Cobalt Products price 1. Molecular Formula:CoCl2 2. CAS NO.:7646-79-9 3. Molecular Weight:129.93 4. Property: blue powder.Denisty:3.36g/cm3 5. Sepcification(%): Co42min Fe0.002max Ni0.002max As0.002max Pb0.002max Cu0.002max Mn0.002max SO40.02max W.I.M0.02max 6. Application: Used in medicament, feed additives and paint desiccating agent.. 7. Packing: Net 25kg bags with pallet. 锛?0bags/1000kg/pallet锛?/p> 8. Other Information: CLASS 9, UN3077Cobalt Products price website:

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Cobalt Products Price

Reverse Osmosis Systems For Hydroponics

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Reverse Osmosis Systems For Hydroponics Yuancheng Water Technology, as a professional enterprise engaged in water treatment systems, provides the most cost-effective and reliable R...