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Jacob & Co.

Traditionally, timepieces launched by Jacob & Co. fake watches for men Comprised of comprehensive artwork and intricate actions. These are examples worn upon formal occasions until now secured away for future occasions. Jacob & Co is actually proud to announce the brand new Epic X Chrono selection in partnership with professional soccer celebrity Lionel Messi. The performance-oriented Epic X Chrono will be marketed as a high-end way of life watch that can withstand daily activities, whether it's a casual day or playing in front of an audience of screaming fans. As the collection is conceived because functional pieces, Jacob & Co. focuses on using gold and silver and gemstones to bring some luxury into the overall styles. Case options include Ti, Rose Gold, White Gold/Titanium/Rectangular as well as Full Rectangular, in addition to Lionel Messi's home country colour scheme. The 47mm Legendary X Chrono features a glowing blue mineral crystal dial and it is driven by a skeletonized column-wheel dual chronograph movement having a 48-hour power reserve. The case back again is engraved with Lionel Messi's signature, symbolizing this particular special collaboration.


Jacob & Co. Astronomia Immaculate Brand New Model, Distinctive piece


The actual Astronomia Flawless high quality fake watches from Jacob & Co. continues to impress with the complex meaning behind its brand new Astronomia name.


" Flawless" not only appertains to the impeccable appearance of the view, but also the title of the maximum level of diamond clarity within the diamond grading standard from the Gemological Institute of The united states. For a diamond to be announced flawless, no inclusions or even blemishes should be visible below 10x magnification. Flawless is usually therefore a fitting standard for Jacob & Co. 's evolutionary interpretation in the iconic sapphire case on the Astronomia line.


Jacob Arabo, founder associated with Jacob & Co., deftly merges the sophisticated worlds regarding fine jewelry and fine the making of watch in Astronomia Flawless. In the new image for 2019, this horological masterpiece provides a flawless 2 . 88 karats. Diamonds atop the spectacular Astronomia movement. fake watches for sale


The large sapphire crystal situation has been a consistent design part of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia collection since the release of the first Astronomia within 2014. The transparency of the watch case allows the movement with the gravity triaxial tourbillon to become clearly visible from several angles. In the spirit involving continuous improvement, the Astronomia Flawless has raised the amount of transparency by using the Astronomia Flawless's monolithic sapphire crystal circumstance. The craftsmanship of the monolithic sapphire crystal creates the actual illusion that the complications inside the case are effortlessly flying in mid-air.


To achieve this look, many areas of the collection, previously made of gold and silver coins, are now made of sapphire amazingly. These changes added a great deal of complexity to the new enjoy, as the production of the case center alone required 15 individual steps and approximately 326 hours of work, as the case back required around 297 hours of function. Add to that the 288 hrs required to produce the domed crystals evident on almost all Astronomia models, and you can understand why this year's Astronomia Flawless is a one-of-a-kind creation. luxury Jacob and Co. Epic X


At the heart of Astronomia Perfect is the excellence of horology for which Jacob & Company. is renowned. The three-axis tourbillon counteracts the effect of the law of gravity on the movement's moving components, as the tourbillon cage moves in 60 seconds and accomplishes one revolution on its own inside 2 . 5 minutes, while the whole tourbillon completes one trend around the central axis from the watch in 10 minutes.


The 1-carat, 288-faceted Jacob Cut® diamond and also magnesium-lacquered blue globe each rotate in 30 seconds along with, together with the tourbillon and period display, orbit the switch in 10 minutes. Jacob & Co. 's patented differential gear system enables time display to remain at the 12/6 o'clock position, no matter where it really is in the rotation.


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technical information

Model: Astronomia Flawless

Model: AT125. 80. AA. UA. A


Caliber: Designed by Jacob& Co. Manual turning JCAM24

Diameter: forty mm; Height: 17. 15mm

Material: Titanium; Rose Gold Complete; Sapphire Barrel Bridge

Components: 367; Functions: several hours and minutes

Program: 4-arm vertical motion, 1 revolution around a central axis in 10 minutes

• Gravity Tri-Axis Tourbillon along with 60-second rotation of the very first cage and 2 . 5-minute rotation of the second crate

• 1 ct exclusive Jacob cut® gemstone: 288 facets, spins throughout 30 seconds

• Magnesium blue painted sphere, that spins in 30 seconds;

• Hours and moments dial with patented differential gear system permitting 12/6 o'clock position to get maintained

• Best: Diamonds (2. 88 carats)

Power reserve: 60 time; Frequency: 21'600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz); Jewels: 42

Finishes: Plywood and Connections: Hand Angled and Refined, Sides Brushed,

Round textured, polished sink, one particular sapphire bridge; polished

Screw; Barrel: Round Feed; Pinion: Bevel Pinion; four Mechanical

Ball having unit; flat balance springtime.



Diameter: 50mm; Elevation: 25. 45mm

Materials: Sapphire with double anti-reflective treatment

Case backside: silver-plated sapphire metal together with double anti-reflective treatment

Bow: 18K rose gold rotating and time setting; Amazingly: unique domed sapphire, dual

Anti-reflective treatment

Waterproof: 30m



Titanium; Fingers: blue finish



Alligator leather-based; Buckle: Titanium folding hold 

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