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China Laser Machine Emploi Plein temps

25 sept. 2023 à 4h55   Service public   Saint-Louis   65 vues Référence: 987
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China Laser Machine Characteristic锛?/strong> The Multi-head CO2 engraving machine is a cutting-edge technology that is versatile, reliable, and efficient. This machine is equipped with two laser heads that provide precision and accuracy in engraving various materials. The machine's functionality is automated, allowing for easy operation, making it a go-to tool for both beginners and professionals. This machine can engrave and cut a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, paper, and textiles, among others. The speed and precision with which the machine can operate make it ideal for large-scale production. Moreover, the machine provides excellent control over the design and customization of different products. The Multi-head CO2 engraving machine offers increased productivity, reducing production time significantly. The size of the work area is ample, allowing for the engraving or cutting of significant materials in one sitting. The machine's software is easy to use, enabling users to create designs digitally with ease and precision. This means that users can bring their ideas to life on different materials quickly and without any hassle. The machine's high flexibility and precision make it the perfect tool for creating personalized and unique products. Main function锛?/strong> The red dot pointer of Multi-head CO2 engraving machine helps you see the expected laser beam position, and the Y-axis drive structure is designed in the middle, with more balanced force on both sides. Secondly, our deceleration design greatly improves the output torque and has the feature of more powerful power. What's more, our product has the function of voltage stabilization, which is more reliable and safe and has a longer life. Finally, our improved current control method has the feature of more stable light output. Machine Advantages: The bed was milled, so can make the machine work more accurate.The gear is copper, it is high accuracy, wear-resistant, Anti-corrosion.The front and back parts can be opened for the material longer than table. The cover is made by Anti-fire glass, it is fire protection, smoke separation and high strength.With up-down table, so can work the thick material.Closed type tube holder, it fix the tube more Stable, it protect the tube prevent broken. Laser heads with automatic focus and red point, So focusing and working very convenient.With independent switch of fan, can turn on-off fan any time.With overload protector, So it can protect the machine. With filter, to reduce electronic magenic interference, so the machine with high perfomance.The special mould for the mirror and laser tube, so it can adjust the laser path easily.With hour meter, it can record the time of machine working. With limit switch on end of X, Y axis, it prevent collision, protect machine.With four wheels in four coner, can move the machine easily. Customer Photos:China Laser Machine website:

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