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Estimating the odds 10 teams use franchi Emploi Plein temps

8 juin 2023 à 14h31   Marketing & Communication   Tambacounda   39 vues Référence: 739
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The clock is ticking on the NFLs franchise-tag window. As we all know, deadlines spur action, and most teams will wait until close to Wednesdays 4 p.m. deadline to officially place a franchise or transition tag on a key player. In most cases, negotiations on a long-term deal will continue through the weekend and right up until the cut-off point.Much like the free-agent cla s overall, this isnt a particularly sterling group when gauged against the NFLs superstars, but an already shallow crop of available talent will be le sened considerably once many of these players are e sentially taken off the market. But there is sufficient intrigue around several of these players, and if their current employers are not able to find a way to fit their unwieldy franchise tender amounts under their salary cap for 2017, or opt altogether to allow them to hit the open market by not tagging them, other clubs will pounce.General managers and contract negotiators I spoke to this week said most teams arent optimistic of getting long-term deals secured at this point, Marquise Brown Men Jersey but will chat with agents over the weekend in the off chance someone flinches, and then get around to the inevitable.Youll see teams go ahead and use the tag by the end of the day Monday, surmised one team exec, and by Tuesday pretty much all of the guys on your list will be tagged. With that in mind, heres a look at the top candidates to get tagged, with an estimate of where the proce s is headed with just a few days remaining before the deadline. These percentages are indicative of the odds they get tagged but do not nece sarily reflect the odds of the players staying with the club. As in, some of them will get long-terms deals before Wednesdays franchise cut-off, so they wont be going anywhere either James Harrison Jersey way they just might not be staying via the franchise tag. And keep in mind, not every player who gets tagged nece sarily will be playing for the team that tagged him in 2017, as trades still remain po sible and might even be viable in some cases. QB Chances hes tagged: 100%Ive been reporting since Thanksgiving that the powers that be in Washington i.e. chief purse-string controller Bruce Allen and owner Dan Snyder had decided they would be willing to tag Cousins again and let him play 2017 for $24 million if need be.This hasnt been lost on Cousins, either, and therefore there wasnt much motivation or provocation for him to start talking about a new deal until March, after the tag had been applied for a second straight year. Once it is applied, Washington will try to sign him long-term up to the July 15 deadline to do so, and will also have one ear open in case any other club blows them away with a trade offer (that means you, San Francisco). Any deal for Cousins is going to have to start around $24 million per year and be worth upwards of $60 million over the first two years, and once Washington goes ahead and apply the tag, my best hunch is that he ends up with a five-to-six-year deal to stay when this all eventually get resolved. DE Chances hes tagged: 100% When the team president comes out in mid-February and says there is no way in heck this player is leaving the organization, and that he is the focal point of a strong group of free agents the Cardinals would like to retain, you should listen to him. He speaks the truth.And after seeing the kind of money got from the in free agency a year ago, and seeing how rarely young pa s rushing talent ever hits the market, Jones should hold out for the top dollar po sible before he signs a franchise tender or any contract offer. He is sitting pretty; he knows it, and the Cardinals know it. But the time for him to be truly motivated to do a deal comes around July 15, not now, so there isnt the same kind of pre sure to execute a long-term contract for him as there may be for some others. When you are truly best Ryan Shazier Women Jersey of breed, time is on your side. DT Chances hes tagged: 100% The Panthers fell off a cliff last year, and things starting going in the wrong direction when they yanked a franchise tender from top corner in the spring. They cant afford to get too cute with top personnel again.Short anchors the Panthers defensive line, and their attempts to sign him have gone nowhere. Some of the blame for that can be attributed to the DT market exploding in recent years with deals for and , among others. Getting something done for the long haul right now is bleak at best but letting another elite player from Carolinas defense walk while getting nothing but a compensatory draft pick 15 months from now in return isnt really viable for this franchise, either. A year after nearly winning the Austin Jackson Jersey Super Bowl, they need to be doing whatever is po sible to win some games in 2017, and Short is certainly part of that equation. RB LeVeon BellChances hes tagged: 90% Relax, Steelers fans: the odds of Bell leaving for another team are 0%. Hes not going anywhere, and the Steelers are fully prepared to tag him if need be.But the running back market has been soft in recent years, and getting softer. Bell has had off-field i sues in the past and mi sed games due to suspension, and hes aware the team is negotiating what will surely be a blockbuster extension with receiver at this very time as well. So, while there hasnt been any progre s between Bell and the team on a long-term deal recently, Im not ruling it out by Wednesday. Things can change pretty quickly, and it could make sense for all sides to have something worked out for the long haul now. That would significantly reduce Bells cap charges when the league year opens, and the Steelers have been up tight against the cap for several years now as they have stepped up to retain their top talent time and time again. CB Chances hes tagged: 75% This situation is a little tricky. Like Cousins, Johnson was tagged by his team a year ago. Thus he would be guaranteed a 20-percent raise over last season, and his personal tag in 2017 would be roughly $16 million -- considerably more than other corners.But the Rams are in a bind. When they tagged Johnson a year ago, then let walk -- and he went on to have a splendid season for big money with the playoff-bound Giants. The prospect of losing Johnson, and subsequently being out two top corners on a team that is absolutely predicated on having a top defense given the dire state of its offense, would be damning. If Johnson gets away, there are no guarantees the Rams land one of a handful of other free agent corners who one might try to claim is a true No. 1 corner. And even then, to what degree will they have to overpay to get once of these corners Emmanuel Sanders Women Jersey they dont already know inside and out?There isnt anything much going on between these sides, but after being willing to overpay to keep guys like in the recent past, entering the offseason with a void at corner might not be the best way to

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