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Run wild Emploi Temporaire

20 févr. 2023 à 5h52   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   145 vues Référence: 358
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"Hiding from me?" Wang Xu sneered, "did you dare to come back before the bell rang?" "Three things." Jiang Cheng said. Wang Xu looked at him as if he didn't react to what he was saying. "One, come down," Jiang Cheng held out a finger to say, hold out two fingers again, "two, the person that flirts first is cheap. After Wang Xu came to his senses, he stared and was about to speak. He interrupted him and held out three fingers: "Three, how to solve it? You can say it directly. I will admit defeat only in a war of words." When he finished speaking, all the people in the class who were waiting to watch the scene of bustle quieted down. Everyone is watching Wang Xu's reaction. Gu Fei leaned his head back and whistled against the wall behind him. Jiang Cheng's words, and his momentum when he said this, with his years of experience of the people who eat melons, immediately made Wang Xu's road to the eldest become a blur. The expression on Wang Xu's face was somewhat unpredictable, and Jiang Cheng could not judge what he was thinking, but he took a look at Gu Fei's side at the first time, but Jiang Cheng saw it very clearly. Wang Xu was afraid of Gu Fei,impact beam tubes, or he unconsciously regarded Gu Fei as a backer. From the time he saw a bad bird in Gu Fei's shop, he knew that Gu Fei's "nothing to do with me" state, which looked gentle and polite, was just an illusion. Tut. Pretending to be an old immortal wandering in the sky. Waiting for you after school at noon, "Wang Xu jumped off the table and pointed back to him as he walked to his seat." Don't run then. " "Mmm." Jiang Cheng answered and sat down. After thinking about it, he turned his head and asked Gu Fei,aluminium coated tubes, "Is this the boss of your class?" Only then did he suddenly notice that the rest on Gu Fei's left green skin was three points, thirty-two minutes. Something like that. Gu Fei said. What do you mean, almost? Jiang Cheng said. That is, he will fight with whoever says he is not. Gu Fei was still staring at his cell phone, his fingers drawing busily. Jiang Cheng saw clearly that what he was playing was love elimination, a small game that he really had nothing to play and needed to pass the time when he was in junior high school. Gu Fei actually played this in addition to watching the video, but also played very devoted, retarded ah. You still play this? Jiang Cheng couldn't resist saying a word. Well, it doesn't take a lot of thinking, "said Gu Fei." I'm not a straight a student. " Jiang Cheng was not happy anywhere in the morning, but after hearing this sentence, side impact door beams ,beam impact tubes, he almost didn't hit the thirty-two minute rest with a direct punch. Clenched his teeth and didn't start because Gu Fei helped him when he fainted, and because he had just eaten three toffee candies from Gu Fei. But that's a reason? "It's a kind of courage to face your brain," he said. "I like you." Gu Fei turned his face and stared at him. There was no expression on his face, but his tone was quite short: "Come on at noon." Oh, your uncle's big yellow dog! ***. Jiang Cheng didn't listen much to the class in the back, and his heart was blocked.  Cheng against each other, is the life of being beaten. The kind of indifferent in Jiang Cheng's eyes is not Wang Xu's, and his whole body is wrapped up with uncomfortable, uncomfortable, uncomfortable, simply can scare to death trypophobia, if not recently encountered something depressed, that is,Cold Drawn Tubes, this person is mentally abnormal for a long time. How can Wang Xu, a patient with the second disease who dreams of Jianghu, be the opponent of a neuropathy who is in a bad mood.

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Run wild