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Flat Glass Emploi Temporaire

6 mai 2023 à 5h49   Formation   Saint-Louis   59 vues Référence: 597
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Flat Glass PDLC smart glass is manufactured based on cutting-edge technology, which looks like ordinary transparent glass but has many benefits that ordinary transparent glass does not have. It is made of polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC). In commercial applications, this glass can provide a lower U-value, which means it can effectively prevent heat transfer and thus achieve energy-saving purposes. The most innovative aspect is that its transparency can be controlled through a remote control or switch. In practical applications, this glass can switch from a transparent state to an opaque state, providing a better solution for space privacy and security. Features 鈥his intelligent glass has a wide range of applications, suitable for residential, office, store, hospital, clinic, hotel, restaurant, bar, museum, etc. 鈥hrough voltage control, the transparency of this glass can be adjusted, allowing users to maintain extremely high privacy while enjoying natural light. 鈥he interlayer of PDLC smart glass reduces noise propagation to achieve noise reduction, which means it is an ideal solution for places such as hospitals and schools that require low noise. 鈥he liquid crystal layer in the middle of the smart film can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays and reflect infrared rays, thereby maintaining indoor temperature and achieving the goal of environmental protection and energy conservation. 鈥he color, shape, and size of this smart glass can be customized according to customer needs. Working theory This PDLC smart glass has a special characteristic of changing between transparency and opacity through voltage control. Application -Meeting rooms and private offices -Stores, museums, or galleries -Bathroom or bedroom -Government Facilities Command Center -Hospitals and schoolsFlat Glass website:

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