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The noble wife of the heavenly family Emploi Plein temps

28 nov. 2022 à 2h49   Ingénierie   Saint-Louis   226 vues Référence: 92
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 Gu Yunrong was so overwhelmed by her questions that he turned around and said, "I heard that my aunt has arranged a good marriage for you. If you don't stay at home and wait for marriage honestly, what are you doing out?" "Don't mention it," Lin Jiao said when she heard this. "There was a girl from a distant house in that house. She said she was the sister of Princess Rong. I met her that day. It really opened my eyes. I've never seen such an arrogant person." Lin Jiao sniffed and said, "I was a visiting cousin, and I'm a distant relative, and I'm not a close relative. I don't want to eat this or that. I'm picky. I just sit there and watch her put on a show.". From time to time, she mentioned how rich the palace was,Pallet rack upright, and those who didn't know thought she was the princess from the palace. Gu Yunrong picked up a green ball and took a bite slowly. Lin Jiao is talking about Princess Rong's concubine, Wan Zhu. She saw Wanzhu following Princess Rong outside the mountain gate that day. Princess Rong should have come to Zhejiang with King Rong, and Wanzhu should have come with Princess Rong. Princess Rong had nothing to do for many years, but the concubines in the mansion did their best to add a son to King Rong. This child is also the only imperial grandson of the royal family so far, rare things are precious, Rong Wang treasure like what,Narrow aisle rack, the emperor also valued this child, but also made an exception to the child's birth mother Lv Shi as Rong Wang's second concubine. Princess Rong was so angry that she wished she could tie up a little person for Lv's mother and son, but she had to pretend to be magnanimous. But Princess Rong's family refused to wait for death, so they sent Wanzhu to Prince Rong's mansion, but this was later. Gu Yunrong's memory of Princess Rong is always linked with Shen Biwu. I don't know if it's because both of them are suffering from infertility, and King Rong is close to the prince, so Princess Rong has a good personal relationship with Shen Biwu. Gu Yunrong remembered that when she went to the Heavenly Palace before she died in her previous life, Princess Rong was also among them. She thought that maybe the person who killed her was among the people who accompanied her that day, maybe Shen Biwu, maybe other sisters-in-law, maybe even Empress Feng. In her previous life, she had no enmity with anyone. She didn't expect that someone would come to take her life, Pallet rack supplier ,Warehouse storage racks, so she didn't pay attention to it. Their clothes and hairpins were in a mess. They had many abrasions on their bodies and a big bruise on their foreheads. They have never been in such a mess. Later, he managed to roll and crawl out, only to find that most of the guards of the Shen family had run away, and Shen Xing had disappeared. They were unsteady in the chaotic crowd, almost scattered, and did not know where to flee, confused and helpless to cry. Later, Shen Xing came over and took the mother and daughter back. Only then did they know that King Heng had also come and brought thousands of troops. He just didn't ask about the life and death of the Shen family at all, but firmly protected the family with a surname of Gu. Sister Yin smashed the bird's nest soup in her hand at that time. She knew what Sister Yin was angry about, but it was impossible for them to question Wang Ye. Shen Biyin didn't listen to Zeng's advice at all. She got up and threw a few cups on the table: "Even if he doesn't like me,Narrow aisle rack, for the sake of the Shen family, he should help me!"! Even if you don't help, you shouldn't save your family! "Gu Jia is nothing but a daughter with a good appearance!"

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