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Step on the stars and run to you Emploi Plein temps

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An Chuchu blinked his eyes, pretending not to understand his friend's eyes, and slowly followed her, but did not want to, Lin Yuchu ran faster than the rabbit, and disappeared in a flash. She and Jiang Hechuan were the only two people left by the pond, beside which there were ducklings quacking, which was particularly appropriate. An Chuchu stepped on the stone slab to go up, but slipped carelessly. The man in front of him suddenly bent down, bent his long legs, half squatted down, stretched out his arms to her, and the ending voice was gentle and pleasant: "Is your sister coming up?"? My brother pulled you. Someone with a faint smile at the tip of his eyebrows and the corner of his eyes, a brother and sister, clear and gentle, outsiders look polite and kind, no sense of distance, Ann Chuchu swallowed his throat, the tip of his ears are numb. At this time, it depends on who is more calm than who. Not to be outdone, she raised her chin slightly and put her hand in his palm, pretending to be calm. Her black and white almond eyes curved into a crescent moon,eye cream packaging tube, and she opened her mouth with a smile: "Thank you, brother." The little girl's soft white and slender hand was placed in the palm of her hand, and Jiang Hechuan raised his lips in a small range, pinched them gently, and the smile in his eyes flashed by. An Chuchu was pulled ashore by him, and the hands they were holding were also separated. The photographer in the back turned the camera around, but only took a picture of the two people separated. An Chuchu and Lin Yuchu walked together, two people clumsily driving the duck,custom cosmetic packing, Lin Xuanhe's interest is not high, without saying a word to walk behind a group of people. When he noticed the back of Jiang Hechuan and An Chuchu's deliberate separation, his expression became more and more indifferent. On the way back, a group of people passed by a pond, and the staff of the program group reminded us that we could go down to fish and have extra meals for tonight. Hearing the reminder of the staff on one side, Jiang Hechuan said lazily: "I'm not interested." Fang Jinhan is not very good at it. Lin Yuchu had caught fish with Chuchu before, so he had some experience. At this time, he pulled Chuchu and whispered, "Does Chuchu want to eat fish?" An Chuchu pursed her lips and nodded, "I want to eat!" Last time they caught fish, they only bought it in the town, and they haven't eaten it yet. Lin Yuchu was eager to try, and his eyes were shining: "Then let's go down together." An Chuchu was just about to say, "Yes," when a gentle and pleasant voice came from the top of his head. The man's tone was slow: "Take it, empty lotion tubes ,pump tube, wait for me here." Language fell, Jiang Hechuan took off his coat and handed it to her, put the tools on his back at his feet, an Chuchu pursed his lips, reached out to catch the clothes, but did not want to, under the covered clothes, someone gently shook her hand. The warm touch is fleeting. An Chuchu's heart suddenly jumped and his face slowly turned red. Looking at the girl's red ears, Jiang Hechuan smiled and then went into the water. One side of the staff inner OS: who just said no interest?! Getting into the water is quick! Fang Jinhan also cooperated and put the tools on his back on the ground like Jiang Hechuan. He told Lin Yuchu, "Don't go down either. The water is cold below." "Just keep an eye on things here for me." Lin Yuchu was moved for a while. He smiled and nodded cooperatively. "Come on, brother," he said encouragingly. Fang Jinhan: ".." Seeing the two boys in the water, Lin Yuchu sighed with emotion, "I didn't expect Fang Jinhan to be so good. The recording of this program helped me a lot." An Chuchu's eyes followed the tall and thin figure and nodded silently. Lin Yuchu grinned and said, "But that one in your family is really a double standard." When he said "not interested" just now, all the people present heard it. An Chuchu pursed her lips and smiled, and the two small pear vortexes on her cheeks became more and more obvious, hiding an imperceptible sweetness. Fish were everywhere in the fish pond. The program group said hello to the owner of the fish pond in advance and borrowed fishing tools. After a while, the two big boys caught a basket of fish. In the early spring season, the rain is coming. Walking on the long country road, several young people are talking and laughing. Lin Yuchu has always been a chatterbox, fighting with Fang Jinhan. Jiang Hechuan had tools on his back and a basket in his hand. Not long after, there was one more person beside him. It was Lin Xuanhe who helped him hold an umbrella. Jiang Hechuan pursed his lips, and when he saw her, the smile in his eyes converged, and it was the same cold expression that kept people away from thousands of miles away. Lin Xuanhe pulled the corner of his lips, and his tone was somewhat self-deprecating. "Do you think it's Ann Chu?" He whispered. Jiang Hechuan coldly withdrew his eyes. Although his face was smiling, the smile did not reach his eyes: "You are haunting." Lin Xuanhe's eyes were shining, and his face was not very good. An Chugang took the umbrella from the staff and was going to look for Jiang Hechuan. As soon as he looked back, he saw a man and a woman under the umbrella. Lin Xuanhe's movements were one step faster than hers. An Chuchu frowned with chagrin and had to use the umbrella himself, but looking at the two people under the umbrella, he felt that it was an eyesore. Jiang Hechuan has always done things vigorously and vigorously, not the kind of person, he and Lin Xuanhe did not even hold hands when they were in contact, now see two people in the same frame, although she was a little unhappy, but still believe him. The umbrella Lin Yuchu was holding was a little small, so An Chuchu ran over to help Fang Jinhan hold the umbrella. The umbrella was transparent, and the yellow light of the sky penetrated through the umbrella ribs. The shadow fell mottled on the girl's body. Fang Jinhan was tall, and it was a little difficult for An Chuchu to stand aside and hold the umbrella for him. He took Chuchu's umbrella very gentlemanly and held it on top of their heads. He said with a smile, "You'd better help me carry this basket. It's not heavy." The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the clothes of several people were quickly wet. In fact, an umbrella could not completely shelter two people from the wind and rain. Fang Jinhan did not get too close to her. Half of his shoulder was outside the umbrella, and the water marks were obvious. An Chuchu felt embarrassed, so he went a little closer. While they were chatting, Fang Jinhan asked modestly, "Chuchu, can you teach me how to cook the sweet and sour spareribs next time?" Ann answered without hesitation: "Yes, do you like to eat?" Fang Jinhan touched his head with some embarrassment and gave a hum. The last time he was on the set,cosmetic plastic tube, he tasted the spareribs made by Chu Chu, and Lin Yuchu seemed to like them very much. An Chuchu was a little happy and said, "Next time you can say what you want for dinner. I can cook it for you."

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