Wilson obliged with gaudy numbers and impre sive plays. The play from that Jacob De La Rose Men Jersey game I wanted to highlight here was the game-clinching touchdown, again to Baldwin. With Seattle holding a two-point lead, they needed a first down. They got a lot more.Play: Third-and-10 at the Steelers 21 with 2:14 left in the gameOffense: Po se (3WR, 1TE, 1RB) -- Shotgun, offset backDefense: Nickel, man-free, six-man rushBefore the snap, Wilson motion running back from lined up wide right to inside next to him because he saw the blitz coming from that side. Seattle was outnumbered until

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