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Should Eagles have been flagged for ille Emploi Plein temps

8 juin 2023 à 14h13   Marketing & Communication   Tambacounda   37 vues Référence: 691
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In a Super Bowl that saw , perhaps the one play that proved to be the most important for the came late in the second quarter. With 38 seconds to go Reggie Perry Jersey in the first half, and the Eagles leading 15-12 and facing a 4th and goal from the ' 2-yard line, coach Doug Pederson didn't turtle up. Instead of settling for an easy field goal, he called : YUP. Nick Foles is catching TD pa ses.In the .Unbelievable. NFL (@NFL) First, that takes guts. Second, Pederson dialed up that play minutes after flubbed his chance at big Derrick Coleman Jersey reception: The get tricky...And TB12 ALMOST makes the grab! NFL (@NFL) But here's the thing, should the Eagles have been flagged for illegal formation on Foles' touchdown grab? Because former Patriots player Matt Chatham tweeted this shortly afterwards: The fourth down trick play TS to Nick Foles was an illegal formation, should have been called back...extended WR to the top of the screen is off the ball (needs to be on the line with just the OT on inside him). Matt Chatham (@chatham58) Given that the Eagles won by eight points, that would be a huge mi sed call. But Garrett Temple Jersey a league source tells that the NFL views the play as a judgment call, not one that is clearly right or wrong. More from PFT:The question is whether the wide receiver was on the line of scrimmage, in which case the formation was legal, or behind the line of scrimmage, in which case the Eagles only had six players on Wilson Chandler Jersey the line and were in an illegal formation. The official thought the wide receiver was lined up close enough on the line to be covering the right tackle, and as a result the league doesn't believe the Eagles got the benefit of a bad call.Credit to the officials for not making the Super Bowl a referendum on controversial calls. Foles' touchdown grab is one example, and there Spencer Dinwiddie Jersey were at least two others: 's , and . NFL Commi sioner Roger Goodell is widely criticized, and sometimes deservedly so, but he was exactly right. Super Bowl LII was a glimpse into a game that was about the two teams and not arcane rules that are almost impo sible to enforce.

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