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Avenue of Stars of Rebirth Emploi Plein temps

1er déc. 2022 à 5h29   Peintre   Saint-Louis   99 vues Référence: 133
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On weekdays, although Wen Peijun was also extremely brilliant, he did not make Lin Hequn feel as spooky and horrible as he did today. However, if you stare at it carefully, you will find that although Gu Anqi's Wen Peijun looks extremely strong and dark at the moment, you can only see that she is hard to touch from the surface, but you can feel the fragile heart under the strong, delicate and sensitive. It's incredible to say, but Gu Anqi really fused these two extremely complex feelings together, and today Gu Anqi seems to be performing exceptionally hard. Lin Hequn looked thoughtfully at the two men who were confronting each other in the monitor. It seems that he has been unable to find out Gu Anqi's real acting level on which level, always think that she should be almost on which level, but the final result is always to jump up again. The scene was soon over, and Lin Hequn nodded and shouted with satisfaction, "Cut!" BT dividing line of PK in January Thanks to Baa Baa's five PK tickets and rewards, Fufu, titter ~ my little nothing has been put on the shelf, congratulations ~ hang a small chapter to push, Hei Hei ~ [bookid = 1760814, bookname = "fame and fortune wife reality"]-the bondage of the ring finger-choosing a husband depends on the vision, but living also needs management. Who does not hope that the husband is glorious and the wife is delicate, the family is harmonious and everything is prosperous! Volume 1 Return to the Entertainment Circle Chapter 49 Meet Su Yifan Again I took several pictures in succession,Agate Slabs Countertops, and finally finished today's photography part smoothly at about dusk. Zheng Wenyun and Gu Anqi both took off their makeup and put on casual clothes. They said hello to the staff around them and went out. When they arrived at the KTV, quite a few people had already arrived. Zheng Wenyun met several friends he hadn't seen for a long time and sat down with them. Gu Anqi does not like too busy place, oneself found a more concealed position, prepare a little rest for a while, store some spirit. By the time their party was over, she would have the energy to go home and tidy up the messy room. Angie?! Ah, it's really you! Great. I was wondering what I would do if I didn't know anyone here later. Gu Anqi turned around,Calacatta Nano Glass, only to see that Xie Yufei had put down her bag and sat beside her. After looking at Gu Anqi, Xie Yufei seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, the whole person relaxed a lot. They sat silently in the corner and did not push forward. In fact, Xie Yufei and Gu Anqi for the people in this party, are very new people, suddenly to insert the topic between the predecessors will also appear very strange. Zheng Wenyun, who brought Gu Anqi, had already been surrounded by a large group of people at the moment, and had no time to pay attention to Gu Anqi and Xie Yufei in the corner. They waited for about ten minutes, and the door of the box was pushed open. Gu Anqi looked around slightly, but the line of sight was blocked by the people who got up and walked forward one after another. But look at this posture, it is estimated that it is the main stage. Gu Anqi and Xie Yufei looked at everyone standing up, also homeopathic stand up, but did not come forward. Xie Yufei stood in the corner and wanted to say hello to Su Yifan, who had invited her to come here. But looking at all the people in the box, Marble Projects ,Agate Stone Price, she felt that she was too thin to squeeze through these people. She kept sighing: "Angel, you see, Su Tianwang's popularity is really good.". As soon as he came, everyone went to him. Gu Anqi listened to Xie Yufei's words, smiled faintly, and did not speak. Where can there be popularity in the circle? Some have always been just a status gap. People now flatter him, admire him, but only because his popularity is still in a very high position, if one day he caused trouble, it is estimated that it is too late to avoid him and get rid of the relationship. Brother Yifan, what songs do you want to order? The female voice is clear and does not drag. Her voice was a little high, and at once it overwhelmed the noise around her. The voice was quite recognizable, and Gu Anqi knew that it was Ren Jingqiu, the popular singer of "Huayang Entertainment". Ren Jingqiu is a very cool person, dare to love dare to hate, Gu Anqi or appreciate her this, when she had publicly expressed to Su Yifan, but was rejected. Although they are not in love now, they seem to have become good friends. You can sing first, and I'll talk about it later. Su Yifan smiled faintly and was soon pulled to the main seat and sat down. Su Yifan's side is full of flowers, and everyone is talking about something around him. May be far away, Gu Anqi some can not hear, they are asking what to answer what, chirping dialogue and high singing is difficult to figure out what everyone is talking about. She was only vaguely listening to the voice, which was as thick as the old brewed sugar wine, responding to something slowly and unhurriedly in a group, and her voice was deep and steady. Have to say, although she does not like Su Yifan this person, but quite like Su Yifan's voice, slightly lower bass always gives a reassuring and heavy feeling. When everyone was around Su Yifan, Zheng Wenyun seemed to finally think of Gu Anqi, who was brought by him and then "abandoned". Angie, why are you sitting in the corner. Come on, sit forward and I'll introduce you to some friends. Gu Anqi was pushed forward by him, and Xie Yufei, who was sitting beside Gu Anqi, was also taken along. Zheng Wenyun led Gu Anqi and Xie Yufei to Su Yifan first, ready to let them and Su Yifan say hello first. Hello, brother Yifan! Xie Yufei said hello. "Dimfragrance" she will play with Su Yifan, so this time Su Yifan also invited her to come here to sing K, the front has been crowded, until now to say hello to him, more or less Xie Yufei felt that he seemed a little impolite, the voice is also a little light. Hello, brother Yifan. Gu Anqi smiled and said hello, very formulaic,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, some steps backward, as if ready to say hello to Su Yifan and then return to her corner. Gu Anqi? Do I remember your name correctly? Su Yifan asked gently, "have a good time with Yufei and Wen Yun. Have a good time."

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