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Chun Guang Yan (formerly known as Jiuzhong Chunse) Emploi Plein temps

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As a result, Sun Shi thought that he had caught a golden opportunity. As long as Guogongye abandoned Yan Zhaoting, if he could ask for a decree to abolish his title of prince, now she gave birth to the second son in the house, the future wealth would not be their mother and son. So early in the morning, little Sun did not care about the cold of dripping water into ice in the winter morning, so he went to the old lady's Wanfu Hall with his brother in his arms. Now, being frightened by the old lady throwing the cup, little Sun splashed a leg of hot soup medicine, not to mention, even the brother who was held by the nursing mother should not be frightened to cry. However, the voice was very weak, and the old lady's nameless fire was heard. She immediately gave Sun a hard look and scolded angrily, "Why did you bring him here?"? Old woman, I'm not dead yet! You bring this sad ghost to me to cry, don't you? Cui Jiaoyu, the girl of the Cui family table who was sitting on one side eating tea, took a cold look at the little Sun's failure to claim credit, and suddenly turned green and white. Cui Jiaoyu smirked proudly, but she seized this opportunity to approach the old lady and said,outdoor ficus tree, "Grandmother, please calm down. This is just a newborn child, and she is less than a month old. Princess Pingyang was assassinated earlier. Now the elder brother has not even held the three washing ceremonies and the full moon banquet. Naturally, he is weaker than those full-term brothers." Cui Jiaoyu this is which pot does not open to mention which pot, obviously yesterday the old lady was careful to live alone to be angry to half a life. When she woke up in the morning, she breathed a sigh of relief, and now Cui Jiaoyu said that the old lady felt that she had lost face in the house on weekdays. Immediately,fake ficus tree, the old lady shouted to the outside, "Where is Shen's master who lives alone?"? Now the old woman is sick and she doesn't come to my side to serve me? Even if she is a princess, I say at least an elder, now the empress can not compare with before, not to say that every day in the palace to raise it, where she has no backing to show such a big face! Mother Deng, the close mother in front of the old lady, looked at the old lady and estimated that she was stimulated by Cui Jiaoyu. In addition, it was estimated that her brain was not very good yesterday. Otherwise, the princess in the palace, even if she is not satisfied on weekdays, she only dares to use some small means behind her back, which day is not held respectfully on the surface. Deng's mother was worried and wanted to report to Yan Zhaoting, but Cui Jiao seemed to have found something wrong with her and was staring at her with a pair of eyes. When Wanfu Hall was so noisy, silk ficus tree ,fake blossom tree, Guogongye came in from outside with a calm face. As soon as young Sun Shi saw Guogongye, his eyes lit up. Just as he was about to ask him to make a decision, Guogongye looked cold and said in a deep voice, "Aren't all the maids beside young Sun Shi dead? Didn't you say that you would do a good job of confinement in the house for half a year?" "Guogongye!" Little Sun Shi can't believe that she has a legitimate son as a backer now! She had not said too much, but Ning Guogong looked so cold that he could not refuse to let someone take her down. As soon as Little Sun left like this, there was a lot of quiet in Wanfu Hall. Ning Guogong looked at his mother, who was already covered with silver frost, and sighed deeply. He was about to speak, but he looked cold. He looked at Cui Jiaoyu, the girl sitting beside the old lady. There was a flash of disgust in his eyes: "Miss Cui, I heard that your marriage with Uncle Zhao of Zhongqin Hou Mansion has been settled, and you are going to get married in a few days. Now the girl is not embroidering the dowry in the room. What is she doing when she runs to the old lady's side?" Cui Jiaoyu's face stiffened and she tried to pretend to be shy. "I just saw my great-aunt sad, so I came over to persuade her, but my grandfather came. Naturally, I didn't dare to disturb her." This time Cui Jiaoyu is really clever, hurriedly got up toward two people to salute and then retreated. But no one noticed that the hand in her sleeve was clenched to death, and the light in her eyes was even more poisonous and ruthless. After all, in Cui Jiaoyu's heart, when her aunt was able to lay hands on Guogongye once, she even forced the original Guogongye's wife Sun Shi to death. Now she is young and beautiful, and now the things in the house of Guogongye are beyond the control of the prince. It was better for her to let go, even if she went to Guogongye's house to be a concubine, than to marry the loyal and diligent uncle Zhao's house to fill the house. After all, there are countless concubines in the house of the Zhao family, and there is only one stupid one in the house of Guogongye. As long as you use a little means, you can give birth to a son in the future. Even if you can't inherit the title, she will be indispensable to the splendor and wealth in the future! The more she thought about Cui Jiaoyu, the more excited she was. Anyway, the old lady didn't give her a plan, so she found a way out for herself! For her, she always has to climb up regardless of the means! The author has something to say: Update.. I haven't interacted with the fairies for a long time. Leave a message with red envelopes. Thanks to the little angel who voted for me from 2019-11-16 23:59:01 to 2019-11-18 11:25:26. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: 1 bottle of apricot blossom chaos; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 101 Jingjia seventeen years, winter. Winter Solstice this day, a big thing happened in Dajin, and a small thing happened in Ningguo Gongfu. Earlier in the winter, it is said that Wang Fengan of Ankang went to Cining Temple for self-cultivation, and even had to stay for a short time. In order to pray for good weather in the coming year of the Great Jin Dynasty, he would return to Bianjing Palace in the Laba season and accompany the Empress Dowager in the palace. Strangely, this Laba has not yet arrived, but now just arrived in Winter Solstice, has always been a very good reputation outside and keep the promise of King Ann, he actually took people back to Beijing in a hurry. But when King An came back, he came back, which was nothing. After all, with the status of King An in the hearts of the people of the Jin Dynasty,large artificial blossom trees, he was a banished immortal. In the eyes of those women who loved him, what they ate was probably not the grains that ordinary people ate. Moreover, there are countless families who offer him the ever-burning lamp and pray for his peace every year.

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