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Hue Jackson reportedly prefers Myles Gar Emploi Plein temps

8 juin 2023 à 14h09   Marketing & Communication   Tambacounda   30 vues Référence: 681
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Hue Jackson arrived in Cleveland and one of the reasons he ostensibly got the job was because he has a knack for making average quarterbacks good and good quarterbacks great. Of course, the are still for a quarterback; predictably, didn't work out in 2016 after he struggled to stay healthy, and the future isn't with second-year players or , or . The good news: The Browns have the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, which means they can have their pick of available quarterbacks. The bad news: None of the quarterbacks Blake Coleman Men Jersey appear worthy of that top pick, at least according to the mock-draft cognoscenti, a group that we are a part of, and one that can admittedly fall victim to group think. Either way, earlier this week ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the pa s rusher with the top pick or quarterback Mitchell Trubisky, who played Dalton Prout Women Jersey just one year at UNC before entering the draft. So was Jackson in the Trubisky camp while the metrics-driven front office preferred Garrett? It depends on who you ask. Consider this tweet, which came a day after Schefter's report. Browns FO clashing with Hue because he wants a QB per Mike Freeman. Or because Hue wants Myles Garrett per Tony Pauline Justin Higdon (@afc2nfc) On Friday, provided spread some light on the situation, writing that Jackson is in the Garrett camp. Folks a sume he favors Trubisky because he's the quarterback expert, but he provided five clues at NFL meetings last month that he prefers the Texas A&M pa s rusher at No. 1. First and foremost, he wants a surefire game changer -- the clear-cut best player in the draft."Everybody is not the No. 1 pick in the draft,'' Jackson said at the league meetings Taylor Hall Men Jersey late last month. "There's maybe only one or two or three guys that can actually be that. When you draft a guy as the No. 1 pick in the National Football League, you want him to be a very dominant player, you want him to be a cornerstone player, you want him to be a generational player. That's got to be the focus as we continue to move forward.'' Jackson has also stated that the Browns a year after they , which allowed the to draft . So as it stands, Ke sler, Hogan and Osweiler are the totality of quarterbacks currently in Cleveland. The Browns could target a pa ser with the No. 12 or No. 33 picks, though Trubisky is expected to be one of the first 10 players off the board. Meanwhile, a source told Cabot that rumors of discord between the Browns' coaching staff and front office are real, , shortly after the Browns hired Sabermetrics pioneer and Harvard-trained Paul DePodesta, who was previously a Major League Baseball general manager. In a story at the time for , one NFL executive described Jackson as po sibly a "very bad fit" in Cleveland, a description that Brian Boyle Jersey extends beyond the head coach. "It's not just Hue Jackson," the executive continued. "When data overrides gut, the majority of his coaching staff will all be there screaming, 'What the f--- are these computer guys doing? They don't understand football, they don't understand the locker room. They're killing us.'" A few weeks ago, DePodesta , which is the same strategy Jimmy Johnson used a quarter-century ago when he was taking the from laughingstock to Super Bowl champs. The early returns aren't encouraging -- the Browns won once in 2016 -- but the real question is how patient will owner Jimmy Haslam be if progre s remains slow and tedious. Will he panic and start firing people, as he's done in the past, or will he allow the front office time to implement its plan? Finding a franchise quarterback would go a long way in expediting the proce s, but a year after the Browns said no thanks to Wentz, there isn't a top- Michael Mcleod Jersey flight pa ser clearly worthy of the No.1 pick.

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