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I cried after I got into trouble with the villain. Emploi Plein temps

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1551 says, "300 centimeters long and 120 centimeters wide." Such a big flowerpot can be used to grow some side dishes or something. I had no seeds, no fertilizer, no water. Li Yu was worried, "and there was no place to put the flowerpot." The air outside was not good, and he was afraid that the things he planted would mutate. I don't know who will eat who at the time. 1551, "That's your problem." Li Yu did not answer, and his eyes fell on the box of Lego. The Administration will not give anything that is not useful. This box is certainly not an ordinary toy. Unfortunately, the environment is not suitable now and can not be verified immediately. Li Yu asked the system to take the toolbox back, turned his head, and saw that the old professor's posture was the same as before, still looking at the file. He wondered, "1551, what exactly is in the file?" 1551 said, "It's the same as what Karin told you, but there are some detailed data, and there are two skin slices wrapped in special materials." As soon as the system was explained, Professor Chen stood up from his chair, bowed and coughed a few times, went to the glass, and closed the blinds completely. Li Yu, "is he in the lab?" 1551, "Well, I think I want to observe the slice myself." Li Yu was silent and suddenly said, "Actually,ultrasonic generator driver, Sister Kailin is very nice." 1551, "But good people are not necessarily rewarded." Human life is like this, unpredictable, no one knows what will happen in the next second. Right Li Yu thought of a person, "where is Zhang Zefeng? How is he now?" 1551. "Not so good. His wound is infected. It won't heal for a while." Li Yu, ".." No wonder so eager for quick success and instant benefit of a person, unexpectedly did not run to the new professor in front of the performance performance, the original is unable to walk. 1551, "See, good men are not always rewarded,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, but bad men are always rewarded." Li Yu sighed and his thoughts jumped to the ground. "How far are those aliens from us?" "At 127 kilometers, they stopped again." 1551 Confused. "They seem to be waiting for someone." Li Yu, "wait for someone?"? More than a thousand fae are lethal enough to destroy the whole bunker. I'm afraid they're not waiting for people, but for weapons. Above the bunker, there is a layer of hard rock, and it is time-consuming, laborious and dangerous to dig a tunnel to sneak in. They should be waiting for some equipment or large weapons that can tear open an entrance to the bunker with one blow. —— Recently, the laboratory is not peaceful, every staff member is stretched on the string, drinking and eating meat is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax. As soon as it was time to get off work, everyone couldn't wait to take off their white coats and leave the experimental building surrounded by the rich people who had invited guests. Li Yu's hotel is one of the best in the first-class area. There is no fresh meat these days, but there are many kinds of artificial meat. Li Yu ordered all the best selling dishes and signature dishes, red and white beer each to a dozen, drink as much as you can, and return it if you can't finish it. Qian Song is frightened by the posture that he spends integral, in the heart disdain, this person looks honest, ultrasonic emulsifying machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, the result also is a fool, a bit money does not know what his surname is. Li Yu pretended not to notice the emotion in his eyes and enthusiastically pushed people to sit at the main table. Qian Song is not too embarrassed, but in the heart is very eat to be respected, respect this. He pretended to look around. "It's not good for me to sit in this seat. This seat should be given to Professor Chen." Li Yu pressed his shoulder. "The professor said he wouldn't come." Qian Song said politely, "then I'd rather be respectful than obedient." Li Yu smiled and turned to greet the others. The work pressure of the Institute is high, but the salary points are not high. Everyone basically goes to the canteen to eat big pot rice, and don't even think about big fish and meat. Today this table, coax the present happy, comfortable, several usually ordinary relationship, all ran to Li Yu shoulder to shoulder, said to worship the son, when the brother. After Li Yu finished dealing with a drunk elder brother, he had to sit down and take a breath, so he picked up the bottle and poured the wine for Qian Song. A glass full of white wine was carefully moved to Qian Song by him. Qian Song had already drunk his head, blushing all the way from his face to his neck, and his hiccups were full of the smell of wine. Li Yu is not much better, thanks to just go to the bathroom to vomit once, or early lie down. He pinched the thigh, the pain let the brain Pure Brightness a little, and then leaned over, hooked Qian Song's shoulder, "Song Ge, you have been taking care of me at work, even the people in the 009 laboratory are finding fault with you to help me, I always owe you a thank you." Qian Song waved his hand, "they are all from the same laboratory, not to mention these." His voice was suddenly lowered, and he slanted his head close to the young man's ear. "In the future, we are all grasshoppers on the same rope. We are all brothers. We should take care of you and help you." Li Yu put the glass into his hand. "Yes, it's a brother who drinks this cup." Qian Song's brain was confused, his eyes were full of double images, but his infatuation with alcohol did not decline. As soon as he raised his hand, he put the glass on his face. Li Yu poured the wine into his nose, held his hand, moved the glass to his mouth, and poured it in. There was a gurgling sound, and a little wine ran down the corners of his mouth. Li Yuxin was so cruel that he quietly lifted Qian Song's cup up, leaving half a cup of white wine, and saw the bottom in an instant. Qian Song burped, shook his head, pointed to the colorful figure in front of him and urged, "I'm dry, it's your turn, you must drink clean." Li Yu's face cried more than bitter gourd, and none of the three kinds of wine, red and white beer, could please him. I drink. He picked up his glass, turned sideways, and the white wine trickled down his chin into his shirt. Qian Song narrowed his eyes, pointed at the young man and giggled, "OK, let's have another cup." After Li Yu accompanied him to "drink" a cup, he even coaxed and cheated Qian Song to grab the wine he was going to pour into his mouth and put it aside. Alcohol can paralyze people's nerves, and he is afraid that if he really fills people into a pool of mud, he will not be able to get anything out. Qian Song's mind was pulling between lethargy and confusion. He took off his clothes and stood up,ultrasonic dispersing machine, pulling Li Yu's arm out. "Come on, let's go to pee." Li Yu, ".." The bathroom is not the best place for questioning.

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