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Cannon fodder wants to live. Emploi Plein temps

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As for the time when Hu Che and Hu Che climbed over the wall and entered their house, they went in while they were not at home and rushed to steal things, which was totally different from today. You know, there are two girls in this room. In addition, in recent days, many people want to settle down in Qingshan Village but suffer from the lack of foundation, it is not difficult to think of what Yang Xuaner's master and servant will experience. They were already standing outside the yard, and through the sound of the rain, they occasionally heard a scream coming from inside, which seemed to be a man. Everyone's expression became cautious. It was a long time before the door opened. They felt that they had been waiting for a long time in the rainy night. Guanyu dragged one leg and was soaked to the skin. She only wore clothes at random. Her hair stuck to her face along the rain. Her eyes were full of fear. Her face was pale and her lips trembled. She did not know whether she was afraid or cold. People see her, see her whole body although discomfited, but not injured, although fear, more is fear and fear. They all breathed a sigh of relief. She held out her finger and pointed tremblingly at the room. "Girl.." Girl The village chief rushed in with an arrow, followed closely by the people behind him, following the direction pointed by the finger of the fish. Zhang Caixuan got out of the carriage and followed the others and went directly to the main room. In the main room, there was a dim candle burning at this time. Against the candle, the ground was dark and flowing, and the smell of blood assailed the nostrils. Zhang Caixuan almost vomited when she smelled it, and she refrained from looking inside. Next to the pale blue curtain, Yang Xuaner was wearing only an undershirt, her hair was disheveled, her neck was black and blue, and she could see her finger prints. Holding a bloody dagger tightly in his hand, he looked fiercely at the man on the ground. At this time, a man in fine cloth clothes was lying on the ground,water bottle packaging machine, trying to climb towards the crowd. There were wounds on his hands, face and legs. His flesh was turned out, and some white bones could be seen inside. He was screaming. The screams they had just heard outside came from his mouth. Guanyu stood in the middle of the crowd, trembling all over, apparently frightened, but still limping and trembling with his legs, he came forward and took his cloak to wrap Yang Xuaner. Cloak upper body, Yang Xuaner seems to just react to come over, after seeing the crowd,Edible oil filling machine, hurriedly threw the dagger in the hand. The dagger fell to the ground with a clang. Only then did they react, look at the tragic situation of the man on the ground, and then carefully look at Yang Xuaner's master and servant, in addition to the pinched finger prints on Yang Xuaner's neck, it seems that there are no other wounds, more fear. And the man on the ground, almost half of the body blood, all over the body injured I do not know how many places, his screaming voice gradually went down. Everyone was a little incredulous, but the facts were in front of them. A big man took advantage of the night to climb over the wall into the house, did not succeed, not to mention, but also stabbed all over the body. The village chief cleared his throat. "Miss Yang, what's going on?" After a while, Yang Xuaner said, "I woke up and noticed someone in the room. I put a dagger under my pillow and took it out to cut him.." In fact, someone was on her body before she woke up. She pulled out the dagger and stuck it regardless. Otherwise, she would not be able to stab a big man in a girl's home. Although people feel that she has something to hide, water filling machine ,water filling machine, but also no longer ask, it is Yang Xuaner pale face is not good, almost the next moment will faint in general. Tigress suggested, "Why don't you take him out first, interrogate him by the way, and let Miss Yang put on her clothes?" The village chief nodded and led the crowd away. Zhang Caixuan also withdrew, she did not know the people on the ground, it can be said that once did not see. But someone in the village knew him, and when he was dragged under the eaves, the torches were illuminated, and someone exclaimed, "Isn't this the nephew of the Quanli family?" Suddenly someone came forward to open him, and immediately two more people confirmed that it was Quanli's nephew. With such a loud noise, his eyes were closed and his face was faintly blue, which was very abnormal. The village chief's eyes swept over the crowd and fell on one of the shrewd middle-aged men. "What do you say, Quanli?" He asked. Everyone's eyes fell in the past, Quanli stepped back, "I don't know, he lives in my greenhouse, I heard the accident quickly dressed to come, did not want to see him." "If the people who live in your house say you don't know, who will believe it?" Someone in the crowd sneered, but it was a woman's voice. As soon as this remark was made, the crowd echoed it one after another, and those who did not echoed it also thought so. Just then, someone lit a torch at the door again, and when he saw the situation in the yard, he screamed and rushed up. She threw herself on the man on the ground, ignoring the water stains and mud trampled by the crowd. "What's the matter with you, Yucang?" She cried. When Quan Li saw the woman, he sneered, "What's wrong with him?"? He ran into the girl's boudoir with bad intentions and was stabbed by the girl with a dagger. Even if he died, he deserved to die! After saying the last few words, he seemed to be unable to get rid of his hatred and spat on the ground. The woman screamed, "He's your nephew. How can you say that about him?" Quan Li was so angry that he stepped forward and kicked Yu Cang heavily. "I don't have such a nephew," he scolded. "Get out now." Everyone also found that it was wrong, and everyone could see that Quanli had used his strength, but Liu Yucang just shook his body and did not wake up, let alone speak out. The village head's face changed slightly, and when she wanted to come forward, the woman had already reacted, trembling and reaching under Liu Yucang's nose. After a few breaths, the woman's grief-stricken voice sounded, weeping blood, "Rain warehouse.." Rain warehouse.. Her nose and tears mixed with the rain from the eaves mixed all over her face, but she did not care to wipe it. She called again and again, reaching out to pat him, patting his face, patting his chest, and pushing him up. But the people on the ground never moved. Surrounded by the crowd watching, the village head wanted to come forward to check, was pushed away by the woman, she looked at the crowd, begging: "Can you help me call a doctor?"? Please, please. At this time, the main room opened with a squeak,PET blow moulding machine, and the well-dressed Yang Xuaner's master and servant helped each other out. The woman was the first to react and pounced on him. "You murderer, I want you to pay for your life." Yang Xuaner stepped back slightly and avoided her. "If I don't kill him, I'm afraid you've already succeeded?"

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