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State prosecution Emploi Plein temps

28 nov. 2022 à 2h51   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   280 vues Référence: 94
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At this time, Liu Yanling also made it clear that the purpose of the public security organs looking for her this time was not to wipe out pornography, but to find out the situation of the fire. There was a trace of luck in her expression: "Director Fang, I have made it clear about the fire. Can we go now?" Director Fang pulled his face: "Go?"? Where are you going? Now it's time to talk about your good business! Liu Yanling had no choice but to say that she had a good business and did not even fight. She immediately sold the Cantonese guy. Director Fang was not satisfied: "It's not just that Cantonese guy. You're a very famous singer!" Liu Yanling is very embarrassed, murmur say: "Catch adultery to catch double, do not catch active also calculate?" Director Fang said, "All that I have done with you is counted. You have to pour beans in a bamboo tube today!" Liu Yanling thought about it and asked Director Fang: "Director Fang, are you playing for real this time?" Director Fang stared, "Do you think I'm joking with you?"? I repeat: You are of a very bad nature today! Big rich entertainment city burned so many people,Cantilever Storage rack, you do not say to report to the public security organs, but also to do! Liu Yanling looked at Director Fang timidly and asked, "No matter who it is, I.." I have to say? With a tiger's face, Director Fang said, "Tell me all about it!" Liu Yanling said haltingly, "Wang Lipeng from your police station did it with me and only gave me fifty yuan.." Director Fang was stunned and pounded the table: "Liu Yanling, be honest with me!" Liu Yanling looked timid and did not know whether she was really afraid or pretending to be afraid: "Director Fang,pipe cantilever rack, I say no, you must let me say!"! Really, Wang Lipeng really did it with me, just on the sofa in the private room of the big rich man, just push it down and do it! Big rich in Wang Lipeng in charge of the film, Wang Lipeng and Su Afu are brothers, not to mention gave me fifty, is to give five, I have to do with him ah! Director Fang, as long as you can enforce the law impartially to Wang Lipeng, I will continue to explain! Then Director Fang said with a black face, "I'm afraid this law can't be enforced. I tell you that Wang Lipeng is dead. He was burned to death in the Big Rich Entertainment City.". So don't talk nonsense to me, and don't talk nonsense outside! Liu Yanling was startled: "Really?"? Wang Lipeng.. Sacrificed? "Don't talk nonsense, warehouse rack manufacturer ,Pallet rack beams," Director Fang shouted grumpily. "Go on!" Liu Yanling, however, did not explain.  What's all this about? What law did we break? However, the two suspects, after all, were not experienced criminals. Obviously, they had not experienced such a frightening scene. Their inner timidity could hardly be concealed. During the negotiation process, they did not dare to face up to the eyes of the public security personnel. Wang Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Bell Tower Branch, noticed that Zhou Peicheng was trembling all over and sweating on his face and forehead when he was taken to the police car. Therefore, Wang Xiaofeng initially thought that the surprise interrogation might easily get the right result. Unexpectedly, the problem lies in Zhou Peicheng, the most important suspect. Zhou Peicheng denied all the suspicions raised by the police, and even said that he did not know about the 200,000 yuan economic dispute between their construction team and the tycoon Su Afu, and asked Wang Xiaofeng to ask their captain, Zha Tiezhu. At the end of the trial, Zha Tiezhu and Liu Yanling's confessions on both sides all came out. Zhou Peicheng admitted that he and Liu Jinshui had followed the captain Zha Tiezhu to ask Su Afu for the final payment of the project on the afternoon of August 13,heavy duty racking system, and had indeed quarreled, but Zhou Peicheng still did not admit that he had been to the tycoon when the fire broke out. Liu Jinshui also vowed to prove that Zhou Peicheng had been with him when the tycoon caught fire. After dinner, he went to work at the construction site in Chengxi District and never left the construction site.

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